What affects the width of the dishwasher, the review of models

Organizing a comfortable life, it is important to know the exact dimensions of all the equipment that will be installed. Knowing what the width of the dishwasher is, you can harmoniously fit it into the kitchen set. Today, manufacturers offer machines of different widths and standard sizes of 45 and 60 cm are not limited.

We offer a detailed overview, from which you will learn what the width of PMM is and how to choose the right technique with the dimensions you need.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why is the width of the PMM important?
  • 2Full-size dishwashers
  • 3Narrow PMM
  • 4Compact technology
  • 5Non-standard dimensions of PMM

Why is the width of the PMM important?

In the vast majority of cases, dishwashers are made in standard sizes or with a deviation from the norm of a couple of millimeters. This was the result of the imprint of GOST 27454, which was effective until January 1, 1994. According to the document, the width, depth and height of dishwasher should not exceed 50 cm, 60 cm and 8 cm, respectively. The deviation was permissible not more than half a centimeter. It was quite reasonable, because difficulties with the installation and installation almost did not arise.

Today, interior solutions have become more daring than at the dawn of the 90s. Furniture is made taking into account individual wishes of customers and is already far from those standards for which household appliances were created. Now users are faced with the fact that in such furniture do not fit (or "hang out" in it) many household appliances, including built-in dishwashers. It is especially insulting when some pair of centimeters become an obstacle to installation.

Problems with installing stand-alone machines can also be. For example, you left the distance between the sink and the cabinet at 45 cm, hoping to install the technology between them, did not take this moment into account and bought a machine with a width of 44 cm or 48 cm. And all: the dishwasher does not get up in the place prepared for it.

That is why we recommend taking responsibly both the choice of PMM, and the manufacture of a furniture set, so that in future you will not face unpleasant moments.

Important! Most machines on the market are PMM with standard dimensions, which were once prescribed in the specified GOST.

Full-size dishwashers

Such machines are made in the following dimensions:

  • width - from 55 to 60 cm;
  • depth - from 55 to 60 cm;
  • height - from 80 to 85 cm.

The capacity of the full-size model, depending on the type of installation (built-in or detached), can range from 10 to 15 sets.

Wide dishwashers can not be built-in type - they can be installed under the countertop. In some cases, a removable top cover is provided, which helps to reduce the technique by a couple of centimeters. In the case of a non-removable cover, you will have to install the machine as it is. But the height of the table top should be higher than the standard one. Learn Moreabout the height of the dishwasherread in a separate review.

Compare the parameters of popular full-size dishwashers to clearly understand what sizes are found on the market most often.

Make and model Dimensions (width, depth and height in cm) Capacity of the bunker (in sets of dishes) type of instalation Cost (in rubles)
Kuppersberg GL 6033 5, x57x82 14 fully integrated 33 989
Smeg STA6443-3 60x55x82 13 fully integrated 60 390
AEG FSR 93800 P 5, x55x8, 13 fully integrated 99 570
Zanussi ZDT 92100 FA 60x56x82 13 fully integrated 20 460
Bosch SMS 24AW01 E 60x60x85 12 freestanding 22 989
Bosch SMS 50D48 60x60x85 12 freestanding 32 400
Electrolux ESL 98825 RA 5, x55x8, 15 fully integrated 82 900

The result.The width of the majority of the PMM is 60 cm, in single cases - 5, and 5, see. Machines with a width of 57 and 58 cm on the market is almost none, but at 56 cm there are several options, for example, Samsung DWBG 570 B.

Narrow PMM

A narrow machine can be less than 45 cm, while its height varies from 81 to 85 cm, and the depth can be 51 to 65 cm. Demand for cars in this building is quite large - due to their compactness and good capacity of the tank: from 9 to 12 dishes set.

But in a small kitchen it is sometimes difficult to place a car even at 45 cm, so many buyers are interested in models in 40, 37, 35 and even 30 cm. We advise not to waste time on searches, because in Russia narrow PMM is most often just 45 cm wide, and other options are not available for sale.

In some online stores you can meet promotional promises about the "mega-narrow" case, but this is nothing more than an advertising move. Especially embellish data on technical characteristics are Chinese, but in fact it turns out that the body widths reach 44 cm - not less.

Remember that 30, 35 and 40 cm are too few to optimally arrange all the necessary details and still accommodate the dish baskets.

Like full-size PMMs, narrow PMMs can be made in two versions: embedded and stationary. In the table below you will find variants of narrow machines with their main characteristics and cost.

Make and model Dimensions (WxDxH, cm) Number of dish sets Installation Price (in rubles)
Electrolux ESL 94200 LO 45x55x82 9 fully integrated 17 180
Hansa ZWM 416 WH 45x60x85 9 stationary 15 290
Bosch SPV 43M00 4, × 5, × 8, 9 fully integrated 26 000
Kuppersberg GL 4588 4, x55x82 10 fully integrated 29 989
NEFF S58E40X0 4, x55x8, 9 fully integrated 27 890
Electrolux ESI 4620 RAX 4, × 5, × 8, 9 partially built-in 31 485
Flavia BI 45 DELIA 4, x55x8, 9 fully integrated 14 574

As our rating shows, the minimum width is 4 cm in Kuppersberg GL 4588, the others are in sizes 4, and 45 cm.

Attention! PMM width from 46 to 54 cm in the RF market are not represented. We met only Hansa HDW 9241 (49 cm) and Ardo AW5B (48 cm), but it is currently not available for sale. As for the 50 cm technique, Wellton has released the WDW-3209A (compact desktop PMM), but it has not gone on sale to the domestic market either.

Compact technology

What is the width of a compact dishwasher, you ask. Small machines can have a width of 5 to 60 cm, and their height, as a rule, is 4, -60 cm, depth is 4, -60 cm.

The narrowest desktop machine is Electrolux ESF 2300 OK, with dimensions of 5, × 5, × 4, cm, containing 6 dishes sets. In general, the standard width of such a PMM is 55 cm. Consider the popular options:

  • Flavia CI 55 HAVANA. WxDxH = 55x50x4, cm, the hopper holds 6 sets. How much does this machine cost? According to YandexMarket, its price varies from 13 950 to 19 891 rubles.

  • Candy CDCP 6 / E-S. WxDxH = 55x50x4, A total of 6 programs, a bunker for 6 sets. The price is 12 283 rubles.

  • Midea MCFD-0606. Dimensions: 55x50x4, see Also a bunker for 6 sets and a functional of 6 modes. The cost is only 9 761 rubles.

  • Korting KDF 2050 W - PMM of German production, the cost of 12 591 rubles. Holds 6 sets, dimensions: 55x50x4, cm, only 7 programs and 5 temperature modes.

  • Indesit ICD 661 - compact machine, the parameters of which are 55x50x48 cm. As with the previous units, the bunker is designed for 6 sets of dishes, programs - 6 pieces. The price is 14 000 rubles.

In stores you can find similar offers from the leading German brands "Bosch" or "Siemens but their width is not 55, but 60 cm:

  • Siemens SK 76M544 - partially built-in dishwasher, designed for 6 sets. Dimensions: 60x50x4, see Programs - 6, temperature modes - 5. The price is 45 635 rubles.

  • Bosch SKE 52M55 - another model with the possibility of incomplete integration, with a bunker for 6 sets and 6 types of cycles. The dimensions are 60x50x45 cm, the cost is 3, 00 rubles.

Note! The only compact machine with a width of 56 cm is produced by the trademark BELTRATTO (LAC 4600), but it is quite difficult to find it on sale. As for aggregates with a width of 57, 58 and 59 cm, there are no such units on the Russian market.

Non-standard dimensions of PMM

Dishwashers, which are not often found in stores because of non-standard parameters:

  • Smeg STO905-1 - dishwasher of Italian production, dimensions 8, x55x5, cm, of which 8, is the width. It is fully integrated into the kitchen set and accommodates as many as 12 sets. It looks like an ordinary machine laid on its side - this is the key feature. The quietest operation with a noise level of 43 dB, 10 programs and a full type of leakage protection makes it a powerful and effective technique. The only thing that can confuse the buyer is the price of 100 390 rubles.

  • Smeg STO905 - a similar machine with similar characteristics and similar functionality. The absence of certain functions reduced the price to 7, 90 rubles.

  • Smeg BLV2VE-2 is a stand-alone machine in bright color (yellow, orange, etc.) and retro design. Its width is 60 cm, and the height - as much as 89 cm, at the same depth, the body spends 67 cm. The bunker accommodates 13 sets of dishes. The maximum noiselessness is provided by a noise level of 42 dB. The price starts from 100 490 rubles.

Important! The analysis and prices are collected using the resource YandexMarket, relevant for October 2017.

So, knowing in advance the exact parameters of home appliances, you can order a furniture set, in which you can perfectly accurately embed the dishwasher without unnecessary nerves and effort. We wish you a thoughtful and successful choice!

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