How to replace the lock of the washing machine (UBL)

If you have a modern washing machine, you noticed: when the intake of water began, the door of the hatch can not be opened. This is due to the actuation of the hatch lock - UBL. Thanks to this device you do not have to worry about the safety of washing.

But what if the lock on the washing machine door does not work? We will tell you how you can independently check and replace the CM lock.

Content of the material:

  • 1How the device works
  • 2When you can talk about a breakdown
  • 3Step-by-step inspection and replacement
    • 3.1Independent check of the lock

How the device works

UBL is a hatch lock that operates on electricity. Electricity is supplied to the bimetallic plate, as a result of which it heats up and arches. When deformed, the plate exerts pressure on the lever, which closes the door. The door closing sensor is triggered, so the hatch will be closed while the washing is in progress.

Some users assume a breakdown of the door lock of the washing machine, because immediately after the end of the cycle they can not open it. This is not so: the device is specifically opened with a delay, so that all water is merged with the tank.

When you can talk about a breakdown

  1. After half an hour or more, the door does not open.
  2. The door does not close. The washing process does not start.
  3. A fault code was displayed on the display of the washer.

Why is this happening? There are two main reasons for the failure of the hatch lock:

  • Natural wear of the plates, their unfitness to work.
  • Burnout of contacts, faulty wiring due to short circuit, mechanical damage.

How to check and change the lock on the washing machine, read on.

Step-by-step inspection and replacement

To be sure of the malfunction, it is necessary to check the UBL. We will tell you how to remove the lock. Operate consistently:

  • Disconnect the machine from the mains by pulling the plug from the socket.
  • Tighten the inlet valve by closing the water.
  • Open the door.

At this stage, complexity may arise. If the door is locked in the closed position, you will first need to open it.

Do this:

  • Tilt the body of the SM on its side.
  • Run the hand under the bottom of the machine. If your stilalki has a bottom, first unscrew the screws and remove it.
  • Put your hand inside, to the locking device.
  • Try to push the latch and open the door.

By the way, you can do the same thing through the top of the stylalki. You will need to remove the top cover by unscrewing the two bolts from the rear. Rejecting AGA back, push your hand and open the lock.

Excellent! Now you can proceed with the dismantling and replacement of the lock of the washing machine hatch:

  • To remove the rubber sealing of the hatch, bend its edge. Behind her is a yoke.
    It can be plastic - in this case, release the latches and remove it. If the collar is metal, then poke it with a flat screwdriver and remove it.

  • Fill the cuff inside the drum.
  • Remove the two bolts holding the lock.

  • Put your hand into the hatch behind the body and remove the lock. It is held only by wires.

  • Take a picture of the location of the wiring, release the connections.

Now the device is in your hands. Let's proceed to its verification.

Independent check of the lock

To test the tester or multimeter, you need to acquire an electronic lock circuit. Without it, you can not distinguish between contacts.

So, if the diagram is with you, get down to work:

  • Set the tester to the resistance measurement mode.
  • Connect the test leads to neutral and phase contact.
  • If the display shows a three-digit number - the lock is defective.
  • Reposition the test leads to neutral and common contacts.
  • Did the tester show 0 or 1? Then everything is in order.

How can I change the lock of the door lock on the washing machine in case of a malfunction? At once we will tell: it is not subject to repair, and costs inexpensively. Therefore, you need to specify in the store the make and model of the AGR, or show the removed lock to the seller.

Once you have purchased a new item:

  • Connect the wires according to the photo or markup.
  • Install the part in the hole, tighten the bolts.
  • Return the cuff to its place, put on the clamp.

Now you know how to make a replacement for the washing machine's UBL lock. Be careful and do not forget about safety.

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