How to replace the heater in a washing machine LG

If AlJ started washing your clothes in cold water, then there was a problem with the heater. With such a breakdown, the water heater needs to be replaced.

To save several thousand rubles, you can replace the heater and without the help of a master. We will help you do this by detailing and showing how this replacement happens in the LG washing machine.

Important! We will tell you how to change the heater in LG washing machines with front loading.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where is TEN
  • 2Repair: what will be needed
  • 3We change TEN
  • 4Installation

Where is TEN

Finding out where the heater is located in the washing machine LG, it is worth saying that the manufacturer has provided a simple arrangement of the heater at the bottom - the machine under the tank. To get to this place to check or replace the element, just get rid of the back panel.

In the models AlJ repair does not interfere even the belt, since in machines with direct drive it does not.

Attention! Do not be afraid to confuse TEN with something else. Despite the fact that the case itself is recessed inside the case, a shank with contacts protrudes outward. As soon as you remove the lid, you will see the detail you are looking for.

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If you find a heater is not difficult, then in the process of dismantling and installation work will be difficult. About how to avoid them, so that the replacement of the heater in the washing machine LG was successful, let's talk further.

Repair: what will be needed

Before you change the heating element in the Al Gy washing machine, you need to prepare the tools. Plus, that special devices are not needed - it will be enough that there is at hand. And from the materials you will need only a new detail.

Hence the question arises: how to choose a new heater, so that it lasts as long as possible, and its replacement was not required in a month?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to thoroughly inspect the old heater - it can be labeled. If you find combinations - write out and go with these values ​​to the store.

If nothing is found, then you need to determine the power of the element. This can be written in the technical register of the AGR. Usually the indicator for LG machines ranges from 1900-1950 watts, but there are also instances with a power of 2 kW.

Buy TEN you can:

  • in the service center;
  • in the store of spare parts for household appliances in his city;
  • in the online store.

If you decide to buy a heater on the Internet, choose sites from the TOP-10 and do not pay attention to too cheap offers. On average, a new heater should cost about 500 rubles.

Before you replace the heater, prepare all the necessary tools:

  • two screwdrivers: flat and "plus
  • any lubricant, you can WD-40;
  • Tester (multimeter);
  • an end head on 8 and a key-ratchet.

We change TEN

Before you remove the heater from the LG washing machine, you need to unscrew the top cover of the machine. If this is not done, then the rear wall can not be removed. Usually there are no difficulties in dismantling the lid, but if something does not work out, refer to the user manual.

Now act like this:

  1. Remove the fasteners that hold the back of the stylus casing.
  2. Next - your task is to fix the location of the wiring on the heater's contacts. This will help you then put a new heater, without spoiling it (if you confuse the wires, both the new part and the control unit may burn out).
  3. Now you can safely disconnect the wires - from the TEN and from the temperature sensor located in the heater structure.
  4. Before you change the heating element yourself, you need to check it with a tester. The verification process is described in detail in the article "How to check the washing machine's heater".
  5. After making sure that the element needs to be changed, proceed to the action. You have already unplugged the heater, which means it's behind the nut holding the heater. The nut is in the center of the shank. Here you will need a head: put it on the nut and unscrew it. Lightly tap the ratchet handle with a bolt - it should fall through.
  6. Now, taking a thin screwdriver, pick up the heater seal.
  7. Grasp the contacts and pull with force until you can pull out the heater. Try to get the part neatly, without breaking it into pieces.
  8. After the inspection, put off the old heater and engage in its hole: it can contain rubbish, dirt, scum. All this must be cleared.

Do not rush to hide the tester! Check and just bought the part to avoid installing the defective part.

Now you know how to get the heater, and easily replace it with a new one.


Installation of the heater in an LG washing machine is as follows:

  • Take the new TEN.
  • Lubricate the seal with WD-40 grease or another type.
  • Install the part in the groove.

  • If the heater has come in and sat tight, you can twist the fasteners and clamp the wiring in place (remember that you took a photo!).

At this stage, the replacement of the heating element in the LG washing machine can be considered successfully completed. You just have to run a test wash to ensure that the part you just installed is working properly.

Turn on the high temperature mode and after 15-20 minutes after starting the program, touch the sunroof glass - if it is not cold, the heater will heat.

This video will help visually understand how to remove the heater from the washing machine LG:


And it does not matter which TEN stands in the LG washing machine - if you do not follow the rules of car care, then it will burn. Rigid water and scum slowly but surely lead the spare parts into disrepair.

Put a filter and use emollients, then your machine will last longer.

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