How to check the drain pump in a washing machine

Checking the pump of the washing machine does not require much effort and skill. But nevertheless not every home craftsman manages to do everything correctly, and most importantly - without consequences.

It also happens that if the pump is incorrectly checked, the pump breakdown is diagnosed, and the cause of the malfunction is another detail - and all the forces are wasted. If you check the pump correctly, you can easily bypass possible problems and effectively eliminate the malfunction of your washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1What you need to check
  • 2How to find the pump
  • 3Verification process

What you need to check

Usually, how to check the pump on the washing machine is reflected when such problems occur:

  • Fault code. Appears on the electronic scoreboard thanks to the self-diagnosis system of your AGR. In machines without a display, it is possible to diagnose a pump failure by decoding a combination of a flashing light bulb on the control panel. If a combination of LEDs or an error code indicates a malfunction in the pump, then its verification is mandatory.
  • Before draining the waste water, the CM stops washing and "freezes" without draining the contents of the tank.
  • The drainage pump does not make itself felt - there are no sounds or other signs of its activity.

If you are sure that it is worth checking the pump, do not delay your decision, but start preparing the necessary tool:

  • The multimeter (tester).
  • Two screwdrivers: splined and plus.
  • Combination pliers.
  • Awl.

Important! The tester must be serviceable. If it is not (and it is needed in any case), buy yourself - it is inexpensive, but on the farm will come in handy.

When the pump on the washing machine does not turn off or does not pump water, check is necessary. Further we will render all possible help with advice, recommendations, photo and video instructions.

How to find the pump

Before you check whether the pump works or not, you need to find its location. Often the design of the machine allows you to see the part without even opening the case. Proceed as follows:

  • Unplug the machine from the water pipe, sewer pipe and pull out the power cord.
  • Remove the dispenser for the powder.
  • Cover the floor with a rag.
  • Lay the machine on its side.
  • If your model does not have a bottom, it's easy - the pump will be publicly available in front of you. It is located opposite the drain filter (this you check and clean it every 3 months). In general, this detail is difficult not to see or confuse.

  • If the bottom is available, then it must be removed by screwing out the cross-head screwdriver. Use a second screwdriver to poke the bottom.

If your washing machine is 100% protected by the manufacturer, before you check the pump in the washing machine, you need to remove the special tray and sensor. To get close to the pump in this case, you need to act like this:

  1. Disconnect the AGR from the socket, from the pipes - sewer and water.
  2. Drain the water by using the emergency drain pipe (located near the filter) or the drain filter.
  3. Transfer the equipment to the center of the room, lay a rag.
  4. Get out the detergent dispenser.
  5. Drain the water through the hose or filter at the bottom of the housing.
  6. Put the machine on its side.
  7. Prydnut and pull all the latches on the pallet (usually four).
  8. Push the pallet aside to remove the wiring that fits the sensor. The sensor itself is attached to the pallet.

Important! The sensor you see on the pallet is a leakage sensor. It works when water gets into the drip tray. It was he who discovered the leak, blocked the machine, stops the flow of water, and prevents the "deluge of the universe" in the apartment.

Removing the pallet, you will see what you were looking for - drain pump.

Verification process

In the pump, both the electrical part and the mechanical part can fail. Many home masters, forgetting about the mechanics, rush to check the electrician, armed with a tester. But often the pump stops working because of the garbage.

Unfortunately, not all rubbish goes into the drain filter - its part can be collected in the impeller area. Most often, hair and threads are wound on it, eventually blocking the work. If you think how to check the pump without removing it from the engine, then we advise you to take it off, the more it is very easy:

  • Take a photo or take a video posting location. This will help you then connect everything correctly back.
  • Remove the wiring.
  • Unclip the hose and hose clamps using the pliers. Do not break them - they will come in handy again.
  • Turn the pump half a turn to the left and remove the part effortlessly.

Before dismantling the pump, carefully inspect the impeller. If you notice rubbish blocking its work, then clean it. Do not forget to clean the entire pump thoroughly from the dirt collected in it. Also, mechanics include pads - they can wear out.

Important! The service centers do not advise repairing the pump, offering to immediately change it. But "folk craftsmen" came up with a more economical way. They know how to lubricate the pump of the washing machine, and use lithol or graphite grease.

If the mechanics are complete, you can check the electrician. Proceed in this way:

  • Turn on the tester by selecting the voltage check mode.
  • Place the test leads on the terminals.
  • Did the display show "0" or "1"? Perhaps, the motor of the pump has burnt out - replace it.
  • If a three-digit number is lit on the screen, the problem may be not in the motor itself, but in the electronic control unit. More precise diagnosis is required.

Now you know how to check the drain pump on a washing machine: disassembly is not essential, and checking does not take a lot of time. To work it was easier, watch the video:

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