Dishwashers with open model - overview

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We offer to discuss a separate category of dishwashers, which are increasingly gaining popularity among consumers. The main "heroine" of the review is a dishwasher with an open panel. Consider advantages and disadvantages, features and functions, as well as models from leading brands and testimonials from experienced users.

Content of the material:

  • 1What is the convenience of such a PMM
  • 2Benefits
  • 3Best PMM models with an open panel
    • 3.1Bosch SPI 50X95
      • 3.1.1User Reviews
    • 3.2Electrolux ESI 4620 RAX
    • 3.3Flavia SI 60 ENNA L
      • 3.3.1User Reviews

What is the convenience of such a PMM

The dishwasher with the open panel when it is built in the kitchen set remains partially visible - in the area of ​​the user panel. The whole body is trimmed with a facade, but the buttons and the display are accessible from the outside, there is no need to open the locker. This model allows you to observe the washing process with the door closed headset - what is it like, not convenience?

There are dishwasher options of 45 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm in width or depth. All of them can be equipped with one of two types of control:

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  • electronic;

  • mechanical.

Electronic machines allow you to select modes and start washing using buttons or a touch screen. In the obsolete mechanical version, control is performed by the regulator.


The main advantages of built-in dishwashers, the control panel of which is not hidden from the eyes of the user:

  • compact housing;
  • stylish and ergonomic design;
  • an acceptable cost;
  • Tracking how the program runs.

Best PMM models with an open panel

Consider a few popular models from the mid-price category with an open panel type.

Bosch SPI 50X95

The dishwasher of the German concern Bosch, whose control unit stands out against the backdrop of the hull thanks to silvery spraying. The model with the possibility of partial integration is designed for 9 dishes sets. Classes of drying, washing and energy efficiency: A. The peculiarity of the design is that it is a narrow PMM: dimensions 45x57x82 cm (WxDxH), weighing 45 kg.

There is a LED-display. There is also a function of "parental control" (more commonly known as "child protection").

Parameters Bosch SPI 50X95:

  • consumes 9 liters of water per wash cycle;
  • consumes, 8 kW / h;
  • noise level of 48 dB.

Of the 5 washing programs, users specifically mention "Intensive "Express" and "Economical". There are also 4 levels of water temperature. Loading the bunker into half is not provided. Other features of the machine:

  • delay of start up to 24 hours;
  • full type of protection against leakage;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • the possibility of washing with tablets "3 in 1
  • indicators of the level of regenerating salt and rinse aid;
  • a basket with a possibility of regulation in height;
  • holder for wine glasses;
  • double sprinkler in the upper box.

The car price starts from 26 600 rubles, according to YandexMarket.

User Reviews

Albina, Kaluga

Affordable machine, appreciated its economy, especially like the stylish design of the panel - it is very convenient to use, as the previous one was completely sewn into the kitchen. The machine at me only the third month, but already had time to wash up mountain of dirty ware. Claims are not present - has washed even pots and frying pans, and ceramic and glass plates directly creak. I finally forgot about the tea-coffee raid on the white cups. I noticed a significant saving of detergent - I load only half of the tablet, and sometimes a fourth, if you just need to rinse the "fresh" dishes.

Electrolux ESI 4620 RAX

Narrow PMM, with dimensions of 4, x5, x8, cm in width, depth and height, respectively. Weight - only 3, kg. A model with the possibility of a partial embedding (the user panel remains visible). A pleasant silvery color will emphasize the modern interior in the style of Hi-Tech and not only.

Capacity: 9 dish sets, washing and drying classes: A. Energy efficiency class: A ++. Electronic control is facilitated by the presence of a convenient display. For one cycle Electrolux ESI 4620 RAX consumes 10 liters of water and, kW / h. The normal washing program lasts 218 minutes. The noise level is reduced to 46 dB.

From 6 programs pay attention to "Intensive "Express "Delicate" and "Soaking". Also provided 4 thermal conditions. Drying is condensation. Half download type, as in the previous model, is missing.


  • start can be delayed up to 24 hours;
  • protection against leaks - complete;
  • the turbidity sensor controls the purity of the water;
  • box for tablets / capsules "3 in 1
  • notification of the end of the program with a sound signal;
  • the basket is adjustable in height;
  • the bunker is illuminated;
  • surface inside - stainless steel;
  • the holder of wine glasses;
  • function TimeManager.

The average cost is 3, 00 rubles.

Flavia SI 60 ENNA L

Dishwasher from the Chinese brand. As usual, technology from the PRC is too technological, but is known for its low reliability. Is this so, judge, based on the characteristics and feedback.

Partial embedding, full-size model: 5, x57x8, cm (width, depth, height). Color: Silver. PMM is designed for 14 sets and belongs to the energy efficiency class: A +++ (the highest for today). The remaining classes (drying and washing) are also high - A.

There is a convenient display. There is a function of parental control (lock from accidental pressing by children). Consumption of water: 10 liters, electricity 3 kW / h for one washing cycle. The duration of the normal mode is 195 minutes. In the construction there is condensation drying.

In total, the manufacturer has 7 washing modes, the main ones: "Normal "Intensive "Fast "Delicate "Economical". 6 temperature modes. There are ½ downloads. Other parameters:

  • delayed start function;
  • protection against leaks;
  • turbidity sensor of water;
  • the possibility of washing with means "3 in 1
  • sound notification after the end of the cycle;
  • indication of salt and rinse aid;
  • the inner surface of the hopper is stainless steel;
  • lighting inside;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the basket;
  • hour cycle;
  • additional drying;
  • a filter that reduces the number of bubbles;
  • Possibility of washing in any container - AlternativeWash.

The average cost of 35 000 rubles.

User Reviews

Eugenia, Ekaterinburg

All my life I dreamed about not washing dishes with my hands. And so it happened - I took this novelty in a supermarket by installments. It is much cheaper than the models from famous brands, and the functionality goes off scale. To say that she is cool is not to say anything. Washes, dries well! The dishes shine and creak. A bunch of programs, modes and functions, use a dishwasher - it's a pleasure. There were technical smells on the first launches, but quickly disappeared. I especially like the fact that the panel with buttons outside - my friends have built-in machines, and to press the buttons, you need to open the door all the time. And here everything is as in the palm of your hand - you can see when the process is over. I recommend to all.

As you can see, such a configuration of PMM with an open panel quickly and successfully found the response of users, thanks to convenient operation. If you want to acquire such a model, choose the appropriate parameters, brand, functionality and go for a purchase!

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