Gas stove for bottled gas

Most modern boards fit bottled gas. We'll have to change the injectors, small fire screws, set up the equipment. The required process steps become clear in the operating instructions. There are no complete necessary details have to buy parts to become suitable stove for bottled gas. Otherwise there will be smoke fire, to give orange flashes, the incomplete combustion of fuel, creating a dangerous situation. Installation works, desktop hardware configuration carries gas service engineers, in practice, there are billions of people always wanting to do themselves. At least doing something right!

Polymer gas cylinders

In the spring of 2013 was a rumor: The Russian government has banned the use of metal gas cylinders. Replace plastic. Plexiglas tank capacity of 12.5 liters worth 4500 rubles, many times more expensive metal, more volume. Retired instantly woke up, the average size of the monthly payment is 6000 rubles. We will, for the installation of the new equipment will have to put teeth on the shelf for a year.

Stove with two burners

Users are provided with old metal cylinders at the refueling there is no need to pay, except that found traces of reinforcement damage the housing. Coming financial costs. Money collected by a certified gas station - the price of filling the tank with liquid gas.

Consider the advantages over conventional composite cylinders:

  1. New containers are transparent. Visible to the naked eye, the fuel content. Facilitate the refilling process (laid achieving 80%) to increase confidence in the national quality of service, it is possible to visually observe the amount poured gas.
  2. Plexiglas cylinders weigh 30% less, old metal. We consider rate is not decisive. Grandmother to raise will be hard, just commemorated pensioners.
  3. Cylinder material non-flammable, resists destructive factors, it is impossible to get an explosion.

Russian craftsmen decided to test three Plexiglas cylinders fire, stoked by diesel fuel. After n-ing time after the fire alarm triggered bypass valves, steel poison gas, instantly flashing. It turned out like the flame-thrower. Half an hour mode forced through the filament burn through in places, through the resulting increased etching microscopic pores. It began to create the wrong impression, burning balloon material. An additional shot of the product was blown into two pieces along the glued seam, no explosion occurred. Positioning the main advantage of plexiglass cylinders. Cease to explode with the formation of metal fragments.

Intentionally Plexiglas gas cylinders fired, the result was leaking gas.

The method of manufacture of gas cylinders Plexiglas

Cost Plexiglas cylinders is high, are made on imported machines using foreign raw materials. The technological cycle is divided into two global stages:

  • production lower halves of the balloon;
  • manufacturing the upper halves of the cylinder with a hole for the valve.

The initial stage in both cases the same. Semi-cylindrical filament wound surface is bonded composite adhesive. It takes 45 seconds. Does the composition of the formaldehyde, a thematic video is silent. Has reached the desired number of turns of each half of the gas cylinder tries above press machine, the yarn under the influence of temperature quickly fused one. It turns translucent half of the gas cylinder. The product passes inside the diamond abrasive grinding, place future joints are cut off at a small angle of 3 degrees in different directions. It would lead to an unprecedented tightness when equipped halves vnatyag with bonding.

gas supply

The upper half of the machine drilled. Then glue on the inside nut is planted where the crane is mounted. We assume tapered thread. Nut pressed under pressure. Combined with glue, it gives excellent results.

Compound gas cylinder halves manages special machine with two rotary couplings toward each other. The adhesive composition is applied, the halves of the several turns tightly take place. It gets a gift Kinder-surprise. At the end is screwed lightly tap dovorachivat with the necessary effort of special machine tools. Gas bottle ready for protection against mechanical damage placed in a plastic casing which protects faucet housing.

Disadvantages plexiglass cylinders

During the process of studying the safety of the physical health of people have forgotten. Plexiglas cylinders burned, emit a lot of acrid black smoke. Chemists say the victim lame horse suffocated, poisoned by carbon monoxide - amazed persistent connections burning synthetic substances (phosgene). Recall inner insulation club made with polyurethane foam, synthetic substances. With lower cylinders danger, the polymer decomposes slowly. Depolymerization is accelerated by heat. People nearby may become extinct fire in respirators, the crowd increases the chances to stay alive.

Cottage on gas stove

Metal fragments stop wall, not necessarily the explosion will spread half of the house. Poisonous substances act quickly, you can not hide, kill better bombs, shells. In war junk it is considered unfashionable, affecting the ability of small. It occurs when the lights plexiglass, and other components of the gas cylinder. Conducted research. Direct information available.

Another disadvantage of polymer called a limited life. A metal gas cylinder needs every 10 years in the verification, plexiglass serve a measured period of time? Polymer mattresses filled with flame retardants, called the dissolution of the internal organs couch potatoes. Production has stopped at a massive public pressure, the manufacturer assures product quality. Children's toys stuffed muck up special websites, forums, publish such information.

Of course, consumers should clearly assess the proposed product, take appropriate safety measures. West makes for a long time. Officials, ignoring the Chernobyl accident, said, surreptitiously taking out the family: scary. Survived the radioactive contamination of the May demonstrations a few. Atomic bomb on landfills went on foot to watch without protection, where now those conscripts. Depolymerization - a process that starts after 5 - 10 years. Do I have the kitchen, decide for yourself.

Gas stove

There is no information that the plexiglass cylinders America used instead of steel. The polymers are used in the basement, utility room, outdoors. The benefits are clear, but the scientific movie channels describe the use on the front lawn, the danger of releasing a substance becomes zero. US Store gizmos in the basement, equipped with exhaust ventilation. Experts accurately assessed the situation before the end of, or normally closed mouth dissatisfied? Reply powerless, the investigation will take a long time, there is no purpose to support / resist the introduction of innovations.

Portable gas stoves Hollystars H12

The portable gas stoves Hollystars H12 distinguished by the presence of the adapter under the external cylinder. During normal travel collet feed cylinder capacity of 220 Special threaded nipple sidewall compartment is provided with reduction gear. Gas stove with a tank capacity of 5 liters will last longer. One burner to feed a family (four people) for 5 days. 12.5 liters plexiglass - the gift of heaven.

Features of the use of gas stoves with a balloon, alien travel gear: Science are specialists connection. The question arises - do fishermen themselves, why strain at home? Required by law.

Draconian security measures. Fishing catfish family home. However, a gas stove Hollystars H12 dangerously difficult to call. Pezorozzhigom available, a special lever, which collet cylinder is disconnected from the supply path of blue fuel. As the gas stove to give, good thing perfectly. Supplemented by a small set of plastic suitcase for easy transport, the hob is turned, providing convenience. Flat bottom, in such a situation takes up less space, reducing the overall height of the gas stove.

Another advantage of the solutions: there is no orifice, the model configured to burn liquid gas. Anxious about the cup "kofe" arguments exerts a special little paste on the grid, issued by warming a small bowl. Plate under gas cylinder of any kind will, supply regulated by an external gear.

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