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The beauty of the modern world in marketing. Without leaving home, it is possible to choose and buy a two-burner stove. All parameters are set on the Yandex Market. Only a few chances to choose the number of burners. The result includes all types, and not a single cooker contains at the same time two electric, gas and induction hobs.

Choosing the right version of the

cooker. First and foremost, we recommend deciding on the number of burners. The smallest option is two. Today, an induction cooker without an oven costs 4–5 thousand. The appliance is retracted into the cabinet as needed. The product is light, compact. Briefly consider the advantages of the option:

Two-burner electric stove

  1. Electric stoves with a sufficiently high efficiency. We analyze the parameters of efficiency. The typical efficiency of a gas burner is 60% or less. This means that out of 1 cubic meter of propane-butane mixture costing, for example, 75 rubles, only 60% of energy is used to benefit. Suppose gas calorie is 90 MJ.This means that the useful effect of a cubic meter will reach 54 MJ.Electricity for the same money will get 20 kWh. Recall, this is equivalent to the fact that 1 kJ of energy is produced within one hour every second. It turns out, in 1 kWh - 3.6 MJ of energy. Multiply by 20, it turns out 72 MJ.So is electricity more profitable than gas? If you forget that the efficiency of the burner in this case is also not 100%, for the selected numbers it turns out as follows. More precisely, you can count individually. For example, natural gas( mainly methane) costs 5 rubles per cubic meter. This radically changes the alignment of forces, since the specific heat of hydrocarbon combustion is 32 MJ per cubic meter on average. With this money, barely take 2 kWh of electricity. Criterion prices need to seriously consider.
  2. Electric stoves do not require the discharge of combustion products. There will be fat and odor, but the recirculation hood will cope. At the same time, there is no need to lay air ducts across the kitchen, spoiling the look of the interior. It is permissible to apply suspended ceilings or disguise communications with a false niche. The option is not the best. At a comparable cost of gas and electricity, think twice.

    Induction two-burner stove

  3. Induction stands out among the electric burners. The stove does not begin to warm until you put the dishes on top. This is a great property. Neither the child nor the pets will not accidentally burn the hob. Heat begins to be produced immediately inside the thickness of the pan. The hob warms up a little, but not for long. After 15 minutes the temperature will drop. In most induction hobs, the boundaries of the burner are delineated; for some, there is a common area within which the specific place of the dish is not important. The food is still cooked. If you turn to search on the Yandex market, it is not easy to choose an induction cooker with a heating zone instead of burners.
  4. In addition to the described qualities, electric stoves have two indisputable advantages associated with gas: there is no need to call the foremen to install and hang around the gas supply adjustment knob while the gas control mechanism is activated. Gas stove alone will not install. Regardless of the type of ignition, electrics come in handy for lighting the oven, which is fashionable today.

    Electric cooker with

  5. grill Electric models often see a grill and a motor driven skewer. These functions do not explain, you need to try. To use the gas grill set a special shield that protects the control panel. Otherwise, you can inflict damage on the first attempt to cook a chicken grill.

The advantages of electric models are many, with advantages related to induction models. Plus, the fact that runaway food slightly burns. Induction warms the thickened bottom of the pan( special dishes are needed), and the spiral “pancakes” heat themselves beforehand. Minus one: at electric cookers, “pancakes” change individually, and the induction panel is supplied to the national team and stands decently. In justification, we say that the desktop is durable, but ceramics( polymer) do not withstand shock loads. Do not drop anything from above. For an induction cooker, steel utensils are needed. The lion's share of heat is obtained due to magnetization reversal, which is not capable of aluminum products. Steel bottom is taken thick, which speeds up the process.

What gas stoves worth buying

Blue fuel has low efficiency, but there is a solution! The tempered glass hob, under which there are burners, shows the best performance. Can reduce consumption by half. With cheap natural gas, spending is reduced to ridiculous numbers. There are no doubts in the justification of the purchase of a two-stove gas stove.

Commercials from YouTube contain useful information:

  • EcoTime Plates use gas under glass technology. As a result of a tactical move, the products of combustion do not evaporate immediately. Can transfer more heat to the hob.
  • Hot-field indication will help not burn yourself and fix residual heat.
  • In a specialized store, when buying an expensive model, they offer one ring as a gift.

Otherwise, these are typical cookers. Combustion products are released in the near-wall part with reduced temperature due to increased heat transfer to useful targets. Ecotime is difficult to get in the free market, on the site Solgaz offer such a buy. To search for Yandex, use the expression "gas under glass."

Ecotime stove

The offer of one burner as a gift means that the area heated by the products of combustion has been manufactured. The temperature is lower there. Of course, the curiosity itself does not work: you need to warm something on the main burners.

Included are burners for natural and liquid gas, although the pressure range in the latter case is unusual - 37 mbar. The fact of operation of the device from a specific cylinder must already be clarified with the dealer and manufacturer. The equipment is easily built. The oven is purchased separately. Look at the convection cabinet. In this case, as a rule, stores offer to buy a three-ring gas stove, paying for two burners!

Take an electric grill or gas

In both cases, minuses will be found. From gas protect the control panel during cooking, and consumes a lot of electric. Possibilities of the access guard are limited, it is not necessary to overload it. Owners of apartments in new buildings, where consumption is increased, we recommend to buy a gas stove with an electric oven. It is clear that the grill is also electric, which helps to avoid the dangers associated with blue fuel.

And professional chefs do not make an unequivocal choice. Here is an interesting fact: any gas has a permissible amount of harmful substances that get into the food while cooking in the oven. With electricity this will not happen. The probability of poisoning this way is small, but it remains. Electric stoves do not form carbon monoxide, which is also a definite plus.

There are combined gas stoves. There are models where the burners are coordinated by type. However, the induction near the gas come across only in the top stoves, costing 400 thousand rubles. In a standard house such, by and large, are not needed. From the point of view of the surface material, expensive models of glass-ceramic induction plates are more durable. As you understood, it is simpler to buy rings for the gas stove, than an induction surface in assembly. Make a choice!

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