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A couple of years ago I did not know what vigna was. Therefore, for me, asparagus bean vigna was a real discovery after visiting my uncle's kitchen garden. I visited him on a visit. Knowing that I was interested in everything that concerns the garden and kitchen garden, he began to tell me about the novelty on his site - Vigna, which struck his entire family so abundant harvest that eclipsed all other varieties of beans that he had before grew up.

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Vigna, what kind of plant is this

Vigna - a separate type of asparagus beans, which includes a large number of varieties. It has very powerful shoots, reaching 4-5 m in length, and incredibly long pods.


When the uncle first planted this plant, not only he, but all neighbors were amazed at the strange shoulder blades: some of them reached a length of 1 m. He planted only a few beans. So with each bush collected at least 3 kg of fruit, so the harvest is more than enough for his family, but a large number of relatives, including me.

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Delicate shoulder blades of vigny are sweeter and more delicious than ordinary asparagus beans. They do not contain coarse fibers and an internal parchment layer, and the juicy pulp inside the pod is filled with the entire space between the beans. Just do not let the pods get pinched.

Often, those who only grow the first year of vigny, not knowing when it is possible to start collecting pods, tear off already overripe blades. Hence, many disappointed reviews from beginners to grow vigny.

This summer, I tried to grow a Chinese vignet. Planted seeds for seedlings in late May in peat pots, then in early June, dropped 3 pieces into the greenhouse. Immediately I admit that the Vigna grew in me badly, for too long it "swung "I thought in general, slowed down. 🙂 But by the end of summer I got to the roof of the greenhouse and even formed pods, as in the picture! In general, the harvest was small and not very tasty ...
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In the past year I tried to plant a vignet. Planted along the fence, like the usual curly beans, around the end of the first decade of May. The seeds were small, black. The blades were 30-40 cm, brutally fast. Even the seeds are ripe. Honestly, the black beans are much tastier. Or maybe I just do not know how to cook it?
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I planted a long time ago, in the OG, it was later, but grew normally, with large pods. I did not like the taste at all. Now there are a lot of varieties of ordinary green beans and they are much more delicious than this one, and this one turns out to be wide, long, "lohmushki" on it more than on ordinary beans and rougher. In general, I did not like.
Varvara Plyushkina
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I'm glad that this dietary product contains a large number of useful substances. The pods of this culture are usually consumed entirely in the stage of milk ripeness, but if desired, you can leave them on the bush longer, wait for full maturation and collect the beans. After thorough drying, they are used in cooking, as well as conventional beans, or used for sowing.

Pods of cowpea and common beans

By the way, beans of cowpea are much faster prepared than beans of other related cultures.

I also wanted to put myself in a vigny. I love beans, and to have such unusual things on my garden is doubly interesting. Care of this plant is not difficult. She is unpretentious. After the appearance of the pods in two or three days, my uncle shot here for such a bunch.

But you can wait until the pods-blades will grow more authentic. These are usually torn to freeze. It is more convenient, all the same for freezing it needs to be cut into pieces 8-10 cm.

Varieties of cowpea now very much. In addition, new varieties are emerging in stores, which makes it possible to experiment in each season.


Of all the varieties he planted, Liliana and Brown Sid most of all liked their crop and ability to harvest until frost.

Liliana is a medium-ripening variety, and pods can be harvested after 75 to 85 days after emergence. Scourge of this variety grow to 2-3 m in length and form a huge number of green narrow blades with a length of 60-80 cm.

Vigna Liliana

Bushes Brown Sida more powerful and distinguished by incredible long pods of light green color, reaching 1 m. Blades of this variety can be plucked 55 days after the emergence of sprouts with a collection frequency of 5-7 days.

Vigna Brown Sid
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Growing Vigna

To form an abundant crop, this culture requires a large number of nutrients during the growing season, so the soil must be prepared for planting from the fall. My uncle does not add anything to organic soil.


But in the councils of seasoned truck farmers read: a garden patch on a spade of shovels with the addition of buckets of humus, 25-30 g of superphosphate and 15-20 g of potassium sulfate per 1 m2. In the spring before planting, add 15-20 g of carbamide per 1 m2.

Vigu are planted when a stable warm weather with a temperature of 14-16 ° C is established without the threat of recurrent frosts.

Beans are embedded in the soil to a depth of 4-5 cm, maintaining a distance between them of 35-40 cm, and certainly plant them next to any solid support, for example, on the southern side of the gazebo or a fence, or construct a separate trellis.

Vigna on the trellis

During the season, water bushes 1-2 times a week, remove weeds and loosen the soil under them. However, nothing unusual.

Another tip: at the very beginning of the growth on the vignet can attack aphids. Therefore, be sure to inspect the whip at the beginning of the growing season. Try not to let the pests reproduce. If this happens, spray sprouts with any preparation from sucking insects, for example, Confondor. But when there are already pods with chemical preparations it is better not to process. You can use celandine infusion or garlic.

It is advisable for the season to make 2-3 additional fertilizing. I think that the "green fertilizer which I prepare myself for vegetable crops, is suitable for vignet.

Vigna responds well to sprinkling on leaves with a solution of any complex fertilizer, which includes a variety of trace elements.

Scourge at first tie to the lower tiers of the support, and then only send - they grow very quickly and in the shortest time densely it braids. No more worries about this asparagus beans - one can only manage to collect a generous harvest.

Vigna is flowering
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Reviews of truck drivers about cowpea

I plant beans on grapes. She can give whips up to 4-6 meters. After planting, I seal the place with a cylinder from PET bottles, this is a beacon, and protection from a bear. Vigna lacks nitrogen-fixing bacteria, so manure, as a fertilizer, is very desirable for it.
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In our climate (the author of the post lives in Rostov-on-Don) seedlings are not necessary to grow Vigna. Itself and so it will grow. But I myself planted seedlings, because the bear of grain in the earth eats completely. True, the planting seed is not very convenient, the root grows long, immediately creeps down, and the seedling itself is very fast growing. Vigna grows well without any shading at all. In the semi-shade, the harvest turned out to be much less.
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I've been planting the Count of the Count for two years. Planted directly into the ground with seeds that had been planted. I pulled the string along the fence and I grabbed it for it. Then she herself grew, crawled and curled. Beans were declared 60 cm, but I reached 1 m. I cut it all into pieces and froze. I like that she is very thin and gentle.
Grandmother Spring
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In Thailand, the vigu are simply eaten raw. I do not know, the truth, what kind, Japanese or Chinese. Just take these long green "macaroni" dunk in their sauces and weave for both cheeks. I also tried, absolutely no specific taste of the beans, would not refuse to crunch at home. All I'm going to try to grow at my dacha, but as it does not add up.
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Vignu grow the second year. The initiator is a wife, sort of like beans are very useful for a woman's body. I, of course, think that meat with lard is better. But I watched, watched her and her daughter weave this vigny and began to eat. Delicious! At us on a site the tree was withered, it is necessary to cut down, and me not up to it or him, and so the wife under it or him vigu has planted. I'll tell you, it's such a fabulous wonder tree!
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Last year, planted a string bean shrub and Vigu. Kustovuyu was tortured to collect - the back falls off, while among the trunks of the bush you will find pods. Vigna is here - she is all in front of you, and the sizes of Vigna's pods delight. We had pods that were 96 cm long.
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Vigna in Asian countries has been grown for more than one century and is very much appreciated for its high yield and excellent taste. In our country, in spite of the great variety of varieties, which can be fruitful even in the northern regions, this culture can be found extremely rarely on household plots.


Therefore, having a positive experience of growing cowpea, I advise all farmers to plant it in the new summer season. I am sure that having learned what vigna is, you will necessarily plant it in your home, and in the future you will never refuse to grow this amazing bean culture.

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What is Vigna, cultivation, reviews, tips, photos

What is Vigna, cultivation, reviews, tips, photosBeans

A couple of years ago I did not know what vigna was. Therefore, for me, asparagus bean vigna was a real discovery after visiting my uncle's kitchen garden. I visited him on a visit. Knowing that I...

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