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Loved many gardenerscherry and sweet cherry hybrid - Duke or Miracle cherry, was obtained thanks to the works of the famous Ukrainian breeder Lilia Taranenko. Everyone knows that hybrid varieties have all the best qualities of their "parents". This article provides a detailed description of all the positive qualities of the miracle-cherry, the difficulties and questions that can arise for gardeners who decided to grow this tree are considered.

In Russia, Duke appeared thanks to the work of I. In Michurin.To obtain a hybrid, the scientist crossed cherry Bel with cherry varieties White Winkler. The derived hybrid was named the Beauty of the North due to its good frost resistance.

The extracted plant was going to grow in Western Siberia. However, during attempts at cultivation, it turned out that the flower buds can not tolerate Siberian frosts, as a result of which the plant formed a crop in scant amounts.

To date, many different varieties of cherry and cherry hybrids have been introduced, intended for planting in all Russian regions, yielding abundant harvests and resistant to severe frosts.

Among them, the Dukes were very popular:The beauty of the north, Nochka, Ivanovna, Kharitonovskaya, Rusinka, Miracle Cherry, Lyubskaya, Turgenevskaya, Spartanka, Volochaevskaya and others. Duke cherries and sweet cherries Miracle cherries are one of the most popular varieties, bred for planting in southern regions and suburbs.


Table of contents

  • Description of the hybrid of cherries and cherries variety Duke
  • Fruiting Miracle cherries, pollinators
  • Selection of seedlings
    • Landing
    • How to care for such a hybrid
  • Forming a tree
  • The result

Description of the hybrid of cherries and cherries variety Duke

Miracle cherry - the result of the selection of two or more plants, loved by many gardener for their excellent taste.

Miracle cherry or cherry Duke

The main features of the Miracle-cherry are:

  1. Large foliage, reminds cherry leaves.
  2. Shootsmassive, straight, covered by a smooth and smooth dark brown bark.
  3. Kidneysmassive and dense, more like cherry, rather than cherry.
  4. Crown and branch typeexactly like the cherry tree crown.
  5. Miracle cherry has the ability to lay flower buds during the annual growth, which as a result leads toearly fruiting.
  6. This variety has absorbed all the best from the "progenitors"cherry has good winter hardiness, and resistance to many diseases. Thanks to these qualities, the Miracle-cherry can be successfully grown in cold regions, which are characterized by frequent outbreaks of diseases.

Planthas good resistance to fungal infections. Including monlilliosis and coccomicosis. In addition, the miracle of cherry is almost not affected by cherry flies.


Fruiting Miracle cherries, pollinators

After the establishment of stable warm weather, the flowering period begins.Flowers on short stems, collected in a brush for 4-9 pieces. The flowers of this variety are quite massive in comparison with the flowers of a normal cherry.

Flowers of Hybrid Cherry Duke

Fruiting occurs on bouquet branches- shortened fruit formations (, -5 cm) which are placed on top. These formations consist of a group of kidneys, lateral generative (fruit) and terminal vegetative (growth).

The fruits of the miracle of cherries are large, their weight reaches 10 grams, flattened, dark red in color.The taste is sweet, the flesh has a pronounced aroma of the best cherry fruit, as well as trace the notes of cherry flavor.

Miracle cherry is fast-growing, on two-year-old seedlings there is an outset of individual fruits, fruit cherry begins to develop, as a rule, from the 4th year onwards. Starting from the fourth year, the cherry fruit stably fills every code.

Miracle cherry - samobesplodnaya. To get a good harvest from it, you need to select the right type of cross fertilization.

Not every kind of sweet cherry can become a pollinator of this variety.Suitable cultivars:Donchanka, Sister, Annushka and others.Unsuitable:Chkalov, Valeria, Drogana yellow, Large-fruited. Miracle-cherry itself is not capable of being a pollinator.


Selection of seedlings

For planting cherry Duk variety, you need to acquire a quality planting material.Seedling is best purchased in a store of this orientation. Since such factors as the lack of foliage on annuals and the presence of kidneys similar to cherries, most often mislead about this is a hybrid. Thus, you can buy a common cherry, and not Duke. The main signs of a miracle-cherry are dense foliage and fruits.

The miracle-cherry seedlings should have a well-developed root system

Orient is on the plant with a strong and developed root system, in addition, it should be a large, uniform color, not to have damage and other defects.A good tree determines an even trunk, foliage without signs of the presence of diseases and other lesions. The correct seedling can be identified by the height of the main shoot 60cm and the shortened branches by 1/3.



Cultivation of the Miracle-cherry must be done on a fertile slightly acidic soil. The tree must have access to sunlight, so it must be protected from winds.Cherry variety Duke will grow poorly in the lowlands, because in the summer there accumulates moisture, and in winter the cold. Before planting, special attention should be given to the choice of seedlings, since this will largely depend on the durability and yield of the Duke.

The basic rules of planting include:

  1. Select a location. Before you land, you must choose a place. The main criteria for an ideal location: good access to light, no winds.
  2. Preparation of the well.It must be carried out at least a month before disembarkation, the hole must be filled with organic fertile soil enriched with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. In the case of high acidity of the soil, it is necessary to introduce calcareous fertilizers.
  3. Observance of the distance.The seedlings must be at a distance of five meters from each other, the tree has a fairly large size, due to that it can suffer from a close neighborhood, and this will cause problems in development and will negatively affect the productivity.
When planting a cherry Duke, you must observe the distance between the trees
  1. Root system. During planting, the root system of the plant should be spread out, and do not forget that the root neck should be on the surface.
  2. Formation. Formation after planting is carried out by trimming, leaving 60cm of the central shoot, side shoots must be shortened by one third.
For regular high-quality and abundant fruiting cherry Duk variety, certain conditions are necessary.

At first,should observe the measure in fertilizergiven the variety because excess nutrients can provoke strong growth of the tree, which will negatively affect the yield.Do not neglect the watering, especially for young seedlings, irrigation measures should be abundant and frequent.In winter it is necessary to protect the tree from colds and rodentsby wrapping with burlap.

How to care for such a hybrid

Gardener, who decided to plant Duke should carefully approach the issue of choosing a site. The proper development of the tree will occur in places protected from winds and having good access to light.
  1. Top dressing with nitrogen fertilizersshould be carried out with extreme caution, as they are capable of provoking active growth of the above-ground part of the cherry, which will negatively affect the formation of fruits.
  2. Abundant and regular wateringgreat importance in growing this variety. Weekly watering should be carried out within the first two months after disembarkation.
After the landing, the miracle-cherry seedlings require abundant watering
  1. To water one seedlingshould go about 20 liters. water.
  2. Miracle cherry does not belong to whimsical trees, it is not averse to various diseases, butprevention of pest protection will never be superfluous.
  3. Miracle cherries are sensitive to cold, as a result of which the freezing of flowering buds may occur in winter. Therefore, during the cold weather it must be insulated.

Forming a tree

Of course, to get a big harvest you need to properly form a tree.It is possible to receive a large number of fruits from the 1st tree if the following rules of formation are observed:

  1. It is necessary to performregular pruning of young shoots by 1/3, the thickened crown cut to the ring.
  2. Cherry variety Duke has a tendency to stretch up.To slow down the growth of gardeners, it is necessary to pull the branches to the horizontal position, to give a cherry hemispherical type of crown that will help slow growth.
  3. Successful pollinationit is possible only if the cherry tree of the Duke variety is found to be cherry. This will ensure high yields.
For the successful pollination of Miracle cherries, the presence of cherries is necessary

The result

Many gardeners consider the miracle-cherry the best variety due to its taste qualities. Adhering to the advice of professionals, you can easily grow a miracle-cherry on your site, andproper care will help to achieve high yields, and after a couple of years you will be able to enjoy high-quality fruits. This culture is highly appreciated by experienced gardeners, and therefore has only positive feedback.

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