Detailed description of the cherry Molodezhnaya


Cherry is a valuable and useful dietary product. Today, many gardening enthusiasts prefer unpretentious and at the same time high-yielding varieties of cherries.The Cherry Molodyozhnaya variety perfectly combines the quality data, the description of which is given in this article.


Table of contents

  • Main characteristics of the Molodezhnaya variety
    • Description of cherry berries
    • Positive and negative qualities
  • Cultivation of a cherry of the given grade and a rule of care of it
    • Where and at what time to plant?
    • Care rules for cherries
    • How to collect and place cherries safely
  • Features inherent in the cultivar Cherry
  • Exposure to the Cherry Youth to the effects of diseases and pests
  • Reviews of gardeners-lovers about the Youth

Main characteristics of the Molodezhnaya variety

The cultivar Cherry Youth was brought out by the breeder H. D. Enikeev together with S.N. Saratov.They crossed two varieties of cherries:Lyubskaya and Vladimirskaya. In 1993, the resulting cherry variety was listed in the state register.

Cherry Youth in the form of a bush

This variety of cherries grows in the territory of the central region and in the Urals. Cherry Youth can grow in the form of a tree or a bush.In height, the tree or shrub grows to, meters. The foliage of a tree or a bush forms a rounded form, slightly drooping. Leaves are of medium size, bright green color.

Inflorescences of the plant consist of five or seven flowers, the diameter of which is -3 cm. Flowers are white, stamens and pistils are equal in height, which allows the plant to self-pollinate.

Youth refers to self-fertile varieties. This variety will soon be pleased with its fruits. In the fourth year the tree begins to bear fruit. And four years later, vigorous fruiting starts, which is preserved until the plant reaches 15-20 years of age.

Flowering begins in mid-May, and by the middle of July you can harvest berries. During the fruiting period, one bush or tree can give from 10 to 12 kg of berries.

Color of cherry

The Molodezhnaya grade has average values ​​of winter hardiness. Flower buds are also medium-resistant.This species of cherry tree has an average degree of confrontation with such diseases as coccomicosis and moniliasis, as well as to various microorganisms.

Wet and warm climate provokes the development of diseases in the plant.

Description of cherry berries

Fruits are formed on the branches of last year or bouquet.

Fruits of cherry

Berries have a sweet-sour taste, dense, juicy dark red pulp. Their weight reaches five grams. The average size of the bone is quite easily separated from the pulp. The berries have an oblong shape. Dense fruits are resistant to transportation and mechanical damage.

Cherry of this variety is saturated with vitamins and organic acids, as well as phosphorus, potassium.

Sweetness prevails in the taste of fruits, therefore theiroften used in the preparation of a variety of dessert dishes. Berries are great for eating fresh.

Positive and negative qualities

Youth has many positive qualities.

These include:

  • good tolerance of flowering buds to a decrease in air temperature;
  • plant resistance to fungal diseases;
  • berries are convenient to transport, since they are rather dense;
  • the self-fertility of the cherry allows neighboring neighboring non-self-fertilizing plants to pollinate;
  • The plant is resistant to a decrease in air temperature and to dry periods in summer;
  • in berries a large number of vitamins, microelements, pectins.
Cherry Youth resistant to fungal diseases

However, along with the advantages of this species, there are some features that should be considered when cultivating:

  • every year the plant must be treated with fungicides, to prevent various diseases;
  • you need to carefully choose a place for planting, the ideal option - a plain with low winds;
  • every year, you need to add phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium;
  • so as not to be overgrown, the plant should be cut regularly.

These characteristics of care in no way diminish the value of the Youth.


Cultivation of a cherry of the given grade and a rule of care of it

In order to make the plant happy with a rich harvest,you need to look after her properlyь. Not a small role in this is the choice of location and time of planting.

Where and at what time to plant?

Location for the cherry Youth is preferable to choose on a low hill, which is not blown by the winds and at the same time gets enough sunlight.

The most favorable soil for growing youth is sandy loam with neutral acidity.

Plant seedlings should be either early in the spring or early autumn(end of September). So the plant adapts to the winter cold and calmly overwinter. At later planting times, the risk increases that the plant will not be taken.

Correct planting of cherry Molodyozhnaya

Stages of planting a seedling:

    1. To dig a holeabout 80 cm in diameter and 40 to 50 cm deep. At the bottom of the hole lay a top dressing, which includes: manure, nitrogen and phosphate. Do not plant the plant with damaged roots - they should be cut off on the sly. Feeding will help the seedlings to be better and faster to settle down on the spot.
    2. Carefullyput the plant roots in the holeand sprinkled with earth.
    3. Around the seedling is necessaryto form a hole. To perform its mulching with the help of humus, sawdust, small brick or expanded clay. So when watering the water will be better to stay and drink the root system of the plant.
It is important that at first the soil around the seedling does not dry out and is loose.
  1. Before the first fruiting,perform lime treatmentplants.

When planting a 2-year-old seedlings, I have to cut the same pruning. In the first place, all shoots cut off at an angle of 90 degrees from the branches are cut off. Next, there is a "skeleton" of the plant - three main branches. Around the main branches all branches are cut off, in addition to those that depart at a right angle from the "stem".


Care rules for cherries

Although the cherry is a rather unpretentious plant.To obtain a rich harvest, you must follow certain rules in caring for it.

  • Every year it is necessary to carry out treatment with funcial sprays. It protects the plant from various fungal diseases. Particular attention should be paid to this issue if an already infected tree grows next to the cherry.
  • It is necessary to regularly make soil fertilizing. For this, in spring it is necessary to fertilize the youth with nitrogen fertilizer, and in autumn - with potassium and phosphorus fertilizers. Positive effect on the growth and development of cherries is provided by feeding from compost or manure.
To get a good harvest of Molodezhnaya, regular soil fertilizing is needed
  • In order to improve the yield, it is necessary to trim annually. Especially long branches are cut off and young strong and bouquet branches grow in their place. These branches soon appear berries. The height of the plant is best kept within 2 to, meters. This will improve the quantity and quality of the fruit.
  • Measures for pruning branches and cherry topsprovide additional sunlight and prevent thickening of the crown.
  • The plant loves water and needs regular watering. This is especially true during the dry summer.
When watering it is important not to soak the earth, since high humidity adversely affects the Youth.
  • Preparing the plant for wintering much attention should be paid to the root system. For protection from rodents and freezingthe roots of the tree are covered with peat or moss.

With all the recommendations, the plant will enjoy a large and delicious harvest for a long time.

How to collect and place cherries safely

Harvesting should begin with the twentieth of July. The fruit-bearing period ends in August.

Frozen cherry variety Molodezhnaya

In order to keep the berry for a long time in a fresh form, you must carefully sort it.Only dense berries are left for storage, without external damages, the color of the peduncle is green. Prepare the prepared container (tray, box) with paper. At the bottom lay berries. The layer of berries should not exceed ten centimeters. Remove the container with the berries stored in the refrigerator. The temperature should be between 0 ° C and + 2 ° C. In this form, the fruit is stored for two weeks.

If the berries freeze instantly, the shelf life will increase from three to six months.

You can also prepare a variety of compotes, jam, jam or cherry jams and enjoy them all year.


Features inherent in the cultivar Cherry

  • Even if you plant only one plant of this species on the site,the harvest will be received in a hundred percent of cases. This is due to the ability to self-pollination and a successful structure of flowers - pistil and stamens have equal height.
  • When planting a seedling with its own roots, the harvest will be already 3-4 years old. And with the proper inoculation of the tree, the berries can be formed before this time.
  • Excellentconfrontation with various fungal diseases.
  • A negative feature is the accelerated overgrowth. Therefore, it is necessary to remove excess branches in a timely manner so that sunlight does not block out.

Exposure to the Cherry Youth to the effects of diseases and pests

Youth unlike many other varieties of cherries is resistant to fungal diseases.

The most dangerous disease for this variety is monilia. With this disease, branches are gradually drying up. In this case, the plant can be both completely affected by this disease, and its individual parts.

Fruits of the Cherry Youth are affected by the monolithosis

When establishing this disease, it is necessary to cut off all diseased branches with an indentation of 15-20 cm. on the healthy parts of the branch. Cut off branches must be disposed of, to prevent the spread of the disease.

Cherry Youth subject to monilial burn, which is manifested during the flowering of flowers. For the treatment, it is necessary to spray the leaves of the plant with special solution. This disease also spreads quickly, so you have to carefully observe the nearby trees.

Cherry Youth is struck by a monilial burn

When a yellow leaf appears on the plantyou need to pay more attention to it. Especially if the color changes quite quickly and the leaves turn purple. This can signal a disease or a lack of nitrogen fertilizer in the soil.


Reviews of gardeners-lovers about the Youth

Vladimir:In my garden, the berries of Youth have ripened. I liked it very much! The taste of the berries pleased, more sweet than sour. The only drawback is the height of the bush, only 50 cm from the ground.

Nikolay:Rastil the Youth near the Chocolate Girl. So many berries in a season have never seen. The trees are literally sprinkled with cherries!

Michael:With the cultivar, Youth is well known. A large number of positive properties. The plant is productive, self-fertilized, well tolerates the winter. The berries hang on the bushes for a long time and do not crumble.

Cherry varieties of Youth is the favorite of a large number of summer residents.The plant is distinguished by high yield due to self-fertilization. It is even cultivated on an industrial scale.

Cherry orchard, unripe cherry fruit Molodyozhnaya

Berries are large, with a dense and juicy pulp are perfectly stored and transported.

In the cultivation of this variety there are no complex nuances. It's enough just to get down to business with responsibility and love and a rich harvest will soon be provided.

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