When using the emphasis is on safety high pressure. Even steam exiting the ordinary Multivarki is able to burn, not to mention the increased pressure. The most terrible burns received machinists steam trains. Be careful. Before buying a pressure cooker tell the children how to deal with dangerous equipment.

Pets Multivarki-cooker

Home multivarka-pressure cooker Redmond RMC-PM4507 worth 2600 rubles, be sure to take this or a similar device for sample and understanding, it is good function, as promised in the advertisement. This is a simplified model. Consider it more. Benefits of home Multivarki-pressure cooker is that the food is prepared quickly: 10 min - fish for 20-25 minutes - the meat. Record levels. If multivarka-acquired pressure cooker for the first time, tell you why you should choose Redmond.

Home multivarka-pressure cooker at the touch of a button transforms into a finished cereal buckwheat. The meaning of the design is that the cup is placed in a special compartment and close the top cover. Heating comes from the sides and bottom. For this helical member is mounted within either the induction coil. The latter option is, of course, is more expensive, but more economical and zero inertia. At lower power inputs on output mode is faster.

To the product in the bowl does not stick, a home pressure cooker multivarka-finished non-stick coating. Them today, there are three, all polymer-based:

  1. Ceramic.
  2. Teflon.
  3. Marmara.


The first coating is more durable and safe, the second originally exhibits the best non-stick properties. Teflon take at short-term operation Multivarki-cooker - up to two years. The benefits of the availability of coverage drops sharply. If the wash bowl and a metal mesh abrasives, life goes even lower. Resistant ceramics. This does not mean that you need to scrub the cup all in a row, but it is allowed to put in the dishwasher. Ceramic coating keeps the properties of at least 5 years. Marble is used in high-end models.

Not important bowl material, although steel is considered to be the preferred option. Aluminum-toxic (and iron in high doses), metal coated with a thin layer of tin of food. In induction multivarka home-use pressure cookers steel. The method requires the presence of materials with ferromagnetic properties. This cup tighter and thinner at the same weight.

To control the temperature conditions multivarka-home pressure cooker has a dedicated sensor. Thermocouple stands on the main button. A common misconception that the steel bulge under the bottom of the bowl is used for the purposes of emergency shutdown home Multivarki-cooker switched on when empty, preventing combustion device. Home button provides two tasks:

  • The uniformity of design of expensive and cheaper models.
  • Placing the temperature sensor.

Only in high-end models, there is protection against a blank turn. The cheap products just blows thermal fuse. Repair of the cooker-Multivarki in this case is made by the buyer (see. fine print instructions or the warranty card).

Mostly multivarka

Cooking at the plant includes a number of programs to two accounts to achieve a desired result. Multipovar good function and the ability to record in memory of their own programs. It helps to choose the desired setting, and cook using blanks by pressing the button in the future. Condensate collection with the lid open on the side under the loop there is a special container, which is periodically emptied manually. The bypass valve protects against overpressure in the cooking device, at the end of cooking multivarka-home pressure cooker can for some time to maintain the temperature of food.

What is the difference from the pressure cooker Multivarki

All the above is peculiar and ordinary multivarka. Unlike in combining home Multivarki-cooker. This is achieved by the presence of a special bypass valve, translated as appropriate into the closed position, making multivarku in a pressure cooker. Now let us remember the price Redmond RMC-PM4507. Is not it tempting to buy two devices for the price of one?

Once the bypass valve is blocked, the steam ceases bled periodically. Inside the pressure begins to rise, the temperature rises even faster. Food is prepared instantly, while preserving the maximum nutrients and flavor. So working multivarka-cooker!

To design is not shattered by the load, a strong housing execution. Cover the top is covered with a bracket that does not allow home-multivarka pressure cooker open. Upon completion of the prescription pressure must be bled. Gently pull open the bypass valve, so as not to get burned by steam.

Dear Multivarki home-cookers are equipped with self-cleaning function, 3D-heating and a voice guide, able to speak in Russian.

Accessories for home Multivarki-cooker

The rest of the functionality of expensive models little different. Invented home multivarka-cooker, combined with yogurt and able to bake the bread. For good device ready to pay more. Cheap Multivarki home-baked bread is not a pressure cooker, and more challenges are on the program of sushi and other exotic dishes.

Modern multivarka-cooker

Accessories Multivarki-cooker:

  • Grill for cooking on a couple.
  • Polovnichek (spoon) to mix.
  • Book of recipes.
  • Beaker.
  • Device for cleaning.

Independently there is a sealing ring for pressure cooker-Multivarki, absorbs odors. It is recommended to buy a set of dishes and cooking with individual rings. It should be available accessory - 500 rubles.

Multivarka-pressure cooker Redmond RMC-PM4507

With multivarka-pressure cooker Redmond do not have to make a choice in favor of one of the devices. Simple movement apparatus of the overflow valve turns from the cooker in multivarku. The company released its own aerogrill a diameter of bowls for the price of 2000 rubles. Thus, for 4600 rubles get three instrument.

multivarka kitchen

Less aerogrill the inability to observe the roasting chicken. On the merchant's website does not mention to the lattice Aerogrill, and without in any way.

The volume of home-Multivarki pressure cooker Redmond RMC-PM4507 is 5 liters. Even with a reduction of the increase in the volume of the finished cereal remaining four liters of pure enough for a full meal the whole family. The main drawback of the device - in the absence of the ability to regulate temperature. The main body of the home Multivarki-cooker only the timer knob with decoding cooking modes. Included, of course, a recipe book. Even the inscriptions can be seen that this device is difficult to contend with in the preparation of hot ordinary Aerogrill. From porridge it turns quickly, but spend an hour in the ribs too long. Much tastier fry without oil and get a tasty crisp Aerogrill.

Included applied spare sealing ring. Home multivarka-pressure cooker is equipped with a 5-speed protection system. This applies to the emergency venting of steam and heat. Two indicators on the control panel will help keep track of operating mode. O-ring to buy more is not necessary, but the cooking time looks great. Note that automatic cooking programs simply do not have. I would like to look at a recipe book closer to understand the capabilities of the device. However, the manufacturer has not posted an electronic version of the open access.

Home multivarka-cooker at that price looks tempting, but on the front panel, it lacks the usual inscriptions Rice, Buckwheat porridge, stewing, baking. Before you buy be sure to find out whether the built-in multivarku cooker timer delayed start.

Attention. At first, do not use this feature. You should carefully test the functionality of the device without departing from the cooking food.

Control Technology multivarka Redmond using a smartphone

Redmond company come up with something special. The technology is called Ready for Sky (R4S):

  1. We put on a smartphone or tablet special application provided by the Redmond, and get at the disposal of remote control that allows you to anywhere in the world if there is access to the command network multivarka.
    multivarka Redmond

    multivarka Redmond

  2. The annex is in a notebook written recipes with colorful illustrations. Start the program by pressing the button. But you need to put the ingredients in advance multivarku.
  3. Creating recipes for Multivarki can each user. This syllogism Redmond to replenish the base of more than 3000 methods of preparation of culinary delights.
  4. Touchscreen smartphone makes managing multivarka convenient. Despite the timer, the device can include a smartphone, which is useful to business people who do not know in advance the time of arrival back home. Avtopodogrev in this case is inappropriate - porridge zakisnet.

R4S for multivarok no advantage is not giving, but provides the customer a convenient repository of recipes. Flipping conveniently at your leisure until multivarka busy affair: on the subway or other public transportation. Choose to use your spare time liked the menu for Multivarki and implement the recipe at the touch of a button. Unfortunately, REDMOND SkyCooker M800S does not possess the functions of pressure cookers.

Multivarka REDMOND SkyCooker M800S

Multivarka REDMOND SkyCooker M800S

Advantages over ordinary models

By retaining and creating steam inside the pressure-cooker multivarka cooks faster. As a result, increases the velocity, and the dishes retain a maximum of useful properties. There is evidence that using Multivarki-cooker in the product retains more vitamins, collapsing during normal heating.

When choosing a device, please note: in some models, the pressure is released, whereby the fish, for example, is preparing not for 15-20 minutes, and 40.. This is obtained because the manufacturer is trying to make multivarku-cooker at the same time cheap and safe. This course does not require control by automation, which simplifies manufacturing and reduces cost.

So, in good multivarka-cooker prepares fish instantly, meat - 40 min. Saves time. Let us protection, built-in multivarku-cooker:

  1. cover lock is locked, if the pressure inside is too high. To unlock multivarku-cooker, vent the excess steam. Do it is not so difficult and manually using the rotary valve.
    Pressure cooker multivarka

    Pressure cooker multivarka

  2. At the end of cooking multivarka-pressure cooker reduces the pressure itself. Pairs one does not burn, and the contents of the device lies quietly in the tank.
  3. When excessive growth multivarku-cooker just burst pressure. Therefore the valve has a limit, above which the air starts to be discharged. This is a purely technical measure, without which no cost, no one boiler, and now multivarka-cooker.

See how it is implemented. Some manufacturers multivarok-pressure cookers for the safe do not want to use expensive pressure control technology. Just bypass valve Multivarki-cooker set to a low threshold. Bleed air, and with it a part of a couple. As a result, food in multivarka-cooker prepares a lot slower. Carefully check multivarok-function pressure cooker. Pledged the cooking time can be determined from the booklet that comes bundled.

Why take multivarku-cooker

Multivarka-cooker operates without pressure. Just open the valve, the device will turn into ordinary multivarku comfortable with wonderful programs. In this case, the price difference is sometimes purely symbolic - 500-1000 rubles.

Parameters multivarok-pressure cookers

The main parameters of pressure cookers multivarok-touch cooking time, pay attention to these indicators. Power is not so important. Multivarka-cooker is provided with means for keeping warm, the temperature is rapidly brought to the desired level. We calculate the effect, for example, to a five liter capacity. Take the market arbitrary multivarku-cooker and estimate how long it takes TEN bring to a boil the contents.



In Redmond models come to 900 watts. We take the heat capacity of water and start the calculation.

T = 5 x 4200 x (100 - 15) / 900 = 60 x 33 minutes.

The initial temperature of the water in a pressure cooker multivarka-set 15 degrees. It seems too much, but in practice a pair of portions lactic rice or preparing buckwheat 5 min. when a volume of 600 ml. The reason for the lower heat capacity of less than 10 times the volume. So, for 4 minutes. in pressure cooker multivarka-product is brought to a boil, and then the temperature rise continues. As a result, under the pressure of the product it is prepared much faster. Oatmeal with milk manages to keep up with 3.5 minutes. (Total weight of the product - 800 grams).

Redmond complements expensive Multivarki-cooker Daikin Teflon coating. Any container Multivarki ceramic non-stick coating. In the booklets to the pan for Multivarki Scarlet, sent out the official site for each type of product is given a bunch of advertising information. Buy multivarku with fryer immediately or later acquire the net for cooking separately. We estimate the information support products to Pyaterochka. Incidentally, the volume of three liters soup being prepared for half an hour.

Capacity-cookers Multivarki rarely reaches 1.5 kW. It consumes less kettle, but that's enough. We recommend to take Multivarki-cooker to low power. Manufacturer knows that buy multi steamer or people will choose the one who promises better performance. This fact ensures that meals are cooked quickly. We remind you that guided when buying a pressure cooker-Multivarki need for time spent on recipes with fish, meat, poultry.

To ensure that multivarka-cooker will perform the necessary operations, be sure to swing recipe books and sheets, select the appropriate product. Better to buy a bowl of ceramic or marble floors. Such polymeric films are longer than Teflon, but first burn up.

Home multivarka-cooker Unit USP-1020D

Cheapest multivarka-pressure cooker Redmond - model RMC-PM4507. In the market it costs 2400 rubles, official store - 2700 rubles. The main body is pen timer without adjusting the temperature, and the drain valve dangerous, can be burned. At a similar price, you can take the model home multivarok-pressure cookers Unit. Let us examine whether to buy it.

Let's start with the disadvantages.

  • Bowl with Teflon coating.

It's not fashionable, the best model is covered with marble. Non-stick coated bowl Multivarki-cooker must be made of natural materials. Forums already crammed information, like clay and granite are radioactive, but people eat from such dishes for thousands of years and do not notice side effects. That's what I enjoy home-cooker Multivarki Unit USP-1020D:

Slow-cooker multivarka

  1. A large number of traditional programs.
  2. Flexible dosing of each program execution time.
  3. Delayed start.
  4. Home multivarka-cooker Unit USP-1020D with Switch with an empty cup. In this case, simply work the relay is switched off.
  5. The bypass valve is made so that it is impossible to burn yourself.
  6. While preparing the dish, the lid can not be opened without stopping the program.
  7. If the recipe requires opening the lid, the lock is released at the time of execution of a particular program.
  8. The cover is not easy to remove, like a home-multivarok pressure cookers, and dangling on the traditional loop.
  9. We see protection cover opening at a high pressure in the bowl.

When you create a home-cooker Multivarki Unit USP-1020D emphasis on safety, and this is a sore spot for this type of equipment. As a result, there is no fear that the children will come from the school and properly opening the device, will burn. Delayed start allows the flexibility to plan the launch of a home-Multivarki pressure cooker. Ease of launching the desired program is reached in the presence of complete books, rich cooking recipes. Multipovar regime already exists.

Comfortable handle Multivarki-cooker

In terms of advertising policy have drawbacks:

  1. In the official video, filmed about a product, it referred to the bread maker, but not decrypted. In the description of the home-cooker multvarki Unit USP-1020D omitted details. Presumably, the bread is still possible to bake, but kneading dough sheeting and have to deal with manually. Competitor a function in a device not provided.
  2. Unknown exact time of preparation of fish and meat. Buyers want to understand how this happens instantly with the basic recipes.

In this model home Multivarki-pressure cooker is not possible to prepare yogurt. Housewives say that this is suitable for the function of keeping warm food. The temperature in this mode home Multivarki low-pressure cooker that can be used to advantage.

As analogues, this model works steamer. The choice in favor of it to avoid finding a solution to the problem of buying one or the other device separately. We emphasize that in the presence of the typical program, just specify the duration manually.

For example, if you are accustomed to that mode Fig lasts 28 min., Expose similar value on the scoreboard with an open bypass valve and get a typical home multivarku. So, if the pressure cooker function does not like it, nobody forces to use the device at high pressure.

The volume of the cup home Multivarki-cooker Unit USP-1020D is 5 liters, which does not differ from the price a competitor Redmond RMC PM4507. Touch control allows to set the time more accurately than a mechanical pen and the display case of breakage occur error codes, decoding of which will help to understand the essence of the problem. Already one of this home multivarku-cooker Unit USP-1020D will put on the first place in terms of price and features.

Before us is a little-known product, compared with the Redmond, producer, not taking money for his own name. Also looming is another subtle point:

  • at home Multivarki-pressure cooker Redmond RMC PM4507 complete additional sealing ring worth 400 rubles. In this the real reason for the huge difference in opportunities. However, the hostess are one seal, prepare porridge in the home multivarka-cooker and do not complain.

Stylish multivarka-cooker

Additionally, praise the manufacturer for a strong information support: educational videos, a clear description of the home-multivarok pressure cookers, instructions are available online. Flipped site are USP-1080D instrument with the cup 6 liters and an additional sealing ring, the value is close to the previous embodiment. Warranty is 2 years longer Teflon coating does not serve. Terms of Use Multivarki-cooker USP-1080D posted on the website of the manufacturer's instruction manual.

Not the cheapest home multivarka-cooker Philips

Philips is known for the production of goods for the home. Steamers, for example, have an obvious bias in ironing and try not to serve as steam cleaners for street track. Such specialization allows to make efficient appliances. Home multivarka-cooker PHILIPS HD 2178/03 differs stunning touch panel with multiple features. If in the previous case, there was a dozen of neat buttons, the unit of the German interactive. At each press responds pobleskivaniem LEDs and audible signals.

Multivarka-cooker for home

As Unit, Philips is committed operational safety a lot of time. Integrated protection of children, which is lacking in Redmond RMC PM4507. Bowl six liters, but the coating is not declared. Judging by the brown, it may be ceramic. The site is laid out a bunch of instructions. The device is not cheap - 8000 rubles. For the money we get a huge range of programs and settings.

Flexible cooking time is set, and the smart device does not turn on when not properly closed. Curious children can not interfere with the work and the end of the program home multivarka-cooker PHILIPS HD 2178/03 accompanied by an audible signal. Substitute the sealing ring is not supplied. Bread and yogurt model does not produce, except for the use of other modes. Philips shows a Russian buyer multivarku-cooker middle managers. A great device, but not cheap.


So what is the best multivarka-cooker? Opinion that casts aside regimes with pressure and work without them. It is a pity that the producers did not lay out a book of recipes. Appliances are bought for specific dishes. When it comes to trivial cereals for home-multivarka pressure cooker business will not rise, but when it comes to some soup, rice, fish, meat, things are different.

Choosing Multivarki-cooker - the question of gastronomic preferences. Without this device is collecting dust in the kitchen are usually expensive piece of iron.

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