How to lengthen the drain and filler hose in a washing machine

Buying a car, we almost always know its future location. But often it happens that because of the dimensions or for other reasons the place changes. The first difficulty faced by SM owners is a great distance from communications. Therefore, today we will talk about whether it is possible to extend the drain hose of a washing machine, and how to do it correctly.

Content of the material:

  • 1Technical features
  • 2Elongation
    • 2.1If you bought a connector
    • 2.2Without connector
  • 3We build up a hose of a gulf of water
  • 4Additional tips

Technical features

Before you extend the hose, you must understand its parameters. Remember: in no case can you lift it higher than 1 meter, so that the drain pump can normally pump out the waste water from the tank. If you neglect this recommendation, low pump power is not enough for draining, water will linger in the tank.

During the connection, you should take care of the free tension of the tube, especially paying attention to the top point. It should be 60 cm higher than the lower point. This is typical for all machines, regardless of brand and model. But all the same, if you have everything calculated up to a centimeter, you need more information. To find out the exact value, look in the user manual - everything is spelled out. If the manual does not indicate anything, look for other technical documentation for the CM.

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Typically, the maximum length of the hose does not exceed two meters, and is often only one and a half. If the tube is much shorter, or the standard size is not enough for you, you can go for the trick - instead of lengthening the drain hose, get a new one, of sufficient length.

Attention! You can buy the item in a store specializing in the sale of sanitary ware, or in a service center. If you did not find what you were looking for, go to "online" - find the right part on the Internet.

To replace the part, you have to disassemble the case. If you are not ready for such radical actions, there is a simpler solution - the connection of 2 hoses of the washing machine. To increase the drain hose, take:

  1. One more new detail.
  2. Quality clamps.
  3. Connector for drain hoses.

In principle, you can save on the clamps, if the connection is tight. But to make sure of this, you will have to repeatedly visit the store - first buy a connector, and then clamps, if there are doubts in the tightness. Also clamps will be useful without fail, if you can not find a connector.

If you bought a connector

  1. Secure the hoses in the connector from both sides.
  2. Secure with clamps.
  3. Install the sewer and sewer.
  4. Start the test wash, if everything is OK - you can use the machine.

Without connector

  1. Look for a plastic or rubber tube. Its size should be such that it is put on both hoses.
  2. Buy clamps.
  3. The tube is put on the hoses in such a way that they come together in the center. The tighter the tube sits, the better.
  4. Use the clamps for a more snug fit.

If you do not have enough allowable length in, meter, that is also other outputs from the situation:

  • Install the equipment closer to the communications.
  • Approach the drain itself.

Would you like to see how to extend the drain hose? We offer video:


Having figured out how to extend the drain of the washing machine, you have decided only part of the task. And you still need to figure out what to do with the water hose hose, if its length is also not enough. All this is below.

We build up a hose of a gulf of water

Do not know how to lengthen the filler hose? All is extremely simple: instead of increasing the water supply hose, buy the item more authentic. It is sold in the same place as the parts for the drainage system. To change the part, disassembly of the SMA is not needed. Do this:

  1. Turn off the SM from the water supply, if it was connected to it.
  2. Unscrew the fasteners (manually, without tools, so as not to damage the plastic fasteners).
  3. Install a new part. While twisting the fixtures, do not use tools - all do by hand.
  4. Open the valve and check the tightness of all connections.
  5. If it's ok, start washing. At least to the test.

If you have not found a hose of suitable length, you can lengthen it. Usually the water supply hose is elongated by the second same element, but you will need an adapter. Use a nipple made of brass 3x4 inches. To increase the hose for supplying water to the washing machine, simply screw the nipple onto each hose, and all - the work is done successfully.

Additional tips

If you had to build up or change parts, do not forget to check if your machine has enough cord to connect to the mains. If the cord is too short, or on the contrary - the outlet is far away, then you need to pay attention to this point. To connect the washing machine to the network, extension cords should not be used. This is fraught with serious breakdowns: such extension filters often provoke a fire.

Now you know how the drain and drain hose of the washing machine is extended. And wherever your stick is standing, you will always find a way to successfully connect it to all communications.

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