How to get rid of the smell in the microwave

How to get rid of the smell in the microwave


Microwave in the kitchen for the hostess as the right hand, will warm up both breakfast and dinner, and some manage even more and dietary dishes to cook in this wonder device. But how to remove the smell from the microwave, not everyone knows, but this is not a simple task. Unpleasant odor in the device can appear for various reasons - something spilled, burnt, splashed during the warm-up. And as a result, open the microwave door and the desire to use it disappears. And the saddest thing is that the newly reheated food absorbs these very smells. How to get rid of the problem and eliminate the hateful smell in the microwave? All this we will tell in our article.

So, you found that an unpleasant smell appeared in the microwave.

Before you remove it, you should thoroughly clean the inside of the device. The walls, the rotating part, the "ceiling" of the microwave oven - everything should be clean.

To clean the device you will need a detergent, water and a soft sponge, this is enough to tidy your assistant. If after that the smell remains, then we identify the cause and proceed to the application of "heavy artillery" to eliminate it.

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  • 1The smell of burning
    • 1.1Water + lemon
    • 1.2Vinegar treatment
    • 1.3Video: get rid of the smell in the microwave with a lemon
  • 2Unpleasant odor after cooking
    • 2.1Soda solution
    • 2.2Coffee
    • 2.3Video: how quickly to clean the microwave
  • 3The smell of fat
    • 3.1Salt
    • 3.2Activated carbon
  • 4Prevention of odor in the microwave

The smell of burning

In the microwave can easily burn something, because as usually happens - put a plate with a sandwich or popcorn for warming up, and left the kitchen for their own business. As a result, having gone too far with a timer or power, simply not following the food, a sickening smell of burning can arise. How to get rid of it:

Water + lemon


Half a lemon cut into circles, pour a glass of water. Place the container with lemon and water in the microwave. Set the maximum power. Turn on the appliance, allow the water to boil. Maintain a boil for 5-7 minutes. Then remove the container, change the water and cut the remaining fresh half-lemon, repeat the procedure again.

Vinegar treatment

Vinegar perfectly removes smells from different surfaces, and among other things it also disinfects. Clean the cloth moistened with a solution of vinegar diluted with water (:), treat the working surface of the microwave oven. Leave for 3-5 minutes. Then again wipe the surface with a cloth, already without vinegar, using only water.

Video: get rid of the smell in the microwave with a lemon

Unpleasant odor after cooking


After warming up the smelling products, such as fried fish, dishes with an abundance of garlic, or something dairy, in the microwave can remain the smell of this food, which does not erode even after a few days. Getting rid of the corrosive flavor is not easy, but there are effective ways to eliminate it.

Soda solution

Thanks to drinking soda, you can once and for all get rid of the smell from the kitchen appliance. In 50 ml of water, dilute 2 tsp. soda, and, dipping a piece of cotton swab into the solution, treat all the walls of the microwave oven. Do not rinse! Allow to dry, repeat the procedure with fresh solution in an hour.


Coffee, as one of the options for eliminating smell, can neutralize unpleasant sources, replace them with its aroma. It is best to use natural, cooked, but in an extreme case, it will be suitable and soluble, although its effect will be worse. A solution of coffee - unsweetened, otherwise everything will become sticky - you need to wipe the inside walls of the device. Wash off after 2-3 hours.

Video: how quickly to clean the microwave

The smell of fat


If you often warm up food in a microwave, without covering it with a lid on top, then certainly the inside surface is contaminated with particles of sprayed fat. Older grease begins to smell badly, and, first of all, the oven must be thoroughly cleaned with a cleanser. The smell is left - then use the following methods.


Ordinary salt is a natural absorber of unpleasant odors. To get rid of the smell in the kitchen appliance, it is necessary to pour about 100 grams of salt in an open container, and put in the oven for 8-10 hours. You do not need to heat it, just put it and close the door. Then the salt is simply discarded, your microwave will smell neutral, all the odors will be absorbed into the salt.

Activated carbon

A simple remedy, acts on the principle of salt. That is necessary: ​​to crush 5-7 tablets of coal (to pound out a spoon), and also, without any processing, to leave in an open container in a microwave, for some hours. Preferably at night. Coal will help get rid of any smell.

Prevention of odor in the microwave

There are several simple ways to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors in the microwave oven. Take advantage of them, and you will forget that the microwave oven can smell differently than just fresh, warmed food.

  • Leave the oven door ajar every time after using the appliance. It is enough 2-3 minutes, so that the smell disappears and does not absorb into the surface of the inner walls of the microwave.
  • Before heating the food, always cover it, you can use an ordinary plate, or buy a special plastic cover for microwave. So you will save the device and from smells, and extend the life of the microwave oven.
  • Once a month you can treat the microwave with ordinary toothpaste. Applying a little brush on the old brush, brush the far corners, seams, groove under the rotating part. Then wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth. In your microwave after such treatment will smell fresh and clean.
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