Rating dishwasher width 60 cm

This review we devoted to the most frequently bought PMM, so we present you a rating of dishwashers 60 cm. Consider the selection criteria, advantages, models of the past years and 2017 of release. Having bought a reliable dishwasher, you can significantly save your time and money, because the technique spends much less water than we do with manual washing.

Important! For clarity of results, we took into consideration only the built-in options; About,how to choose a detached dishwasher, read in another article.

Content of the material:

  • 1What are the criteria for estimating the PMM 60 cm
  • 2Important Features: Selecting Users
  • 3The best dishwasher 60 cm: TOP-10
    • 3.1Siemens SN 64D070 - 10th place
    • 3.2Siemens SK 76M544 - 9th place
    • 3.3Smeg STA6443-3 - 8th place
    • 3.4Hansa ZIM 628 EH - 7th place
    • 3.5BEKO DIN 5840 - 6th place
    • 3.6Bosch SMV 47L10 - 5th place
    • 3.7Bosch SMV 65M30 - 4th place
    • 3.8Siemens SN 66M094 - 3 place
    • 3.9Electrolux ESL 6810 RO - 2 nd place
    • 3.10Bosch SMV 69T70 - 1 place

What are the criteria for estimating the PMM 60 cm

To compile a detailed rating, it is worth comparing the technique to a number of important characteristics. We understand that nothing ideal exists, but after conducting a series of studies, we will help you to choose the technique that will suit you for most parameters. Before presenting the TOP-10 dishwashers, we will describe the main criteria by which we evaluated them:

  • Quality of washing. The main characteristic, which often stands in the first place when choosing a technique. Actually, for the washing of dishes and buy a car. To correctly assess the quality of washing, it is enough to pay attention to three points: the class of washing, the drying class and real user reviews.

Attention! The highest classes of washing and drying for today are marked with Latin letters A.

  • Reliability of construction. This criterion includes a number of factors, because reliability affects the mass of indicators. The first thing that determines reliability - containers and trays for dishes. In high-quality models, manufacturers have not spared the materials and performed them not from plastic, but from metal, in particular - from high-quality stainless steel. The washing tub should be made of the same material. An additional plus to reliability adds the system "AquaStop" and full protection against leakage.

Important! The more often customers turn to service centers and ask questions on repair forums, the less reliability is in a particular dishwasher.

  • The cost. Refers to subjective criteria, because for someone 20 000 rubles - a space amount, and someone car for 70 000 rubles is considered cheap. Moreover, the high price is not always an indicator of good quality, it can be a banal overpayment for brand promotion. In our review included dishwashers no more than 80 000 rubles.

Note! Nobody guarantees the absence of breakdowns even for premium class cars.

  • Functional. According to this characteristic, dishwashers are divided into 2 groups: with minimal functionality and a set of standard programs and improved, supplemented with useful options. It is difficult to say which of them is better - it is necessary to proceed from how important and useful are the extra regimes and functions.

Important Features: Selecting Users

Walking through the sites of online stores, you can notice an interesting trend: some parameters are fundamental for buyers, giving an incentive to buy. These include:

  • Presence of indication of rinse aid and regenerating salt. Those who purchased machinery without these sensors complain about the inconvenience of determining the level of a particular remedy.

  • Protection from leaks. Without this useful constructional feature, the machines search for their customers for a very long time - very few people want to pour their kitchen and flood their neighbors.
  • Presence of delayed start function. Users have a special love for saving, and this option will allow delaying the start on a deep night, to use resources on a differential (night) tariff.

  • The possibility of using universal tools:tabletsor3-in-1 capsules.

  • A beep or"Ray on the Floor"- In any case, it is easier to understand with an alert when the machine has finished the wash cycle.

The best dishwasher 60 cm: TOP-10

Let's enumerate and describe the technical features of the machines that have fallen into our "best of the best" rating, starting from the end of the list.

Siemens SN 64D070 - 10th place

The built-in model, with the duration of the usual program of 140 minutes, is capable of washing 13 sets of dishes per cycle. The water consumption is 12 liters, electricity - 5 kW / h. 4 washing and thermal modes. The end of the work is signaled by the machine.

In this dishwasher all types of protection are realized. There is an indicator indicating the degree of loading the machine with salt and a rinse aid. Dimensions (width, depth and height, respectively): 60x55x8, cm.

Users note some shortcomings:

  • high noise of operation in 50 dB;
  • lack of the possibility of auto-selection of water hardness.

The cost, according to YandexMarket, is from 3, 00 rubles.

Siemens SK 76M544 - 9th place

A model of a number of compact built-in PMMs with a capacity of 6tableware sets. It will fit even in a small kitchen and will provide functionality thanks to 6 programs and 5 variants of temperature modes. Water consumption per cycle: 8 liters, electricity 2 kW / h. There are two types of protection: from accidental depression by children and from leakage. Noisiness is only 45 dB. With a modest size of 60x50x4, cm (WxDxH) will satisfy the needs of a small family of 2-3 people.

The market price starts from 37 000 rubles.

Smeg STA6443-3 - 8th place

The full-size model from the Italian brand "Smeg" demonstrates impressive characteristics: for 3 hours it ideally launches to 14 utilities, spending for one cycle before, l of water and, 1 kW / h of electricity (the highest class of energy efficiency - A +++). At the same time, the noise level is only 43 dB.

Electronics is not inferior to mechanical characteristics: the user has what to choose from 10 available programs and 5 temperature modes. Delayed start of the program up to 24 hours is provided. Auto-regulation of water hardness is available. Protection from children and leaks implemented in full. Dimensions: 60x55x82 cm.

The cost is from 64 000 rubles. Because of the high price, the car did not enter the top five.

Hansa ZIM 628 EH - 7th place

Full-sized machine assembly of China. For such production, the 7th place is a pretty impressive achievement. Washes up to 14 sets at a time, spending 140 minutes and 12 liters of water. Programs in quantity of 8 pieces. There are various additional functions, but there is no auto-determination of water hardness and the notorious "beam on the floor" - the end of the cycle is signaled by an electric appliance. Dimensions: 60x55x82 cm (width, depth and height, respectively).

The price is from 22 000 rubles, depending on the point of sale.

BEKO DIN 5840 - 6th place

Embedded PMM, assembly - Turkey. Like washing machines Beko, dishwashers for the quality of construction and functionality have reached the level of such brands as "Bosch" or "Siemens". To wash 13 sets of dishes is wasted up to 10 liters of water and 1 kW / h of electricity. A rapid 44 dB noise level will ensure quiet operation at any time of the day. In total there are 8 programs, there are indicators of rinse aid and dishwasher salt. Bonus: a convenient option "beam on the floor." Dimensions (WxDxH): 60x55x82 cm.

Minus Beko DIN 5840: incomplete protection against leaks. In addition, users are denied that the instructions are not entirely clear. Given these shortcomings of the manufacturer, we deservedly awarded her the 6th place.

The price is about 27 000 rubles.

Bosch SMV 47L10 - 5th place

Opens the "top five" German PMM (Polish assembly). The capacity of the dishwasher is 13 sets, the water flow is slightly higher than expected - 12 liters. Strangely enough, the noise is too high - 48 dB. At the same time in the bunker there is an additional tray for cutlery and small kitchen utensils - the container is fully retractable, so it is easy to load and extract forks, spoons and knives from it.

The functional provides for 4 washing and thermal conditions. Indication, all kinds of protection and a "beam on the floor" are present. Feature: turbidity sensor, which controls the purity of water.

The model size 60x55x82 cm (WxDxH) gained a lot of positive feedback from customers. The average cost is 3, 00 rubles.

Bosch SMV 65M30 - 4th place

Another German PMM, featuring powerful functionality. The hopper is designed for 13 sets of dishes. Water consumption per cycle - 10 liters, electricity - 3 kW / h. Low noise figure - only 42 dB.

There are 6 programs and 5 modes of water temperature. There is a function of partial loading for consecutive washing of small batches of the polluted ware. There is protection, the necessary indicators of salt and rinse. But the auto-hardness of water is not provided. Dimensions: 60х55х8, cm in width, depth and height. The average cost of about 5, 00 rubles is a somewhat overstated mark for such functionality.

Siemens SN 66M094 - 3 place

"Bronze" rating gets a reliable PMM German assembly from the company "Siemens". The characteristics are similar to the previous dishwasher of the Bosch concern, but the capacity is higher: the hopper holds up to 14 dish sets. One cycle consumes 175 minutes and 10 liters of water. Washing programs - 6 pieces, temperature modes - 5 variations. There is an indication of salt and rinse aid, protection and auto-adjustment of the degree of rigidity, which becomes an indisputable plus. Dimensions in width, depth and height: 60х55х82 cm. The users did not find any shortcomings.

The average cost is 57 450 rubles.

Electrolux ESL 6810 RO - 2 nd place

She got the "silver" of our TOP-10. This Swedish built-in dishwasher accommodates 12 sets, provides 8 programs, 6 temperature variations. The design is equipped with protection against leakage, there is an indication on the floor. At the same time the manufacturer did not take into account the automatic rigidity setting, because the technique is relatively budgetary. But there is a turbosuper. The volume of the work is only 42 dB, which compensates for this defect. Energy consumption is reduced to a mark of, 2 kW / h. The cost for such parameters is 4, 00 rubles.

Important! Users complain about some inconvenience in self-installation.

Not so long ago it was withdrawn from production, but in some stores you can still find the product of interest. In return, manufacturers offer users a similar improved package - Electrolux ESL 6810 RA with similar parameters and a cost of only 29 000 rubles.

Bosch SMV 69T70 - 1 place

The tip of the "iceberg" of our rating is Bosch SMV 69T70, which deservedly receives "gold" and tops the TOP-10 due to a number of parameters. Capacity: 14 sets of dishes, washing programs - 6, thermal modes - 5. The water consumption per wash is 10 liters, energy - 4 kW / h. The alarm sounds when the program finishes. Together with it, there is a "ray on the floor" - a function that successfully complements this embedded model. Light is provided in the tank. Dinner baskets can be adjusted in height - for washing large-sized dishes.

Important! Unfortunately, SMV 69T70 also recently was removed from production, but the analogue - Bosch SMS 69M78 - came off the assembly line, the price - 73 000 rubles.

Now you can easily understand which MMP width of 60 cm is right for you most, selecting the necessary functionality, additional options, roominess, economy and price. We wish you a successful choice!

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