Dishwashers Flavia BI 45: Top 6 best models

Built-in Dishwasher width of 45 cm - the top selling model in the market. The compact device is easy to narrow hide in furniture, preserving valuable centimeters square. They will be beneficial solution for the owners of tight kitchen and small families of 3-4 people.

One of the best options facing emphasis in this category is considered dishwasher Flavia BI 45.

The content of the article:

  • Flavia BI features 45 models
  • The functionality of the brand machines
  • Useful options dishwashers Flavia
  • Review of the best representatives of the lineup
    • Model # 1 - multifunction Flavia BI45 KAMAYA S
    • Model # 2 - economical Flavia BI45 KASKATA Light S
    • Model # 3 - "smart» Flavia BI45 Alta
    • Model # 4 - economical Flavia BI45 Delia
    • Model # 5 - Budget Flavia BI45 Ivela Light
  • Reviews owners Flavia technology
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Flavia BI features 45 models

The trade mark "Flavia" has appeared in the world market of household appliances not so long ago - in 2008. Now it offers exclusively dishwashers of various types - table and floor, free-standing and built.

Recent divided into three series: polnovstraivamye (BI) Partially (SI) And recessed compact (CI).

In the line BI 45 presents narrow pattern dishwashers whose width does not exceed 45 cm, and the housing is fully integrated into the furniture niche. Usually buy them at the stage of repair facilities or replacement of kitchen units.

Making embedded dishwashers Flavia

After installation of the machine with the door closed merges with the other sections of the furniture. These models are very convenient: they operate almost silently, does not violate the general ideas and harmonious interior

In developing the line BI 45 dishwashers, Flavia's engineers have taken care of the most of the internal organization of space. As a result, experts came to place in a small package all the necessary components.

Of course, compact models limits their capacity: a single machine cycle are washed 9-10 standard table set. Nevertheless, the functional and performance is sufficient for effective regular dishwashing detergent.

Technical characteristics of the brand models

Manufacturer fruitfully working to improve its products. Technology aimed at middle and low-price category, has excellent performance

The basic set of equipment includes:

  • measuring spoon and a glass;
  • Mount hose and a funnel;
  • Self-adhesive transparent film for protecting furniture facade;
  • special fittings for installing trim on the door;
  • See the manufacturer's instructions.

For the convenience of in-service vehicles with a hidden control panel manufacturer has provided the audio system display. At the end of the program, they alert you to the shutdown signal.

Advantages of narrow-format dishwashers

Compared with fellow Full narrow aggregates save at least 15 centimeters of space. To work it requires much less resources. The average consumption of about 8-10 liters of water and electricity 0,69-0,83 kW

The latest models are endowed with a function of "Ray on the floor" - the projection on the floor covering indicator light of a specific color. When the machine finishes the next program, the beam disappears. Thus, you can easily find the current stage of the process without opening the door.

The functionality of the brand machines

Number of built-in modes depends on the cost model. Phase of the selected program, the level of detergent, delay timer and a service error codes displayed on the digital display.

In order to adjust the settings and add the forgotten dishes, running cycle can be paused.

Mode for washing delicate items

The "Glass" is indispensable for the fragile glass cups, wine glasses, wine glasses, porcelain. It holds gentle cleaning for 110 minutes, enveloping the dishes with water at a temperature of 40 degrees.

Dish Technology "Flavia" series BI 45 may operate in the following programs:

  1. standard. It lasts for 155 minutes at 55-degree water. Optimal for everyday washing of different types of cutlery with moderate pollution.
  2. intensive. Suitable for cleaning of pots, saucepans and frying pans with dried-on and burnt-on food residues. It takes 120-130 minutes in a temperature range of 65 degrees.
  3. economical. Designed for maximum economy of resources. It is used for lightly soiled kitchenware. Running for 165 minutes at a water temperature of 50 degrees.
  4. fast. It accelerates the normal operating cycle 4 times, ending it literally 30-40 minutes while maintaining energy-saving characteristics. Washes are not very dirty dishes in a 40-degree temperature.
  5. automatic. It can be used for any utensils with different levels of contamination. In this mode, the machine will evaluate the condition of cutlery after loading, then selects the desired intensity of the washing and rinsing. The operating cycle proceeds 120-180 minutes.

Tablets may be convenient to use, replacing the regenerating salt thereof, a conditioner and a powder in the intensity mode. The "3 in 1" allows the machine to adapt to the combined tool and achieve perfect cleaning results.

When the program with water temperature is not high enough tablets are not recommended because they can not be completely dissolved.

Useful options dishwashers Flavia

Breathing Filter. Recent modifications of the brand with an innovative water circulation technology with the original filter.

The design of the filter device

Breathable filter design reduces the amount of bubbles formed in the tubes and spray devices at runtime

This technique increases the density of the supplied liquid jet, thereby reducing noise to 44 dB and 4% improves the washing results.

Sprayers S-shaped. In the considered range devices installed spray device with an improved structure.

Their peculiarity - thoughtful detail nozzles placement algorithm, whereby a uniform distribution of water in each bucket chamber.

Crockery loaded into the car, washed on all sides. As a result, effectively removes dirt and detergent.

Power Wash. This loop gain, which should be used in addition to the main mode, if heavily soiled dishes. Testing has shown that the introduction of such technology provides effective removal of stubborn stains difficult, the dried grease and food residues.

Extra Drying. Machines endowed with this function, carry out additional drying dishes, guaranteeing a perfect result at the end of the working procedure.

At the final stage of the cycle the washed supplies disinfected with very hot water at a temperature of 68-70 degrees. Under such conditions, microbes and bacteria no longer any chance of survival.

Express Wash. Another cycle aimed at the economical use of resources. It reduces the duration of the cleaning cutlery for 30%, while maintaining the excellent results of washing and drying.

Control over the level of water purity

The purity of the water, went down after rinsing, controls supersensitive sensor AquaSensor. Rinsing of dishes is completed only after when the liquid becomes transparent

Alternative wash and loading 1/2. Part load relevant for those who prefer not to store the dishes all day and wash it immediately after use. It can be incorporated with any suitable regime.

The main advantage of options - reducing the length of cleaning, reduction of water consumption and electricity. Download at the same dishes can be in different compartments: it does not affect as cleaning.

Alternative wash function is also focused on a small number of dishes. Including it, it has the opportunity to choose which basket will be clean.

As a result, only using the desired nozzle, which greatly reduces the cost of resources.

Inner Light. In many models, the series organized by the comfortable LED-backlight camera. Due to the uniform illumination of the internal space is facilitated by the process of laying / unloading china accessories and add detergent.

In addition, bright light makes it possible to accurately estimate the washing after the completion of the cycle.

delay start timer. In all machine control panel series BI 45 has a menu with which the cycle start is delayed for a certain time in increments of 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Possibility of delayed start

The possibility of postponing the start of especially economical in demand by consumers. It allows you to run the dishwasher at night, when there are reduced rates for electricity

Instantaneous water heater. Machines equipped with a compact and cost-Tan, which is positioned outside the washing chamber.

It heats the water to a desired temperature marks on the stage of filling, and then fed into the hopper uniformly already warmed liquid. Unlike tubular heater, the flow does not add to the difficulties in taking care of the machine.

Aquastop. All units have a robust brand protection system, prevent unwanted overflows during operation.

It includes a heavy-duty flexible hose and a tray with a float switch type. When detecting leaks in a housing or hopper emergency valve promptly stops the water supply.

Review of the best representatives of the lineup

Narrow screen compact car brand Flavia, which are built entirely in the kitchen, are allocated a separate series - BI 45.

They are available in several embodiments and differ in size, and a set of software functions, indicators of energy and water consumption. The greatest demand among buyers enjoy the 5 models.

Model # 1 - multifunction Flavia BI45 KAMAYA S

Cutting-edge and easy to operate dishwasher Kamaya S sold at a price of 30 thousand rubles.

Feature of the model is that the progress of the washing process, it alerts the light beam, which is projected on the floor vertically downwards. To clean a small number of devices provides an alternative option download.

Technical Specifications:

  • digital display;
  • energy efficiency class A ++;
  • 8 modes - standard, hour, intensive, eco, car, glass, rapid, soak;
  • Indicators salt / rinse;
  • complete overfill protection;
  • dimensional parameters - 44,8h81,5h55.

The machine is designed for 10 dining sets. In addition to standard devices it is possible to place 2-3 volume pot or pan. For one cycle requires only 8.5 liters of water.

Electricity consumption is less than 0.75 kWh. In the dishwasher behaves relatively quietly, the noise level is 45 dB.

Among the shortcomings users allocate not entirely successful folding circuit cells of the bottom shelf, and not very practical top basket of fine cutlery.

Model # 2 - economical Flavia BI45 KASKATA Light S

The average price of the most ergonomic and easy to install model Kaskata Light S - 27 thousand rubles. In one approach, she cleans up to 10 sets of cutlery. Resource consumption does not exceed the established norm: 9.2 l of water and 0.83 kWh / h of electricity.

Technical Specifications:

  • digital display;
  • energy efficiency class A ++;
  • 6 modes - standard, intensive, eco, car, glass, fast;
  • Indicators salt / rinse;
  • complete protection against leaks;
  • dimensional parameters - 44,9h81,5h55,3.

The machine is equipped with a sensor of purity, which defines the number of rinses needed, focusing on the transparency of the flushing water. Activate economical cleaning several sets of dishes you can use the half-load function.

The beginning and end of the cycle notifies light beam on the floor, and a beep. Noise machine is within 45 dB, which is quite bearable even during the nighttime.

The disadvantages include a lack of model length of the drain hose and frequent breakdowns led-lighting.

Model # 3 - "smart» Flavia BI45 Alta

Reliable model dishwashers 45 BI Alta, endowed with the optimal set of features available at a price of 27 thousand rubles.

Technical Specifications:

  • digital display;
  • energy efficiency class A +;
  • 4 modes - eco, car, glass, fast;
  • Indicators salt / rinse;
  • sensor purity water;
  • sound indication;
  • dimensional parameters - 45h81,5h55.

Performing a wash cycle, the unit consumes about 9 liters of water and 0.83 kW of electricity. Spaciousness cutlery sets 10 is limited. The design has three handy drawers baskets, including a shelf for small accessories.

The machine has a high-quality security system AQUASTOP, Features an additional drying and half-load, timer that delays the start of the cycle.

Convenient automatic program can be used for any type of dishes with different levels of pollution.

Owners of dishwashers Alta warn that for large families, this model may not be appropriate, because very little can hold large utensils. Also consider the absence of a minus indicator lights on the floor.

Model # 4 - economical Flavia BI45 Delia

Simple, but rather a functional model of Delia, you can buy an average of 19 thousand rubles.

This dishwasher can accommodate 9 china sets. Function EXTRA DRYING splash devices 70-degree water, and can further dry the washed dishes.

Technical Specifications:

  • digital display;
  • power class A ++;
  • Support means 3 to 1;
  • 4 modes - eco, car, glass, fast;
  • Indicators salt / rinse;
  • sound indication;
  • dimensional parameters - 44,8h81,5h55.

Dishwasher consumes a minimum of resources. Per cycle it requires only 9 l water and 0.69 kW of electricity. For delaying the start for a convenient time timer is provided. When you work makes a noise at 49 dB.

In user reviews complain about the fact that this model Delia little work programs and no top shelf for forks and spoons.

Some owners write that if not in advance to deal with water hardness settings, the machine will fall well short of stubborn dirt.

Model # 5 - Budget Flavia BI45 Ivela Light

Multifunction budget model Ivela Light width of 44.8 cm can be purchased at a price of 18 thousand rubles.

Technical Specifications:

  • e-governance;
  • power class A +;
  • 6 modes - standard, intensive, economical, fast, hour, 3 to 1;
  • indicators of salt and rinse aid;
  • sound indication;
  • led-lights;
  • dimensional parameters - 44,8h82,3-87,3h55.

At the same time you can wash up to 9 sets of tableware. In this case the unit will spend 10.5 liters of water and 0.77 kw / h.

The machine uses a three-level water supply system by which uniformly washed all the dishes loaded in the camera. The inner surface of the hopper is made of stainless steel.

A convenient feature is the Fix Close - the possibility of fixing the appliance door from any angle. If necessary, the device is connected to the hot water supply.

Outs model called the lack of automatic programs and digital display. In addition, Ivela Light less economical in terms of consumption of resources and works louder their brethren, though declared noise level is 49 dB.

Reviews owners Flavia technology

Members dishwashers Flavia praise good build quality equipment. In most cases, it shows stable and uninterrupted operation for a long period.

If the failure still occur, then with the search terms warranty problems arise: specialized centers are located in every region of the country.

Also, the owners say thoughtful detail the interior of the chamber dishwashers BI 45 series. The height of the top grating can be adjusted by means of guide wheels.

This system provides easy to place in the bottom of the hopper and a volumetric high ware: trays, trays, pots, casserole, cover.

The process of cleaning machine

Dishwashers "Flavia" is not capricious in care: just enough to get a good filter and rinse them under water. We perform this procedure must be an average of once a month, when the details of accumulated fat layer

Spoons, forks and knives are convenient to put in a separate bin. For limiting the movement of tableware arranged in several layers on the top shelf, intended folding ledges. They are installed in an inclined or vertical position.

Mentioned in the user reviews and quality three-level filtering system dishwashing appliances.

It includes basic, coarse and fine filtering components, fully delaying leftovers and large pieces of debris. The mechanism prevents clogging and malfunction device prevents ingress of dirt back onto the dishes.

Consumers are pleased that in the bundled for dishwashers present clear Russian-language instruction manual.

It is painted in detail features of the firmware, the technical specifications of the device are given instructions on how to install and connect, correct loading the dishes, start the cycle.

The manufacturer has not forgotten to indicate possible faults to be faced, and effective methods to address them.

Reasonable price for optimum functionality

Dishwashers "Flavia" are much cheaper than those from the more well-known manufacturers with similar functionality. The range of models offered by a cost from 18 to 30 thousand rubles

Like any other equipment, dishwashers series BI 45 and not without some drawbacks.

Equipment owners mentioned the following negative points:

  • narrow design severely limits the number of large dishes which can be washed at a time;
  • if you do not use the pre-soak, clean the machine badly rims of pots with dried food;
  • during operation is heated adjacent lockers;
  • the machine makes an extremely loud alarm when you press the menu button on the control panel;
  • washing quality in economy mode, leaves much to be desired - it is better to choose this program only slightly dirty dishes;
  • Despite the claims of performance, the machine is quite noisy.

When operating the built-in models of the brand users often complain that after the wash cycle remain on the crockery divorce and it is not until the end dries.

The problem may be related to the level of water hardness in a specific region and can be solved by increasing the amount of rinse aid used.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Recommendations for the initial start-up of the machine:

A brief overview of the features dishwashers line BI 45:

Modest size dishwasher 45 Flavia BI technology make it the best option for small spaces. Cheap machines have a high-technology options and good technical characteristics that ensure adequate quality of purification.

Becoming the owner of this assistant, you can not just forget about the painstaking washing dishes by hand, but also to save on payment of utility bills.

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