Overview dishwasher Candy CDCF 6E-07: characteristics, features, reviews of the owners

Compact freestanding dishwashers have found their niche in the market of home appliances for the kitchen and do not intend to take positions. They are inferior to full-size model of a set of functions and features, but the minimum requirement is met with success, and cost much less.

An example of a reliable and efficient assistant is dishwasher Candy CDCF 6E-07 - a small but able to cater for a family of three or four people.

The content of the article:

  • Design and operation model CDCF 6E-07
    • Design and components dishwasher
    • Basic specifications
    • Software Features and Options
  • Consumer opinion about the model
  • Tips & Care
  • Comparison with competing models
    • Competitor # 1 - Midea MCFD55320W
    • Competitor # 2 - Electrolux ESF2400OS
    • Competitor # 3 - Indesit ICD661S
  • The best offers on the market

Design and operation model CDCF 6E-07

Candy brand needs no special introduction: household appliances manufactured in Italy has long been popular in different continents. And although the main power long ago moved to China, kitchen appliances, such as washing machines, with the success of "keep the brand".

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Supplier in Russia is company "CIS Kandy" and engaged in the implementation of chain stores.

Fundamental differences CDCF6E07 model does not, however, the choice of technology, long-life, every detail is important. A careful analysis of the machine device, its features and capabilities allow to understand whether cope compact model with tasks assigned to it.

Design and components dishwasher

Externally dishwasher CDCF6E07 is a copy of most of the compact devices: a size and shape for easy installation on the tabletop, furniture to a separate module or in a locker with doors.

White model CDCP 6ES 07

similar CDCF 6ES 07 model can be seen in the sale or in the photo in the discussions. Technical devices are identical, differing only the color of the body: E - white, ES - silver

Convenient touch panel located at the top of the front side, which is also the door, and a black gloss allocated on a light background.

A set of buttons and indicators allows you to set the selected program, set the options you want, just add detergent and follow the dishwashing process.

Control Panel dishwasher Kandy

Tools for managing a dishwasher placed on the panel. Simple designations make it easy to understand the scheme and start programming

Use the machine easily and conveniently. But after a while, it is sure to need a serious cleaning machine parts, and possibly repair or replacement of some components. Therefore it is necessary to know how the dishwasher inside, from some units and parts depends on her work. The manufacturer has supplied technical documentation easy and affordable for understanding the schemes.

Design Chinese dishwasher

Dishwasher Candy CDCF6E07 can not be overloaded, so as not to reduce the quality of washing dishes. It is impossible to place it too small objects that can fall out of the basket

Under the basket for utensils set filtering system that protects the pump from getting food residues. It consists of three filters: the main, fine and coarse.

The first holds the food particles that are washed down the drain with water, the second "catch" the remains and puts them in special decanter, and the third is designed to hold the large and solid pieces of food, bones, glass, and so forth.

The filter must be cleaned by hand and rinsed under running water, preferably after each "serious" cleaning heavily soiled dishes.

Care of details dishwashers

Further washing the filter require sprinklers and plastic - necessary to ensure that no holes clogged water outlet. The rest of the details, especially connected to the power supply, it is not recommended to disassemble or change yourself

To start the dishwasher, you must perform the following steps:

  • Press the "ON." Open the door.
  • Absorb detergent, put salt and rinse aid (or check).
  • To spread out the dishes according to the diagram.
  • Close the door on the control panel to select the washing program.
  • Start the machine.
  • After the end of 8 times beep - can be turned off.
  • Unload baskets, alternately taking the dishes.

It recommended after the cycle to wait a few minutes to cups and saucers finally cooled down, and only after that to get them out of the car. When the door is opened, you can get burned by hot steam - we must act cautiously.

Basic specifications

Before examining the characteristics of the need to ensure that the dishwasher will fit in the space, that is, to check its dimensions. Dimensions usually indicated on the price list and instructions.

The dimensions of a compact machine

Dimensions compact machine: 438 mm * 550 mm * 500 mm (* u * g). With open door, which opens "the" depth increases to 812 mm - it is also necessary to take into account when planning

Technical device is intended for connection to the electric / network 220-230 and the water supply with cold water, the pressure of which 0,04-1,0 MPa.

To find out more information regarding the consumption of resources and the functioning of the features you should look at the specification of the dishwasher.

Specifications CDCP 6E 07 models

By these characteristics need to add electric consumption / power - 1280 W, the flow rate of 1 standard cycle - 7 liters. Annual figures are calculated for 280 dishwashing cycles in normal mode

Classes of energy consumption and efficiency are considered high drying (A). Due to this it is possible to save electricity, thus reducing the monthly payments. The noise level refers to the average, are commercially available, and quieter dishwashers.

CDCF6E07 model simultaneously washes 6 place settings, that is easy to serve a family of 3 people in the afternoon and dinner.

How is the unpacking and the first acquaintance with the model:

Software Features and Options

Compact appliance has 6 programs that are essentially characterized by the following features:

  • the degree of soiling of the dish;
  • pictures utensils;
  • set in a cycle of procedures;
  • the duration of the work;
  • dosage of detergent;
  • consumption of water and energy.

For comparison and selection program producer made handy chart, you can use to find the right utensils and detergents, as well as to plan the sink at a convenient time.

Pogramma model CDCF 6E 07

After evening tea or a light snack dishes it is not very dirty, so you can take advantage of cost-effective and rapid "acceleration mode"

If cleaning is required to transfer at a later time, it helps set to "delayed start". It is designed to delay the start of work on 2/4/6/8 hours.

So that the noise does not interfere with other tenants in the evening, the machine is programmed to "night shift", when everyone goes to their bedrooms. In Studio, on the contrary, it is more convenient to run the cycle of the day, when the room is empty.

Another may be useful such an option, as the change in the program already running machine. But it is recommended to use, if the cycle is started recently, or the detergent will be partly used.

To change the program, you need to press "Pause" and 3 seconds hold the program button. Then select a new program and turn the machine. During the change is possible dozagruzit basket.

Consumer opinion about the model

Dishwasher Candy CDCF6E07 on sale for a long time, has already been tested by users, so you can examine the responses and compile a preliminary opinion on the work still before buying.

From commercials to draw better technical background information and specific nuances associated with operation of the machine, are well represented in amateur videos and reviews on sites such as special "Otzovik".

Buyers who understand that from a compact dishwasher should not expect miracles, there are the following advantages of the device.

image gallery

Photo of

Program dishwashing varying degrees of pollution

Depending on the tasks equally machine copes with washing greasy dishes or glasses with glass rinsing. Divorce after washing explained often wrong choice or the wrong dosage of detergent

maintenance and regular maintenance lightness

Outside the housing sufficiently wiping cloth from dust, and the machine has a clear internal cleaning dismountable design: the basket can be easily removed and are raised, the filtration system and sprinklers are in the zone reach

Compactness and the possibility to transport

One of the advantages of a small dishwasher - the possibility of its transportation. If users on summer leave the village or to the country, the machine can bring along and set in a convenient location. No problems and repairs in the kitchen - it fits easily in a furniture unit

Prudent use of resources - energy and water

Unlike the full-size units, which are simultaneously cleaned 9-11 sets, compact assistant handles cleaning of 6 sets. But instead of 11-13 liters of water, she spends only 6.8 liters. Many users are quite happy - they do not have a large amount of dishes

Program dishwashing varying degrees of pollution

Program dishwashing varying degrees of pollution

maintenance and regular maintenance lightness

maintenance and regular maintenance lightness

Compactness and the possibility to transport

Compactness and the possibility to transport

Prudent use of resources - energy and water

Prudent use of resources - energy and water

If the conditions of exploitation and manufacturer's recommendations, plastic elements are not deformed, all the details are long, the machine copes with its tasks by 100%. Whether it fulfills its service life (10 years), while difficult to judge - no such data.

But the comments and complaints to the dishwasher are also available. For example, many do not like the size and location of the basket for cutlery - it is constantly falling. No protection from inquisitive children to experiment lovers.

Roller with tips on operating the dishwasher Candy CDCF6E07:

Sometimes there are problems with the selection and dosage of detergent. Some faults in electronics note - does not work indication. Serious problems, suppose associated with the breakdown of the pump or unnecessary water consumption is not revealed yet.

Tips & Care

Many users have mentioned that the work of the dishwasher depends on the regularity and quality of care. For example, if you avoid the timely cleaning the filter, at one point, the device will simply refuse to work.

It is necessary to ensure that even the smallest particles of food were washed away, and did not remain in office for washing. Large pieces need to shake out of a special sump.

Containers for detergents

The manufacturer recommends the cuvette in the detergent only special powders, tablets, salt and rinse aid, strictly abide by the dosage. On the need to download report indicators

Dishwasher is not considered a versatile unit in terms of cleaning objects made of different materials, and model Kandy CDCF6E07 is no exception. It is impossible to load the dishes of heat sensitive plastic, synthetic fibers and wood, copper and pewter flatware, glued plates or cups.

If the dishes are heavily soiled, before laying in the basket food residues must be removed, soak the pan burn-in. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, the dishwasher will be better able to cope with the functions and less likely to fail.

Comparison with competing models

To understand the dishwasher Kandy differs from competitive models, comparative analysis and comparable characteristics of the machine with the parameters of the compact devices of other brands - Midea, Indesit and Electrolux.

Competitor # 1 - Midea MCFD55320W

Dishwasher Midea MCFD55320W is a compact desktop size unit 55h50h48,3 cm. As in Candy CDCF6E07 here placed 6 sets of dishes, enough for a family of 2-3 people.

Producer realized in the model number of features that make it easier to care and maintenance. So, in addition to standard washing programs is "delicate" mode for delicate dishes and an economy mode for lightly soiled utensils.

About profitability Midea MCFD55320W says energy efficiency class A + and water consumption of 9.5 liters per cycle. A delayed start feature allows you to start cleaning at a convenient time for the user.

Among the advantages of the device users have reported quiet operation, compact size, low consumption of water.

The disadvantages include MCFD55320W uncomfortable basket of instruments is not very high-quality drying dishes.

Competitor # 2 - Electrolux ESF2400OS

Electrolux ESF2400OS - a compact, stand-alone machine, designed for 6 place settings. It has an electronic control type, and the wash cycle is displayed.

The device can be called a fairly economical. It has a power class A + per cycle and uses only 6.5 liters of water.

Here implemented 6 wash programs and 4 heat settings that allow you to handle even the most heavily polluted.

The advantages of Electrolux ESF2400OS users find quiet operation - noise level of the appliance is 50 dB, ease of use, compact size and good capacity.

Some users have reported poorly washed dishes in a fast and fiddly cleaning the cutlery.

Competitor # 3 - Indesit ICD661S

Another compact and cost-effective competitor Candy CDCF6E07 - Dishwasher ICD661S from Indesit. It also refers to a compact freestanding units and measures 50h55h48 see.

Model is designed for 6 place settings. Is electronically controlled, 6 standard programs washing and drying of the condensation type.

It belongs to the category of devices economical because energy efficiency is A + and consumes per cycle of 9.5 liters of water.

Among the advantages of Indesit ICD661S users report qualitatively washed dishes, a small consumption of detergents, compact size, quick cleaning mode takes only 30 minutes.

The disadvantages of the model can be called a noisy job, lack of capacity, so if you plan to wash large pots and pans have to give preference to the more spacious models.

The best offers on the market

Dishwashers Candy are relatively inexpensive, and the functions do not differ on the expensive brands. Given the large number of positive reviews, it can be concluded that the model CDCF 6E 07 worthy. If you need an inexpensive and reliable unit compact type for a small family, it is suitable for all technical parameters.

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