Silent fan for the bathroom

Look for silent fan for the bathroom.

why fan

In the south, it is not felt, but in the middle latitudes, where stretches a large part of our country, high humidity in combination with low-pressure air is tiring. There was a case when the applicants of the capital's Military School had the chance to excel in physical culture. Guys, the best students of physical fitness, showed mediocre results in the race, because it came from the south, where the humidity is less.

At elevated relative humidity heavy physical work goes bad. Figuratively speaking, life becomes harder. Dreaming relax in the bath and does not gain a sense of gravity. Excess moisture is not needed in the room, not to mention the appearance of mold and mildew where the figure exceeds the norm. Condensate dripping from the ceiling, is not happy.

Quiet powerful fan

The obvious solution to - draw moist air to the outside. Natural ventilation, which operates due to the difference of the room and the roof of the atmospheric pressure, with the task of coping badly. In private homes it is more complicated, not always the height to create a draft. Residents of the upper floors prefabricated houses know that the air in their bathrooms is not moving. Therefore, we need to help create an artificial cravings. To do this meant fans.

Where does the noise

Obvious sources of noise produced by the fans:

  1. Play in the bearings, and a transverse centerline.
  2. Sound rotating blade.
  3. Buzz electricity in the place of a weak electric contact.
  4. Rubbing mechanical parts.
  5. The vibrations arising during operation.

The main factor is the noise caused by the vibration of bearings and blades. The lack of lubrication or backlash creates an unpleasant effect. Constant noise is not as harmless as it seems. I do not even notice accustomed to his ear, gradually raises the blood pressure, load and tires the central nervous system. A feeling of heaviness in the head, like a hoop squeezed whiskey. The feelings a little pleasant, quiet fan is like a breath of fresh water, so refreshing will affect the disappearance of extraneous sounds.

Unlike silent fan for the bathroom

Quietest fans operate at a volume of 26 dB. It's quiet, quieter than a whisper. equipment work just hard to see the human ear. In the example shown quietest model typical silent fan will provide sound pressure of 35 dB. This level of cost in a typical metropolis room when the windows are closed and doors, and the neighbors are behaving unusually quiet. The above situation will allow easy to relax and enjoy the bath procedures.

Whereby the effect is obtained such a significant noise reduction.

  1. The engine is attached to the body on special shock absorbers. This prevents the occurrence of vibrations is therefore another reason for the occurrence of noise is eliminated.
  2. vibration effect occurs because the engine is in the air and the end is attached to the center of the rack. It is much better to make a solid wall, but then the meaning is lost - the device will not overtake the air. Therefore, silent fan for the bathroom are provided with a special form of lattice. Plastic is stronger thick, the design is counted to the vibrations to the blade speed.
  3. The special bearing design does not need to care. Typical silent fan operates at 30,000 hours without any signs of fatigue. Together - three years of continuous operation.

Fan-hood Bathroom

These fans are not cheap, but the nerves in order, in the bathroom dry, breathe easy. In addition, 1,500 rubles spent on the provision of fresh air per apartment for three years, do not seem considerable material losses.

Varieties silent fan

For ventilation networks produces three types of fan:

  1. Axial.
  2. Channel.
  3. Radial.

The latter are a kind of curled "shell", a prominent industrial buildings. In everyday life, these structures are not used separately, but as part of the equipment (for example, vacuum cleaners, cooker hoods). The first two groups meet.

Duct fans subspecies form axial and are intended for introduction into the channel, has a round housing. The original purpose of the channel of fans: embedded in existing ducts. Axial mounted at the outlet from the channel.

Title axial fans stems from the fact that the duct axis coincides with the axes of the motor and the blade which is mounted on the rotating rotor. It happens that the used engines converted. The blade is mounted on the outer rotor, which is a ring rotating around the housing.

What is the advantage. Technicians say that facing the motor has a smaller size and weight than the standard with similar power characteristics. Removal of the rotor outwardly allows to maintain the fan in harsh temperature conditions, it does not overheat.

As for the noise characteristics and the ability to work in complicated paths (for example, narrow passages) benefit standard type engines. It is possible to use mechanical frequency inverters, increasing the number of speed and performance of the product.

Bathroom fan

Thus, the channel fan - Sound-insulated already due to its location. Not necessarily to put the unit in the bathroom, it is necessary to determine the place in duct depth. This will reduce the noise.

Setting silent fan

People are concerned about questions:

  • Why in the bathroom constantly running fan.
  • What to do with a spray of water, fly away when a person takes a shower.
  • When connecting a fan.

Some models are equipped with moisture sensors. Such fans are switched when the value goes over a certain value. On the first hand is convenient, with the second - not so. It's great when moist air is drawn, and if the bathroom and toilet and the smell of sewage is required to remove? Sprinkle intelligent unit with water?

The conclusion suggests itself. For combined bathroom switch it must be provided as to the bra in the bedroom. Wanted - included, wanted - I shut down. The smell is not the only obstacle. When bathing the child in winter, for example, better tolerate humidity 15 min than to lie with the baby in a hospital.

By the way, about electricity. The bathroom bare wires, even in isolation, out of place (see. GOST 50571.11). We put in a special cable channel, not to wet. Low noise fan for the bathroom waterproof, do not worry about moisture. Single spray equipment is not afraid.

With a little more difficult to switch. We take electricity from the ceiling lamp. When the construction of a cottage in full swing, it is easier to equip. Will extend outwards two pairs - a first lamp, a second fan. And the use of the two separately. With regard to the existing wiring, it is wise to purchase a switch is not afraid of moisture, and make the branch down.

There are models with a timer, but the connection method is not happy. It was two conductors would be three. If you are not afraid of complexity, said silent fan is also a good choice. Operation is as follows:

  1. The lights at the same time the fan.
  2. Lighting is extinguished, the fan operates a fixed time until the timer is turned off.

One wire - earth, and the two phases:

  1. On-off switch.
  2. On timer.

Sound-insulated enclosure

Sound-insulated fan deserves attention. The design is placed in a special box made of galvanized steel. the insulation layer is not afraid of fire and mechanical loads within reasonable limits. The product is protected from the weather and installed outdoors. Fan in a soundproof enclosure looks like a big zinc box, installation inside the walls is difficult.

their own hands

Individual attention, the timer circuit by amateurs. By the way, the fan is easy to buy separately here and go on stage craftsmen. The scheme has been laid out on the net on how to collect the timer own hands:

homemade fan

The printed circuit board is covered with lacquer and placed inside the fan. Not all designs will allow it to do, collecting scheme, it is necessary to assess the feasibility of such a solution. But the timer can be set up to your liking.

Go for it!

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