F38 error in Bosch washing machine

In this article, we'll talk about what the F38 code means, and what to do if you find it on the display. As a rule, this means that a short circuit has occurred in the system.

The Bosch washing machine is designed in such a way as to notify users of any problem that arises in each of the systems. For this purpose, a self-diagnostic system is provided in modern SMA. It informs the user about the problem by displaying the trouble codes.

Content of the material:

  • 1Explanation, causes and symptoms of error F38
    • 1.1The reasons for the breakdown may be several:
  • 2Self-repair: what to do
  • 3Thermal sensor - check and replace
    • 3.1If it was not possible to reach the sensor on the built-in heater, remove the heater
    • 3.2Now you need to check the sensor

Explanation, causes and symptoms of error F38

Washing machine Bosch gives an error F38 in the event of a short circuit in the NTC-sensor. In simple terms, this is a temperature sensor of the Bosch washing machine.

The sign of the appearance of such an error is not only the code, but also the fact that the washing machine does not execute the washing program or hangs.

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Attention! A short circuit is a dangerous process. It is better not to exploit the machine by detecting a malfunction. Disconnect the SM from the network and find the solution to the problem in order to avoid a fire and more serious damage.

The reasons for the breakdown may be several:

  1. The first and most probable is the failure of the thermocouple (thermistor, NTC sensor).
  2. Power surges in the network. This may be the root cause of the failure and cause a malfunction of the temperature sensor.
  3. Breakdown of the Boch washing machine control board.

Self-repair: what to do

If the board is lit F38, before you start self-repair, try to remove the error by restarting the machine:

  • Disconnect the Bosch washing machine from the mains by pulling the plug from the socket.
  • Leave for 10-20 minutes.
  • Turn on the Stiralki.

If the fault reset was successful, there could have been no breakdown, just the control unit failed. But if the error codes, in particular - F38, again appear, then thorough repairs are required.

At best, you will have to carry out an easy repair, replacing the thermal sensor. At worst, you will need to replace the electronic module. Let's start with a simple - replacement of the temperature sensor.

Thermal sensor - check and replace

The washing machine Bosch shows on the display the error F38. How to fix the situation?

Start by checking the temperature sensor - for this you will have to slightly disassemble the case and perform some operations.

Disassemble the machine according to this scheme (for example, the Bosch Maxx 5 model):

  1. Disconnect the AGR from the network.
  2. Armed with a suitable screwdriver, unscrew the 2 screws that are on the back of the machine to remove the top cover. Slide the cover back and remove it.
  3. Remove the powder intake. The cuvette can be easily removed by pressing the button, which is located behind, in the center.
  4. Next, remove the front panel. Where there was a cuvette, you will find holes in which fastenings are screwed - they need to be unscrewed. Another screw you will find from the other side of the front panel. Remove the panel by pulling it toward you.
  5. At the bottom remove the door of the technical hatch, remove the drain filter and drain the water. In the same place you will find several fastenings, which you need to unscrew. At the bottom of the front wall there are also bolts that need to be twisted.
  6. To remove the front panel, remove the manhole cover. It is held by a special thin wire clamp. Remove the clamp is better with a thin slotted (minus) screwdriver. Lead a screwdriver under the yoke and drive in a circle - it can easily be removed. Rub the rubber cuff inside the drum. Now you can remove the panel.
  7. At the bottom of the drum you will see TEN. Or rather, not entirely, but its tail - you need it, it has a temperature sensor built into it.
  8. Remove wires going to the sensor by clicking on the special tab, as in the photo.

  9. Try to reach the sensor without removing the heater. Punch it with a screwdriver, and it must succumb.

If it was not possible to reach the sensor on the built-in heater, remove the heater

  • Remove all wires and contacts from the heater.
  • Unscrew the nut - it keeps the heater in the middle.
  • Loosen and remove the element by pulling it toward you. Now it will be more convenient to get a thermistor.

Now you need to check the sensor

  1. Take the tester and set the resistance measurement mode on it.
  2. Place the probes on the sensor contacts.
  3. Measure the resistance.
  4. Heat the sensor in freshly boiled water (95 degrees).
  5. Measure the resistance.
  6. While you were measuring, the water cooled down a little. Now lower the sensor in warm water.
  7. Measure the resistance.
  8. If the indicators are significantly different, then the sensor is OK. If the multimeter is 0-1, then the sensor needs to be replaced.

Then you just need to buy a new sensor, install it in the heater, fix the heater in its place, lead the wires and assemble the machine in its original state.

Now you know what error F 38 means, how to fix it and what to do when such a value is displayed on the scoreboard.

Sometimes, in order to reset errors, it is necessary to repair or replace the electronic module, but in this case it is better to contact specialists.

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