How to clean a washing machine with citric acid: safety measures

How to clean a washing machine with citric acid: safety measures


Water hardness is one of the reasons why the automatic machine spoils. To prevent its failure, the unit must be serviced periodically. It is often enough to clean it with citric acid, only to handle it should be correct. Now we will find out how.


  • 1Indispensable ingredient
  • 2How to clean the washing machine with citric acid: the sequence of actions
  • 3Advantage of the method
  • 4Harm of solid deposits
  • 5Precautionary measures
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Indispensable ingredient

"Limonkoy" clean teapots, irons and samovars, so why not treat it to a washing machine? Here there are several questions.

  • Will the substance not be damaged by non-metallic parts (gaskets and plastic parts)?
  • How much it should be poured in order to act?
  • How often should the procedure be carried out?
  • Why do it at all?

We will describe first the method of cleaning, so that the most hasty can quickly apply it and get rid of the layers of scale. Then we return to other questions, especially since the answers to them are quite interesting and will help you in the future to save time and save your home assistant longer.

How to clean the washing machine with citric acid: the sequence of actions

  1. To refresh the usual SMA, containing 3-4 kg of laundry, you need to use 60 grams of lemon. Since it is often packaged in colorful bright bags of 20 grams, it is necessary to take three such jokes or four 15-grams. If you measure with spoons, you will need 2-3 dining rooms.
  2. Next, you have to pour the crystals into the compartment into which the powder is poured, and turn on the laundry. Select a full-fledged mode, including rinsing and spinning. You can, for example, choose cotton at 60 °. This mode is used for prevention to clean a thin layer of plaque. There are tips to choose the highest temperature. This is effective if you have not cleaned the machine for a long time and suspect that a lot of scale has formed on the TEN.
  3. When you press the start button, everything else will be done by the device itself. He will run the water himself, clean the dirt and scum with acid, rinse out his insides, and pour water into the sewer.

It is recommended to clean the washing machine from scale one time in 4 months. So advise the master, who themselves spend cleaning or repair. If the water in your region is extremely hard, then you can conduct the procedure more often.

Advantage of the method

This is the simplest and cheapest way to remove deposits from the heater from all existing ones. If you call the master, then it will cost you more. Buying softeners for water is also not too economical, although all manufacturers of these products recommend doing so and even explain why.

The advantage of using citric acid is also that it is harmless to us in small amounts and well rinsed out of the machine, while many special scales, added during washing, remain in the clothes.

If to speak about efficiency, then the method with lemonade copes very well with solid deposits. It is possible to clean the heating element with it, as well as with other chemicals sold in stores. It belongs to a class of carboxylic acids that react with salts and metals and are part of many professional products.

Harm of solid deposits


In any water, there are salts that, when the water is heated up strongly, precipitates on the surface of the TEN and other parts of the machine. So the scum is formed.

If you do not carry out preventive work, then at first it will lead to an increase in the consumption of electricity, and then the heater can simply burn. The fact is that the scum is very bad conducts heat. A heating element coated with it, if it is not cleaned, begins to transfer heat to the water worse. Water is more slowly heated. At the same time, the heater itself heats up more and more and eventually burns out.

Now it is clear why it is necessary to timely service the equipment and prevent the formation of a solid, water insoluble precipitate.

Precautionary measures

If you use citric acid in large quantities, it may have a bad effect on some parts of the device, so you can not cover it with a lot of it. It is undesirable to turn the washing machine on a mode with a temperature above 90 ° and a large amount lemon, because it can not only clean, but also eat rubber and plastic elements techniques.

Do it wisely and do not abuse the volume of this remedy, since it reacts with impurities and without much heating, the increase in temperature only speeds up the process.

Many modern powders contain water softeners, so if you use good detergents and apply them according to the instructions, then the precipitate is formed in minimum quantity. We also note that a particularly strong attack occurs when boiling, and we boil something in the washing machine infrequently. So it turns out that it is enough to conduct preventive cleaning every 4-6 months.

Video about this method of purification for example Gorenje technique

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