Review of washing machines Asko

Washing machines Asko do not enjoy great popularity in Russia. But this does not prevent the Swedish company from producing a high-quality premium product. Positive feedback from users confirm the quality of the equipment.

We will understand the features of washing machines "Asco to understand what they value the consumer.

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  • 1Where do the washing machines "Asco"
  • 2How is the washing machine
  • 3Which model of Asko to choose: customer reviews
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      • 3.1.1User Reviews
    • 3.2Asko W8844 XL
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    • 3.3Asko W6903 FI
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    • 3.4AskoWT6320
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Where do the washing machines "Asco"

Few people know the history of this company, although the production was founded before the famous brands "Indesit" and "Ardo". In 1950, in Sweden, a young farmer, Karl Andersen, was commissioned to make a washing machine. The customer was the mother of the farmer, who by that time had become difficult to cope with the farm.

The farmer with the talent of the designer created a machine that already then could heat and rotate the laundry. At the same time, energy and water consumption was at a minimum level. Therefore, he sold his invention, which soon began to be in demand. As a result, a factory for the production of washing machines was built on the farm, which is still there today.

So the company Asko was founded.

Techniques of Swedish production are distinguished by quality and reliability. According to the manufacturer, washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances will be uninterruptedly serve up to 20 years. The reliability of the design is confirmed by the international certificate ISO 9001, received in 1996. Ecological compatibility and economical operation of wastes were also noted by ISO 14001 in 1999.

In 2000 and 2001, the Asco W660 washing machine model was recognized as the best in the ratio of economy and design ergonomics.

In the 21st century, the brand "Asko" decisively conquers the world. Representative offices of the company are located in different countries, as well as in Russia. To find out where a particular model was made, you can mark the goods.

How is the washing machine

What is good for washing machines Asko, that their price starts from 50 000 rubles? Consider the features of the device:

  1. It is the only styalka in the world that has four steel shock absorbers. Excellent damping of vibration, noise. The wear of parts and components decreases.
  2. Accustomed to plastic counterweights? The washing machine "Asco" has cast iron counterweights, as well as a crosspiece made of cast iron. Therefore, the casing is stable even with a strong spin out 1800 revolutions.
  3. The drum with the tank is made of stainless steel. In the drum, ActiveDrum technology is implemented, which allows to remove sand, small debris.
  4. The design of the machine is so thought out that it eliminates the possibility of leakage. Reliability confirms the absence of the cuff of the hatch, without which the other brands can not do without.

In the instructions you will be able to study each function in detail. Separately it is necessary to allocate:

  • Quattro Technology Controls and reduces the vibration of the enclosure.

  • New development of SmartSeal. Thanks to the fact that the SMA works without a cuff, mold and an unpleasant smell will not bother you.
  • The surface of the ActiveDrum drum. Its design shifts the laundry to the center of the tank, and large holes remove fine dirt.
  • SensiSave sensor. Allows you to weigh the laundry and determine the type of fabric. The machine automatically selects the washing program.

The features of each model are discussed below.

Which model of Asko to choose: customer reviews

We chose the most interesting models that will characterize the trademark "Asco".

Asko W6461

The washing machine is famous for its design awards. The ergonomic body, the restrained panel with electronic control, is crowned with a fully sealed door. Dimensions styralki - 60h60h80 cm.

The capacity for front loading is 6 kg. The model is equipped with cast iron counterweights, so it accelerates to 1600 revolutions during spinning; power can be adjusted. The water consumption for one cycle is 49 liters. Energy consumption class A, for one hour the machine consumes 9 kW.

The necessary washing programs are included: wool and delicate fabrics, express washing, additional rinsing. Also Bio-phase, which allows you to remove organic pollution. The housing is partially protected from leaks, there is control over the formation of foam and imbalance. The panel is blocked from children.

The cost of the model is from 50 000 rubles.

User Reviews


We with the girl recently moved to a separate housing, so I had to buy a stiralku. This model attracted an unusual design and normal loading. I ordered a car through the online store "Asko". Pleased with the attitude of the consultant, all explained in detail. The technique met all our expectations. Squeezes the laundry almost to a dry state, it works very quietly.

Asko W8844 XL

The new model combines all the latest developments. Electronic control panel, backlit display. The hatch door is equipped with a hinge loop - the hermetic closure protects against leakage even in the absence of a cuff.

The stable design of Quattro provides 4 steel shock absorbers. The shape of the crosspiece of the drum "hourglass" allows you to shift the laundry to the center. Complete protection from leaks, PEX filler hose withstands temperature of 95 degrees.

Loading capacity - 11 kg. The size of the styralki is 60х72х85 cm.

The class of power consumption of the styralka is A ++, consumes 89 liters of water per cycle. Spin can be adjusted, the maximum speed is 1600 revolutions.

There are standard programs and additional functions. The laundry is on schedule up to 24 hours. The system remembers the last setting, which allows you to quickly restart it.

User Reviews


Stiralka super! Works quietly even on spinning. We installed the machine in the kitchen, so the noise level made a difference. Even with the included dumb-bell, we calmly talk. The laundry is well washed and wrung out. A large tank holds 11 kg of laundry, great for our family.

From the minuses you can distinguish the noise of draining the water. The door is also somehow unlocked loudly.

Asko W6903 FI

Embedded styalka with dimensions of 60x59x85 cm. The drum capacity is 7 kg. The model is equipped with a text display with backlight. The control panel includes a wide selection of programs. Including removal of stains, washing in large quantities of water. You can independently adjust the program depending on the type of fabric and pollution.

Energy consumption class A + (, 5 kW / h). The water flow per cycle is 54 liters. The spinning power is above all praise - 2000 rpm. You can adjust or cancel the mode.

The hatch of the hatch is missing, instead of it is built-in 7-fold protection against leaks. There is foam control and imbalance, the water temperature is regulated.

User Reviews


The washing machine fits well into the interior of the kitchen. The control panel is in Russian, which is very convenient. Surprised a large number of revolutions during spinning. I have enough and 1400 turns, I get the clothes almost dry. But there is one downside, after a year of work from the tray for the powder paint peeling, because it is made of metal.


The washing machine has a vertical load, the drum capacity is 5 kg. The overall dimensions of the model are quite compact: 40x60x85 cm. Electronic control panel with display.

Automobile parking of the drum always forces it to stop the hatch upwards. After pressing the laundry for 5 minutes "loosens which prevents the formation of folds. Delicate washing, additional rinsing, a choice of temperature of washing are provided. There is partial protection from leaks, the panel has received protection against accidental depression.

The vertical machine belongs to the energy efficiency class A, consumes 9 kW of energy per hour. The water consumption per cycle is 49 liters. The spin speed reaches 1200 revolutions.

User Reviews


The machine at me two years, I can note such advantages:

  • Compact housing. Stiralka just was between the sink and the bathroom.
  • Easy logic technology saves my time by automatically weighing clothes and choosing a mode.
  • It is good for washing things.

Less: nWhen the drum is fully loaded, you hear a knock on the tank.

Among the cars of the manufacturer "Asco" are some models with drying clothes. Combined washing and drying machines the company does not produce.

Having considered the advantages and disadvantages of Asko washing machines, you can make a purchasing decision. The prices for the equipment are quite high, while there are small errors. Therefore, analyze each model before buying.

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