Things have sat down after washing - how to restore their appearance

Did your things sit down after washing? Do not rush to get rid of them, they can still return the original look. This is due to non-compliance with the temperature regime.

How to properly wash and iron every thing is indicated on the clothing label. But if you thoughtlessly throw mixed clothes into the drum and start the main mode, sooner or later the problem of a sitting sweater or jacket will touch you. What to do in this case, read below.

Things have sat down after washing - how to restore their appearance

Content of the material:

  • 1Why, after washing, things sit down
  • 2How to restore sown things
    • 2.1How to stretch cotton things
    • 2.2How to return a shape to woolen things
    • 2.3To save things from jersey
      • 2.3.1Pull out clothing from viscose
    • 2.4Rescue jacket made of polyester
  • 3We warn the problem

Why, after washing, things sit down

If the clothes have decreased after washing, it has occurred not simply so, and for the certain reasons:

  • The spin speed is too high. For example, delicate and woolen fabrics can not be subjected to strong wringing, as they lose shape.
  • The user's inattention to the advice of the clothing manufacturer leads to an incorrect setting of the water temperature. Hence, the dress or jeans sit down, decreasing in size.

As a result of exposure to high temperatures, the tissue loses its properties. Therefore it is important to know which fabrics sit most. These include silk products.

If you do not know how much the clothes are sitting down and sitting down (if there is no label on it), then choose a washing mode with a low temperature.

Things have sat down after washing - how to restore their appearance

Products made of cotton and wool can also decrease after washing in a typewriter, but if the mode is not chosen correctly, they can become several sizes smaller.

Shrinkage is subjected to many, especially natural fabrics, such as knitwear, coarse calico, viscose, polyester, acrylic, cashmere, linen.

How to restore sown things

What to do if the clothing has sat down, and how to return it to its original form, worries most of the problems encountered. There are several different options for how to return the former size of clothes. It all depends on the type of fabric.

How to stretch cotton things

Shirts, T-shirts, cotton curtains sit down because of the inappropriate temperature of washing and drying. But, fortunately, you can restore the laundry. Operate consistently:

  1. Fill the basin with lukewarm water. After collecting 10 liters of water, add 3 tablespoons of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Soak the laundry for 30 minutes. You can also take a sponge and for some time to wipe the surface of the fabric, promoting better stretching.
  2. On a flat surface, lay a towel and lay the laundry on it. Begin by manually stretching clothes in problematic metahs. Leave it to dry in this form.
  3. There is another option, when after getting wet clothes go to the wash at a low temperature. After that, the drying is turned on for 30 minutes. Thus, you can wash the thing to make it stretch.

Things have sat down after washing - how to restore their appearance

How to return a shape to woolen things

Sweaters, a dress, a coat of wool - all this underwear has a shrink property with the wrong choice of the washing regime. Also the fabric is affected by poor-quality, hard powder. In modern machines there are programs for washing wool, where the spinning is set at the minimum mark.

Is it possible to restore woolen clothes? It is possible, following our recommendations.

Things have sat down after washing - how to restore their appearance

Method 1. In a bowl with warm water, add shampoo or conditioner. Dip a woolen sweater there for 30 minutes. After thoroughly rinsing in cool water, put the thing on a flat surface and stretch it.

Method 2. In a container of water (5 liters), pour 3 tablespoons of ammonia and 1 tablespoon of vodka with turpentine. Leave the thing to soak for an hour.

Method 3. After getting wet in warm water, clothes wrapped in a towel. After the coat or jumper gives off moisture, it is suspended in an upright position until it dries completely.

For drying clothes from wool, you can use a dummy or a flat surface. Begin stretching the fabric from above, gradually moving downward so that the thing does not deform.

To save things from jersey

Knitted pants, shorts, T-shirt is also possible to restore.

Option 1.Dip the jacket in warm water for 15 minutes, then load it into the stiralka and turn on the spin cycle. Drying should take place in an upright position with further ironing.

Option 2.Put the thing in warm water for 30 minutes. Put on a towel, which then roll into a roll. Leave the rolled roll for 20-30 minutes. After taking out the clothes, iron the iron until it dries completely.

Things have sat down after washing - how to restore their appearance

Pull out clothing from viscose

Practical and comfortable viscose is used for sewing blouses, dresses, coats. The method of its restoration is similar to knitted goods. You can also use the steaming function on the iron, stretching the laundry in the right places. Dry clothes can be on a mannequin or on yourself, so clothes better keep shape.

Rescue jacket made of polyester

Outer clothing is often made from this fabric. If suddenly she sits down, the situation can be corrected by stretching a wet thing on a towel or steaming with an iron.

We warn the problem

To avoid problems with loss of form, you must adhere to simple rules:

  1. Always pay attention to badges and labels on clothes. You can try to return the form to things, but it does not always work out. Clothing can be deformed.

Things have sat down after washing - how to restore their appearance

  1. For washing delicate (satin, silk) and woolen products there is a special mode. Or use a manual program.
  2. The water temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees.
  3. Spin should be absent or stand at the minimum mark.
  4. Use funds for a specific type of tissue.

Follow simple rules, and you do not have to worry about the appearance and size of your clothes.

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