Trimmer gasoline - what to choose for a summer residence?

A well-groomed green lawn always pleases the eye, is the perfect design of a country house. To emphasize the natural beauty, grooming your summer garden or garden, you need competent care, the appropriate tools. To maintain a neat attractive appearance of your green carpet, you need a trimmer. Trimmer - this is the same gasoline. This device for cutting grass is of three types. If you are thinking, compare: electric, battery or trimmer gasoline - which one to choose - reviews of experienced truckers will be inclined to choose exactly gasoline models.



  • Overview of trimmer
  • Which gasoline trimmer should I choose?

Gas scythes for grass are more beneficial in terms of autonomy, are characterized by high productivity, do not depend on the source of electricity, almost do not overheat during operation.

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Overview of trimmer

What is a trimmer? In this context it is a manoeuvrable motokosa that has a high traffic in hard-to-reach places, where you can not get to a standard lawnmower machine.

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The trimmer is compact, works smoothly not only on flat areas, but also near walls, around bushes, trees. The principle of the work of a gasoline cutter is the action of the cutting element, in this case a knife (two, three or four-bladed) or a strong plastic fishing line.

Cutting systems of individual trimmers can make a turn by 90 degrees (for example, for cutting the edge of the lawn). Some motokosy equipped with attachments-cultivators for additional processing of crowns of trees and bushes. There are even gasoline trim tabs with milling cutters for loosening the soil. In this case, the main thing is the compatibility of the nozzle with the trimmer model. Very convenient models with wheels, they allow you to control the height of the bevel and reduce the load on the shoulders and hands during garden work.


Depending on the model, the trim for the garden petrol can be equipped with such cutting elements:

  • flexible cord string;
  • strong plastic fishing line;
  • plastic knife;
  • metal knife;
  • combined knife with a fishing line.

Models with a line are suitable for mowing grass and cultivating lawns. If the trimmer is equipped with a flexible cord string, then it can work on more complex terrains, small pebbles, stubborn weeds, branches are not terrible. Stringed gasoline pump covers at once about 50 cm of working surface.

Knife for trimmer is both plastic and metal. The filing of the line can be done manually, be fully automatic or semi-automatic. A gasoline trimmer with a knife can overpower a tall and stiffer grass. Petrol motorcycles with high capacity easily manage the neglected areas, as well as with serious coarse weeds.

If the trimmer has a metal knife, then it will require regular sharpening. At the same time, it is quite vulnerable - it can crack from impact or excessive activity during work.

Universal models are very convenient - depending on the complexity of the treated area, the knife and fishing line can be replaced with each other.

Despite the lower cost, the plastic knife is more tenacious than the metal knife. It should be borne in mind that the more teeth at the knife, the more accurate, the level of your site will be trimmed. The optimum quality result is given by knives with 6 or 8 denticles.

Today in the market you can find more advanced trimmer knives with the amendment of "heavy duty" and "heavy" in the name of the model. The emphasis is on a long operating life, thanks to the use of various alloys in the product. Such knives differ in strength and lighter weight than conventional metal knives.

When choosing a gas trimmer for a garden, pay attention to the shape of the handle. There are three types of handles - D-shaped, J-shaped and T-shaped.

Handle D will be comfortable if the work will require you to be resourceful and handle meandering areas (around the plantations, near the curbs and paths).


The J-type handle is optimally suited for complex operations involving the cleaning of intensively overgrown areas, powerful weeds and tall grasses. In some motorcycle models, the J-handle comes with D.

For the treatment of large areas, a tool with a T-shaped handle is recommended, it can be conveniently swung in different directions, like a simple oblique.

The trimmer line (in other words, the cord) cuts not only the grass, it also has weeds and small shrubs. To ensure that the line has lasted longer, you can install a protective brace over the base cutting element. It will work as a limiter when approaching curbs, stones or tree trunks, bushes.

The thickness of the line varies from, m to 4, and it can have a different form of section: polygonal (up to 6 angles), round, square, star shaped, with rounded edges. As the line is used wear out, then it is replaced with a new one. In modern models of gasoline trim tabs, this process is performed atomically (or semi-automatically). In semi-automatic mode, it is enough to tap the coil over a solid base to replace the cutting material. The automatic system itself changes the line after the engine is turned on.


The trimmer reel is a mowing head, a basic cutter for gaskos. Inside the coil there is a bobbin on which the fishing line is wound, the ends of which are extracted to the required length (according to the tool model).Here we should immediately specify the technology of manual cord replacement - it is individual for each model and differs in the internal structure of the coil. Sometimes the head requires complete disassembly, and sometimes enough to fill the fishing lines in the right holes and grooves (often the right direction is indicated by arrows on the body of the coil). In some models, you do not need to remove the mower head before winding the line on the trimmer. In such cases, the cord is simply passed through the holes in the coil, the required quantity is wound up, and then it is cut off. The length of the reeling line is determined by the dimensions of the coil.

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Which gasoline trimmer should I choose?

It is not possible to describe all models of gasoline analogs, as new and more sophisticated devices appear regularly on the modern market. Obviously one thing - the more functions a gasoline trimmer has - the more expensive it will cost.

According to reviews on the forums, a large number of summer residents prefer the gasoline trimmer Huskvarna from the Swedish manufacturer, despite its high cost.Excellent performance over a long service life, as well as the availability of powerful engines from world famous manufacturers "Kawasaki" and "Honda" erect these devices at the level of professional class. These gasoline pumps are equipped with a semi-automatic coil or knives, individual models are characterized by low weight with high productivity. Despite the fact that the workflow with a gasoline pump can not be called quiet, the tools of this company are distinguished by a low noise level (individual models). The modern Husqvarna trimmer is an ideal power-to-size ratio.


The quality of Japanese technology has always been audible and was a certain measure of prestige in the post-Soviet space. It should be acknowledged that this is the case, and modern Echo gaskets provide an opportunity to see this once again. Gasoline trim tabs from this manufacturer appeared on our market relatively recently, although in the US and Western Europe have already managed to positively recommend themselves. The combination of high performance and multifunctionality of the instrument is pleasantly surprising with relatively low price policy.Echo trimmer can purchase an ordinary consumer - and this is already important. Above it was mentioned about the knives "heavy duty" and "heavy for the creation of which modern alloys were used, increasing their strength. Trimmers of this brand are equipped with exactly such cutting tools.

It is also worth mentioning about the private leader and the "favorite" of domestic dacha owners - Stihl gasoline tank. German quality does not need advertising, and real feedback about these devices speak for themselves. Petrol trimmer Calm consumes a limited amount of fuel, while it can serve a large area (600 ml per 14 hundred parts). There is no strong vibration, excessive noise in the work process. It is characterized by its power, high technical characteristics and long operating life. This is one of the best options in its category - excellent quality at an affordable price.

When choosing a trimmer for a dacha, you need to take into account all requests in advance - the frequency of use, the size of the treated area, the hardness of the grass. From these indicators, the power and cost of the tool will depend.

Pay attention to the complete set of gasoline pumps, for example, shoulder straps - this is very A good device that optimizes the working process, and evenly distributes the weight tool. Take into account all the recommendations of the manufacturer specified in the instructions, let's rest any trimmer after every 35-40 minutes of work. Petrol trimmer can be bought in specialized departments of building markets or ordered directly through the Internet.

Among the variety of modern models of tools for the care of the local territory any summer resident will find his own option. Comfort is important at all stages of operation, in addition to the purposeful function, you should easily disassemble and assemble the coil, change the filter, wind the line or replace the knife.

Truly an indispensable tool for giving is a trimmer gasoline. Which to choose, user feedback, features of the bundle and other pressing issues need to be carefully studied before buying, so that a quality and reliable tool adequately fulfilled its purpose for a long time years.

The video will also help you make the right choice of trimmer gasoline for the dacha.

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