Chainsaw - what brand to choose, what to buy

If you live in a private house or are the owner of a summer cottage, the presence of a chainsaw becomes especially relevant. What characteristics should have a good chainsaw, what brand to choose? What chainsaw to buy for home? Let's look at, compare the brands most in demand in the construction market in more detail.

  • Chainsaw to give - which one to choose?
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  • How to choose a chainsaw to give?
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  • Which chainsaw is better to buy - reviews

Before making the final choice, you need to figure out what goals you set for yourself. How often the saw will be used, what loads are assumed, even the factor who will work with it( male or female) also matters. What is the best chainsaw? For example, for the seasonal harvesting of firewood, pruning branches or small trees may not need a very powerful model. If cutting of a bar is supposed at construction of an arbor or a bath, then already more powerful unit will be necessary.

Tatra Garden MS 235 middle-class semi-professional model, photo:

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Chainsaw to give - which one to choose?

This tool falls into three categories: household, semi-professional, professional saws.

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Domestic chainsaws

Such models are designed for periodic operation - about 20-30 hours a month. They are distinguished by their small dimensions, weight, and they will help to prepare logs, firewood for the stove or fireplace. They can cut boards during construction or trim branches of trees. Such units are also called amateur, they have a small capacity( 1.5-2 kW), are equipped with low profile chains that have a low vibration level. These tools are characterized by low productivity, but are easy to use, they will optimally solve your garden or small construction tasks.

Household model ECHO 260, photo:

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Semi-professional chainsaws

This is a class of more powerful models( 2-3 kW), they have more weight than household ones, designed for construction works, saw cut trees, thick branches. If you plan to engage in construction( roofing, flooring), then a semi-professional gasoline saw will be most welcome. It should be borne in mind that such a tool is not recommended long-term load( 2-4 hours).

Semi-professional model Stihl MS 230, photo:

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Professional chainsaws

This category includes the most powerful tools when work reaches industrial volumes. They can work continuously for more than 8 hours, their performance exceeds 2.5 kW, the most durable models - 2.7-6 kW.It is reasonable to purchase such units then if you build a large blockhouse, bathhouse or gazebo on your own. If you are planning to work with thick tree trunks, then a professional saw is just what you need.

Professional models Stihl MS 880, Husqvarna 3120 XP, photo:

What kind of chainsaw to buy for your home - here you have to choose. If serious construction work is ahead, then a semi-professional or professional tool is required. Country or garden needs help solve lightweight, so-called household model.

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Characteristics, general performance of chainsaws

The power of the tool is the most important aspect on which speed depends, the depth of sawing material. The power should correspond to the weight of the tool - it will be more convenient for you to work, and the result of your efforts will be of the highest quality. The more powerful the saw, the heavier it will be in weight, respectively, the more power you will require from the workflow.

Let's look at the device saw, as well as the main working elements responsible for its performance. According to its design features, the petrol saw is a classic mechanism. The heart of the unit is a two-stroke internal combustion engine. There is no gearbox, as such, a single-stage chain drive makes the saw chain work, thereby carrying out the work process. In addition to these main factors, modern saws have a system for cleaning the air entering the carburetor, a starter, a tension mechanism for the chain, a tire, a fuel tank, an ignition coil, a silencer, and others.

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Tires for chainsaws

One of the main indicators is the length of the tire - the longer it is, the larger the working area the saw can cover. The ratio of the length of the tire, the power should be balanced. Otherwise, with weak power, you will make additional efforts, which will adversely affect the operation of the engine( wear).Always read the enclosed instructions to the tool, the maximum permissible tire length is always indicated in the passport. In semi-professional, household saws, tires up to 40 cm in length are commonly used, in professional models up to 75 cm.

Tires are of three types: narrow, lightweight, long. Narrow tires are installed on household, so-called low-power saws, suitable for small work. They, as a rule, go along with a low-profile chain, while the reverse impact of such aggregates is practically absent.

Lightweight tires are made of steel. However, in order to make the work process more comfortable, and the saw itself lighter( for example, during high-altitude work - on a tree or roof), a layer of polyamide is laid between the steel sheets of such a tire.

Long tires are used for cutting large-diameter tree trunks. Saw tires with replaceable heads are also designed for professional high power chainsaws, designed for hours of work.

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Chain for chainsaws

This is also an important factor that should not be ignored when choosing a tool. The distance between the teeth of the saw is responsible for the chain pitch, determines it. The smallest step at household low-power saws - 0,325 inches. Such a circuit is designed for a small load, with more active work, it will quickly become dull. More powerful units have chains with a pitch of 0.404 inches - with this indicator there is an increased vibration, and the productivity also increases. But it should be borne in mind that they are not designed for work with too hard or frozen wood. A larger step index is used by powerful professional tools; such chains have hard metal soldering( reinforced).

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Protection against the reverse impact of a chainsaw

Reverse impact is one of the most dangerous factors when working with a gasoline saw. When the saw bar( especially its end) comes into contact with the hard surface of the material, there is often a sharp rejection of the saw to the side. Here it is important to hold the tool, quickly stop the movement of the chain, the inertial brake is responsible for this action. The brake actuator is a lever that has two positions; upon impact, your hand rests against this lever, thereby activating the inertia brake. Pay special attention to this nuance when choosing a saw model.

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Anti-vibration protection of chainsaws

The presence of protection against vibrations is important then, if you plan often, to work with the unit for a long time. During the work process, this tool vibrates in the hands, thereby causing impaired blood circulation, followed by diseases of the joints. If you decide to buy a high-power gasoline saw, then the presence of anti-vibration protection should be particularly relevant.

Household saws, especially with rubber pads( between the handles and the body), have a very weak vibration. Powerful units have a strong vibration - this is understandable. In modern semi-professional, professional models, the engine, the gas tank are at a distance from each other - this is necessary for a uniform distribution of their mass relative to the whole structure. During the selection of the saw do not be lazy to turn it on when you buy, hold the tool for some time - so you can evaluate the approximate degree of vibration.

Tools without protection are suitable for short-term, simple gardening or construction work, in all other cases it is better to choose a unit with protection. It so happens that women choose their “assistant” for working at their summer cottage - this is exactly the option when it is preferable to choose a low-power tool with a low weight, weak vibration.

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Chainsaw engine

As mentioned above, all models of gasoline saws are equipped with a two-stroke carburetor engine, which has two tanks for filling gasoline and oil. The fuel tank is about 2 times the lubricant tank, this ratio is calculated so that the production of liquids takes about the same time. Tools of domestic production can use the 76th gasoline, motorcycle oil. When choosing a foreign brand, it is better to use higher quality gasoline, the corresponding oil.

For the future, you should know if you have purchased the tool of a single manufacturer, then all purchased parts and accessories for your saw should now only be of this brand!

Professional model Stihl MS 260, photo:

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How to choose a chainsaw for the price, quality?

So what tool should you choose from the proposed variety? Chainsaw for home - what is it? The answer can also be found on thematic forums of the Internet. Actual customer feedback can make an impact on your choice. For example, if you are considering an assortment of saws from a domestic manufacturer, then Taiga-245 can become a relatively inexpensive, universal option. The price is approximately 4,200 rubles. High-power model "Ural-2TE", designed for professional work, will cost you from 18-19000 rubles.

If we consider the unit from the “price-quality” point of view, the tools from the well-known brands Makita( Makita), Husqvarna( Husqvarna) are the best suited for all types of work( large-scale or light).For example, the Makit DCS 340 or DCS 341 will be the best choice of summer resident, thanks to its compact dimensions along with high performance. High-quality internal "stuffing" will provide a comfortable, long-term use of this unit.

Universal saws Husqvarna 340/350 will be able to cope with any task, while they have reliable anti-vibration protection, quiet working stroke. The price of this level of saws varies from 13,500 to 20,000 rubles. The most durable, but the most expensive units are the representatives of the trademarks Jonsered, Stihl. Regardless of whether this version is lightweight or powerful professional, the cost of the saw can reach 25-30000 rubles.

No matter which model you choose, any one must be adjusted, adjusted, so to speak - “run in” before operation. Initially, the tool should work at low speeds( 40 minutes minimum).Pay attention to the Russian translation( it must be required) in the instruction manual, if it is an import model.

Although the Russian market is mostly filled with products of European brands, budget brands also find their buyers. Let's conduct a small analysis of gasoline units from the most frequently purchased firms, compare which chainsaw is the best from the point of view of the consumer:

  1. Stihl is the undisputed leader among manufacturers of gasoline units. The very first saw in the world, equipped with an electric motor, was created by Stihl. Today, this German brand successfully produces models of all series - professional, household, so-called farming. There is a special category for rescue work. These are really high-quality products; however, when buying, choose a reliable, trusted intermediary company, since there have been a lot of fakes on the market. The price of Stihl brand tools varies from 16,000 rubles( household saws) to 35,000( semi-professional models), over 50,000 powerful professional units are already being supplied.
  2. Husqvarna is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing its products since 1689( then it all started with the production of muskets).Today it is the largest global company producing equipment for home, garden. Huskvarna produces petrol saws of all three categories, it is noteworthy that even the most "inexpensive"( compared to the rest of the series) models are of the highest quality, have a lot of positive reviews among consumers. The price of a Husqvarna saw starts from 13,500 rubles for household models, about 25,000 rubles are universal tools, and a professional range of products starts at 30,000 rubles.
  3. Dolmar - German brand, which is part of the Japanese concern Makita. Today, the company produces tools called Dolmar, Makita, as well as Cub Cadet for MTD.If we consider the tools of the semi-professional and professional segment, starting at a cost of 25,000 rubles, then in our market you can more often see Makita products. And the chainsaws themselves, the components for them are made by German enterprises. However, units of household series, the cost of which starts from 10,000 rubles, are produced in factories in China.
  4. Champion is a young Chinese manufacturer producing garden equipment( lawn mowers, cultivators, petrol trimmers), and also chainsaws. If you are considering a budget option just to give or not large-scale construction work, the choice of Champion equipment will be a good decision. The cost of household units from this company varies, not exceeding 20,000 rubles.
  5. Patriot is an American brand that produces a wide range of garden and construction equipment. The company's policy is the production of budget products without loss of quality. Prices start at 7,000 rubles, while the most expensive saw will cost you about 15,000 rubles. All appliances are made by China. Despite complaints from users that can be found on the Internet, Patriot gasoline-powered saws can be seen as excellent gardening equipment. You should not demand more from them, since the modest cost is fully justified by the modest capabilities of this budget tool.
  6. Partner is a machinery made by China, but the company is part of the Swedish concern Husqvarna. Today Partner produces budget household chainsaws, the price of which ranges from 6 to 15,000 rubles. Tools from this manufacturer are characterized by positive user feedback, despite its low cost.
  7. Hyundai - a company from South Korea is better known to us as a car manufacturer. Along with this, this brand is a manufacturer of various garden equipment. Gasoline saws have a relatively low price( 10-20000 rubles), while users note the good quality of the motors. It is also worth mentioning the "minus" of products - a weak plastic case.

For domestic needs, you can also consider models from the manufacturer Carver, which differ in quite budgetary cost( 5,000–15,000 rubles), acceptable quality.

The German company Huter, along with the production of electrical equipment, also produces a limited range of gasoline-powered saws( 5,000–8,000 rubles).Huter equipment is produced by Chinese enterprises.

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How to choose a chainsaw to give?

It is not possible to give a specific answer, if only because each of us has different requests, different amounts of the proposed work. When choosing the best saw should proceed from individual needs. For periodic gardening or cutting wood planks, consider a number of household tools that are small in size. For regular construction or garden work, pay attention to the farm( semi-professional) model range.

If you have the money, feel free to choose the unit from the leading brands, such as Husqvarna, Echo, Stihl. This is the best option, both in its functionality, performance, and in the opinion of consumers.

Makita offers good budget saws. You can choose a simple, inexpensive tool from the manufacturers of Patriot, Huter, Carver, Champion. With careful handling, proper care, they will serve you faithfully for a long time.

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Attachments for chainsaw

The chainsaw was originally intended to saw wood, but it is often used as an auxiliary tool. It's all about the nozzles, with the help of which this truly indispensable tool becomes a device for drilling wells, pumping out water, cutting metal, and other works.

Nozzle-debarker, photo:

The use of nozzles allows you to expand the potential of a conventional saw. A membrane-type carburetor, the technical features of a centrifugal clutch( automatic coupling / disengagement) with a reliable engine, open up new possibilities for using a familiar tool.

Nozzle-drill, photo:

The output shaft of the saw can be connected:

  1. Nozzle-benzorez, with its help, you can cut bricks, tiles of various thickness, metal objects, even stone.
  2. Debarker( disc or drum) - helps to cut grooves in a timber during the construction of log cabins, to make a rounded surface flat, to cut a groove of any direction( longitudinal or transverse) in a log. Drum debarker will help to remove the bark from the log, remove excess knots, branches, growths.
  3. A pump that can be used to pump water can be used when watering a vegetable garden or draining a flooded room. This nozzle has a bracket with grooves connecting to the saw, as well as a pulley that causes the pump turbine to rotate.
  4. Drill - please note that when connecting this nozzle to the chainsaw, the speed of rotation of the auger( spiral part) will be slightly lower than that of a standard motor drill.
  5. Winch - can be used when moving heavy objects( for example, large tree trunks), towing or pulling cars, boats. It should be borne in mind that the potential of the winch pull force is directly dependent on the power of the saw. In addition to the nozzle additionally used bypass unit, anchor, roof straps, hooks.
  6. Outboard motor - chain saw arrow is replaced with a gearbox with a ratio of 2: 1, set the propeller. Such a reconstruction will allow you to navigate in water at an approximate speed of 20 km / h, and the consumption of gasoline will be approximately 1 l / h.

Improving your unit, do not forget that amateur, semi-professional tools are not designed for continuous operation up to several hours. The device will need to be given periodic rest.

Nozzle gasoline cutter, photo:

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Which chainsaw is better to buy - reviews

For domestic( and not only) use would recommend ECHO chainsaws( purebred Japanese women).Reliable enough. The air cleaning system is excellent( better than Huskvarna or Calm).But which modification is better is up to you, household use is different for everyone. If you think about choosing an ECHO, then first find out about the availability of spare parts. With ECHO spare parts there are problems with delivery( in time).
Sergey Konoplev
http: // showthread.php? Threadid = 7264
I have a Partner-350.I did it with a bathhouse felling, I already sawed 100 cubes of firewood. Generally, what not only sawed. For 5 years, I only changed the chains( there was nothing to sharpen), once the clutch drum( the asterisk was worn).Even the canvas is still native.
Gamow Ivan
http: // selskokhozyaistvennaya-tekhnika / obshchie-voprosy-po-selskokhozya / 201476
Everyone praises his, well, I also will not pass by. Husqvarna 137 - since 2007, only sharpening the chains.
http: // selskokhozyaistvennaya-tekhnika / obshchie-voprosy-po-selskokhozya / 201476
I have been using electric Parma for 19 years. Firewood sawn 100 cubic meters, homework nemeryannom. I gave her father. He used, now I, already on trifles. It is difficult with spare parts, although in the engine even the brushes did not change.
https: // viewtopic.php? T = 699
Whatever is not very expensive, but qualitatively for gardening needs, you will not think up better than stihl ms 180.It serves faithfully for more than one year at construction sites, and if you use it only on weekends, once a month, then it will be enough until Japanese Easter.
http: // index.php? Topic = 25466.0
From Calm to the dacha, you can safely take MS180.According to unverified rumors from the service center, 180C is carried to them more often. Yes, it will be more expensive for a thousand and a half.
http: // index.php? Topic = 25466.0
The saw must be at least 2 kW.I love Calm. My neighbor bought some unknown brand. So she kind of saws, but he runs to me all the time.
http: // index.php? Showtopic = 7502
If you need to constantly cut down the forest, then Shtil is the very thing that you need, time-tested, reliable saw. If you rarely use, you harvest some wood, and the diameter is not more than 250-300 mm, aspen, birch, then the best choice would be a saw like Stihl MS 180/30 - "delimber".They are very light, economical. If price is important to you, then I can advise you to purchase a saw from a domestic manufacturer Taiga. I have a model Taiga 250. Serves more than 7 years. It is used moderately, not very often, but not rarely. In winter and summer. If you run in correctly, adjust, there are no problems, for all the time I replaced the gasket under the cylinder head, I purchased an imported chain. And he advised me to buy one familiar forester, only said that it was necessary to purchase a tire, a chain from Shtil or other imported equipment - everything will be fine. Shin left his own, and bought a chain of Canadian. One drawback of this saw, heavy, 8 kg, but more than offset by the price, it cost me $ 100.Reliable operation, well-made, more powerful than analogs, gasoline 80, our own. The choice is yours, which is considered the main criterion, then choose.
https: // pomogite-vybrat-benzopilu.87694 /
The chainsaw I know one thing - Husqvarna. He built a bath from a bar, a temporary building - there is no better assistant. Unpretentious. EasyThis company has many service centers. There was no need to contact specialists, but this fact calms the nerves.
https: // pomogite-vybrat-benzopilu.87694 /

In thinking about which chainsaw to buy, pay attention to the country where it was produced, the brand name is secondary. Do not burn all Chinese saws as poor quality. A detailed study of models among them can also find decent options for homework.

Before you choose a chainsaw, visit the store, hold the tool - remember the weight, because you will not only have to hold it, but at the same time make working actions. Think before you choose a heavy professional model, figure out if you can handle it. It may be worth choosing an amateur unit from a reputable manufacturer.

What should be a high-quality chainsaw, which brand to choose, what power of the tool is required exactly for your tasks - now it will be easier for you to decide, to make the right decision.

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