What class of washing machine to spin

Before buying a washing machine is worth all its qualities. The buyer is most often interested in the capacity of the drum, the number of functions and modes, as well as energy consumption and spin classes.

Consider what the spin class means and which one is right for you, if you are going to buy a washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Principles of classification
  • 2How not to be mistaken when choosing
  • 3Tips for future owners

Principles of classification

In most models of washing machines, the number of revolutions that the drum makes when spinning clothes can range from 700 to 1700 per minute. The result you can estimate by the degree of dryness of the laundry - the less moisture remains in the laundry after pressing, the more effective this process.

To calculate the effectiveness at home, you need to do the following:

  1. Weigh the wrung out clothes.
  2. Dry things.
  3. Weigh again.
  4. Subtract the weight of the dried laundry from the wet weight.
  5. What was received, divided by the weight of already dry linen.
  6. The resulting digit is multiplied by 100%.

For example, after washing, you weighed the laundry, and you got 5 kg. After drying, the weight of laundry decreased to 3 kg. Subtract - get the number "2". Divide it by 3 - out, 6, multiply by 100% - we get 66%.

Important! In the world, the European quality standard for pressing is recognized. It is denoted by the letters of the Latin alphabet. The most effective class is denoted by the first letter of the alphabet - "A" and descends to the letter "G".

So, what is the spin class in the washing machine? Consider the decoding of classes, focusing on the international classification of the EU:

  • Class "G". The percentage of moisture after pressing is above 90%. In such washing clothes at the exit of the drum will be only 10% dry. Turnovers for this class: 400 per minute.
  • Class "F" indicates a spinning efficiency of 81 to 90%. The speed of this pressing is 600 rpm.
  • Class "E" is somewhat higher in efficiency, and its standard percentage of moisture after washing is 72-81. Models pressing on the class E, operate at 800 revolutions per minute.
  • Spin class "D" - from 63 to 72%. Speed: 1000 revolutions.
  • Parameters of the pressing class "C 54-63 percent of the moisture of the laundry. Drum revolutions: 1200 per minute.
  • In class "B the washing machine squeezes out the laundry, leaving no more than 45-54% moisture in it. The machine presses at a speed of 1400 revolutions.
  • The most popular class is "A". After pressing, not more than 45% of moisture remains in the things. Speed: 1600 revolutions

In addition to the number of revolutions of the drum, the type of its rotation influences the spinning. Some models provide a useful feature that eliminates ironing. In such washing machines, the drum rotates in its own way, constantly changing the speed of its rotation - thanks to this, the laundry does not crumple, and the iron can be moved away.

How not to be mistaken when choosing

Knowing what is the class of pressing in washing machines, I want to understand which is better.

In practice, users found that spinning performed at more than 1000 revolutions of the drum is rarely used, so buying stylals with sky-high figures of 1600 or 1800 is not worth it.

But the differences between 400 and 800 are significant. In the first case, you will get things with a moisture percentage of about 90%, and in the second - the moisture will be much less, already 75%. Spinning by 1000 turns will result in 65% moisture in the washed laundry. The last indicator is the most successful. If you compare it with the humidity in your apartment, the figures are almost identical.

Attention. Often cars designed for extremely high speed are much more expensive than less speed models. In practice, you almost do not notice the difference in the dryness of the laundry after pressing 1 and, thousand turns per minute. The difference will be clearly visible only on dense and heavy clothing, for example, the top - coats and jackets.

Often too high speed can adversely affect the clothes - it crumples, wears out, becomes dull and thin. When choosing SMA, focus not on the number of turns, but on its quality.

Tips for future owners

  • Wizards serving washing machines are advised to give preference to CM imports. China and Korea - also imports, but it is significantly inferior in quality of assembly in Italy or Japan.
  • In addition to the spinning class in washing machines, it is worth looking at a parameter such as the energy consumption class. Sometimes with the same quality of washing, some machines consume little energy, and the second - 2-3 times more. Stop selection on economical models: A, A + and A ++.

  • Often, buyers associate the quality of a parameter, such as pressing, with the type of loading of the AGR. More and in stores they assure that vertical machines are more reliable. But no machine can not so vibrate when squeezed, like "verticals". Machines with front loading, despite the one-sided fastening of the drum, shakes and reels much less.

Now you have all the necessary information to pick up a machine with a spin regime that will match your needs. Watch the video at the same time:

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