How to use bleach in a washing machine

Whitening clothes manually by hand is a laborious process that takes a lot of time and effort. But this is nonsense, if you have a washing machine.

A question may arise: how to use bleach in a washing machine? How safe is it to use a variety of bleaches during washing in a washing machine?

There are many recommendations that will help to cope with the bleaching of things that have lost their attractive white color.

Some bleachers of economy class are more aggressive, therefore it is quite real to return to the yellowed or grayed things the former freshness. There are many means, which include chlorine.

Next, we'll figure out how to use whiteness in the stylalk. You will get good advice on how to use chlorine properly.

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  • 1Use of bleach in the AGR
    • 1.1Where to pour bleach
    • 1.2How to achieve the result
  • 2Using a Stain Remover

Use of bleach in the AGR

Whiteness is a chemical. Can I use chlorine bleach for a washing machine? What is the probability that the substance will damage the drum or rubber hoses?

To understand this question is quite simple: open the instruction from your styralka. If it is forbidden to use chlorine, the manufacturer will certainly mention this. If, nevertheless, the answer is positive, then the model of the automatic machine is assembled from plastic branch pipes, and the drum is made of high-strength metal.

Where to pour bleach

The washing machine has long replaced manual labor. Washing now does not take much time, and having a house dumb-bell, you can easily whiten any thing, returning it the original whiteness.

But the question arises: where to fill the bleach in the washing machine? For this purpose, a special compartment is provided, which is located in the cuvette.

On the container there is a label that will not allow you to overdo with the amount of bleached chlorine.

Do not forget that with frequent automatic bleaching, damage to the parts of the stylalk is possible. It is recommended to use chlorine-based substances extremely rarely.

How to achieve the result

Where to powder, it is known to all owners of the AGR. We suggest that you use the instructions for using bleach:

  1. Having started bleaching things, you should first conduct an examination. Having found out on clothes metal products, it is recommended to remove them. If the parts are not removable, then it is better to use a product that does not include chlorine. From its impact, metal parts darken.
  2. Things need to be soaked with cold water and put into the drum stylalki.
  3. If you started a small wash, just pour a glass of whiteness into the compartment located in the cuvette. You can add detergent if necessary.
  4. If the bleach is poured into the drum, it is necessary to dilute it with a small amount of water. Such measures will prevent tissue damage.
  5. Run the program, which provides the function of setting the temperature no more than 45 degrees. A rinse mode is also suitable.
  6. Things worth rinsing twice. Why is this necessary? To get rid of the unpleasant smell of bleach. For this purpose, it is ideal to use a conditioner for laundry.
  7. If you plan to bleach thin lightweight fabrics, you need to know that they should be washed in bleach for no more than 15 minutes. The same applies to colored things. To ensure that your clothes or underwear does not deteriorate, do not forget to follow the washing process.

These simple rules will help you figure out where to bleach, so as not to spoil things.

Using a Stain Remover

Most manufacturers of powders produce liquid detergents. The whiteness for the washing machine is poured into a special compartment designed for this. But where to put the stain remover, many do not know.

The product is poured into the same container as the washing powder. The stain remover is perfectly washed away when washing. Using stain remover is the ability to wash the stain from any thing.


  • copes with all kinds of pollution;
  • practically does not form foam;
  • the ecological composition does not cause skin irritation;
  • inexpensive;
  • Excellent contact with cold water;
  • suitable for all kinds of fabric.

Knowing where to put stain remover, whiteness and powder powder, is the key to successful and high-quality washing. You will not have problems with graying things, stains on linen.

Stiralka and special tools will help quickly, without much effort to get rid of dirt, keep the original shine and brightness of white things.

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