How to choose a tap for a washing machine

After buying a washing machine, a dilemma arises - how to properly connect the machine. Often the CM hose is brought directly to the water pipe, which is quite dangerous. As a result of the hammer, the hose can burst, so you can not immediately shut off the water supply. Thus, the question of installing a faucet for supplying water to a washing machine is one of the paramount.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of cranes
    • 1.1Types of cranes for connecting the washing machine to the water supply
  • 2Correct installation
    • 2.1Installation of a crane-tee on a washing machine
    • 2.2Automatic washing machine connection

Types of cranes

Varieties of choice

Have you decided to install a tap for the washing machine? When choosing, pay attention to such characteristics:

Raw materials for production. In the shops you will find taps made of materials such as silumin and brass. We recommend you to choose the brass alloy. It will cost more, but it has advantages: moisture resistance and strength. Silumin is lower in cost, however, it is very fragile and quickly collapses, so you will have to go back to the store again. (Below in the photo number 1 - silumin, in the photo number 2 - brass)

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It happens that in the store or in the market they give out a stopcock for a washing machine made of silumin for brass. Check it out simply by weighing the product in your hand: brass is much heavier in weight.

Raw materials for productionRaw materials for production

The construction of the fitting mechanism.There are two main types:

  • Multi-turn (plate). You rotate the plate by thread - the valve closes. But it is unlikely that we will immediately stop the water from a breakthrough.

The construction of the fitting mechanism.

  • Ball (half-turn). Instantly block the water by turning the handle. Durable, hermetic, aesthetic fitting. A simple and compact design, will fit well into any interior.

The construction of the fitting mechanism.

Types of cranes for connecting the washing machine to the water supply

Three main varieties are used. We will understand, in what their basic advantages.

  • Direct cranefor a washing machine or a walk-through. Installed in the presence of a pipe, which separately goes to the washing machine. The one-piece tube has two outlets, is equipped with a ball valve, which instantly blocks the water supply.

Direct crane

  • A three-pin valve.Tandem cranefor installation on a washing machine appreciated by many users, because in addition to the AGR you can connect additional devices. The locking mechanism operates immediately: when water is blocked in the CM to the other devices, access does not overlap.

Tandem crane

  • For tight premises it is better to chooseangle crane(gate) for the washing machine. It also has two holes, only the angle of rotation of one of them is 90 °.

angle crane

You can recommend buying a tee with a ball mechanism. Then it will be possible to connect several devices.

Correct installation

After purchase, it is necessary to install the tap for the washing machine correctly. Therefore, you will need:

  1. In the kit for SM are different hoses. It is recommended to choose a double hose of the required length. Thanks to wire reinforcement, these hoses serve for a long time and reliably.
  2. Flow filter. In tap water, there is a lack of impurities, so it is better to install a strainer to trap debris.
  3. For work are used: a calibrator, a spanner for nuts, nuts, a special tape for sealing.

Installation of a crane-tee on a washing machine

  • Close the cold water.
  • Drain if it is left.
  • After calculating the size of the tee-crane with the screen filter, cut out a similar connector in the pipe.
  • Place a nut on the pipe, previously removed from the triple tap.
  • Using a calibrator, make a larger hole in the pipe.
  • Mount the tee (or other tap). Where the pipe is connected to the thread, install the ring for leaks.
  • Secure the nut.
  • The water supply hose is installed to the outlet with the valve.Installation of a crane-tee on a washing machine

Installation of the corner and flow tap is performed according to the above scheme.

Automatic washing machine connection

If you pre-purchased the hose the right length, then there should not be any problems. Pre-machining the thread with a foamed tape for tightness, connect the end of the hose to the CM with a plastic tip. The other end is also connected to the thread of the fitting. Done! Now you can wash without fear of leaks.

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