Air conditioner service with their own hands

For the maintenance and repair of air conditioning personally have thoroughly learn about refilling freon, required to understand the electrical engineering. Compressor, by and large - the engine, but wired in a sturdy shell. With respect to the periodic cleaning, even cope woman, as withdrawn by confirming roller, lined on YouTube. Talk about carrying out maintenance and repair of air conditioning, without the help of professionals.

Filling refrigerant in air conditioning

In the initial state until the air conditioner is in the original packaging, freon in an external unit. At the inlet and outlet valves are closed tightly. Introducing the product into operation, has put together the blocks and the communication of the copper tube is freed from oxygen located there. This is done through a special branching inlet air conditioner external unit. It joins a collector, it is joined to the vacuum pump.

Not all equipment is compatible. CFCs are different not only in refrigerators, but also in split-systems. Collector need to use the type of refrigerant need to conduct evaluation of the adequacy of charge. Note that most of the dials of instruments combines two or more types of CFCs. Depending linear, for this reason, the complexity only in the translation of the rotation angle of the arrows in the figure. On the Internet there is a value corresponds to a table (for example, a boiling point depending on the pressure) of different refrigerants in fact perform the translation, even if the collector is not suitable.

So we do not recommend to do: there is a chance to make a mistake. Improper dose refrigerant with high probability incapacitates conditioner reduces resource. For example, the excess pressure leads to incomplete transfer of the refrigerant in the gas phase. If liquid gets into the compressor turns high incident. If you do not mind air conditioning, make sure the unit as the heart fails in violation of the rules described.

For the filling, inspection, conditioner refill, you must have on hand:

  1. Collector with a dial, labeled the desired type of freon. We assume that there is different equipment for sale. Requires manifold for charging only air conditioners.
    Manifold with dial

    Manifold with dial

  2. The vacuum pump is required to release the channel from the air and water vapor. Bad conduct nitriding with repeated removal of an inert gas, in the case of the system at negative temperatures. It does not necessarily have in mind the negative temperature outside. For example, when the evaporator temperature, even in the indoor unit, falls below zero. This measure will provide pressurized dewatering channels, nitrogen gaining moisture. Leak detectors are configured for a certain gas type. This methane, nitrogen dioxide, freon series.
  3. It is appropriate to say that a good idea to have in the arsenal of the leak detector. By drop in pressure can already see a violation of integrity. The need to find methods of leak. In refrigerators easier, because the appliance at a glance, not counting the fact that you need to tear off polyurethane foam insulation from the rear wall of the body reaching to the copper pipe. The air conditioners can not touch anything, in addition, the outdoor unit is hanging on a considerable height, as well as a good part of the copper communications. This is a good lesson for the Spider-Man climb and seek to flow along the wall with the device in hand. Reasonable suspicion cast on stitches. However, freon can be lost at any point, including the space within the blocks.
  4. Nitrogen cylinder artisan master passed. Do not say that nitriding is necessary to measure 100%. But dry gas channel dries, removes frost.
    Cylinder with nitrogen

    Cylinder with nitrogen

  5. As for the above preparation. To begin refueling, it will take the balloon with Freon. Wherein the refrigerant is selected compatible with the air conditioner, it is impossible to fill the device left substance, since operability disturbed. Let's not talk about the volumes, flow cross-section, sections of filters and valves need to fill in the amount and the specific substance described in the instructions. By the way, get a guide to service problematic. Refrigerators are inscribed on the type and amount of freon would start with nameplates, for example, the outer block would have examined the compressor.
  6. To control the mass scale required. The balloon is recommended to turn. weight control are accurate to a gram. An exception is the case of conducting refueling. Here it is necessary to act on the eye. If the service centers and have a table, ordinary buyers do not get them. Shortage or excess of refrigerant is determined by the boiling point difference (for a fixed pressure) at the inlet and the outdoor unit (thick pipe). When you calculate the value of non-compliance regulations make amendments. Simply reduce the amount of refrigerant. For this part of the refrigerant is lowered through the collector. When joining the container, the tube is air. He must not get inside. Once vented manifold valve.
    conditioner refueling

    conditioner refueling

  7. Thermometer need any. But it is better with a metal pad. Hardly get correct street thermometer to measure the temperature of a thick pipe external unit air conditioner. Is it permitted to use the infrared thermometer non-contact type? If you can accurately target and the measurement range is the same with the right, it is allowed.

Before the procedure to get good guidance. It describes the degree of vacuum pump, the holding time to follow procedures refrigerant pressure under different conditions. Even the educational films of our firms are not suitable, as are more commercial. individual process steps are missing there. It is clear that in practice, so do not.

You need to be tech-savvy to complete the case. Newcomers necessary to refine the difference in temperature and the boiling point of Freon values ​​inlet pipe thick external unit. Recently, a review on a portal dedicated theme refueling, where painted in detail manufacturing operations. Others say that the Unknown operation. Indeed, it was about cooling. And, of course, air conditioning to work. But those who do not understand, is not enough just to buy equipment for the refueling of air conditioners. Be sure to check the literature before the climb into the jungle.

diagnosis of air conditioners

diagnosis of air conditioners

A few words about the diagnosis. For example, if the air conditioner stopped in the freezing cold to warm at all, and in the thaw, after a time it appeared that the equipment works, it means that in the refrigerant circuit is exposed to water. It's not critical in air conditioners do not put filter driers. At a point below zero is changing. Coil external unit, when using for heating surrounding colder environment, taking heat from it. If the window minus 10 Celsius, it turns out far below the freezing point of water. As a result of disturbed functioning of the equipment. This will cause periodic floating malfunction or will damage, for example, the mechanical portion of the compressor.

Last summer, when there is no sense of the work, it is a sign of leakage of Freon, which can be verified by means of the collector. Device clings to the service pipe the external air conditioner unit. If indicates a value equal to the atmospheric pressure, it's time to change the coolant. Or faulty compressor. Like most modern appliances, air conditioners are equipped with a built-in self-control. From intelligence system depends on the speed of troubleshooting.

By text do not touch the internal channel blocks. In their ability to create a workable climate adjustment system wide. Many air conditioners are able to ventilate the premises.

If the top dripping rain, then came the moment of buying the visor to the air conditioner.

Modern air-conditioning device

Independent repair and maintenance of air conditioners often fall on the shoulders of the private enterprises. Therefore, repairmen have to do the work of service workshops. Air conditioners in similar, if not identical. Do not be put off by the word "inverter control" and other terms. In the first case, simply using the amplitude modulation circuit voltage, which reduces or increases the compressor speed. As a result, the intensity of the cooling is changed, but the engine does not stop. It is believed the data durable device due sparing operation.

Split system (air conditioner), consists of two blocks, the main part taken out outside. This compressor, four-way valve (for models running on heating) and crankcase heating circuit in case of frost. Air conditioning, in essence, is a heat pump or a refrigerator. In normal operation, the evaporator (morozyaschaya portion) put inside, and outside the condenser. Both are fan cooled, so often there is the complexity of the repair of household air conditioners in this part.

Air conditioning repair their own hands

The inner coil intricate shapes, flowing find hard. These twists copper pipes lead to impotence. The complexity is compounded by the fact that the traditional method obmylivaniya difficult to apply due to a large extent. The first units will process and will continue to move forward. If there is confidence that the Freon already follows knowledgeable masters recommend to pump air into the system. Up to 10 atm. In this case, the air is mixed with the remnants of freon begins to penetrate beyond the limits of the system, then apply a standard leak detector. When working with isobutane keep away matches, and other dangerous objects to avoid fire.

The leak detector is adapted to the type of freon. Incidentally, according to the technology recommended pumped into the mixture but, because of the residues in the loop, the master compressor experimental use. Access through the pipe situated in the external unit area where tees mounted with cranes for servicing. One high-pressure side, the other low. Often, in the former case a thin tube, the second thick. Refer to the instructions where to look parameters.

You need to pump air from the low pressure, otherwise the process is complicated by the fact that the flow passes through the capillary tube (or a temperature regulating valve). air conditioning cleaning and repair will last for an unknown period of time.

Conveniently, in this case the system purged or evacuated to remove moisture before refueling. It is necessary to wait 15 minutes even with complete evacuation of gas from the system (air, freon). This ensures that the receiver-dryer will cope with the task. In this case it is recommended to run the compressor for a short period, to remove dissolved gases from the oil. Freon comes into its own under pressure from the cylinder. Number vymeryat weight electronic scales. The vacuum created by the pump. For these operations the filling manifold. Progress refueling and repair of air conditioners:

  • Initially, make sure the CFC need to be changed. whether refueling is allowed? The copper tubes may channel the air from entering. to be replaced by technology. Otherwise, the compressor will soon will be discarded, and the engine speed will be strained by the fall of the system's effectiveness. Air contains moisture, which is separate to the trouble of freon units: the coolant should be changed, refueling will not get off.

Air conditioner installation

  • The need for refilling freon indicates violation of support for the regime. Inoperative cooling and heating. In this case, the device is disabled. Tract warms the entire length. This is done in the cold on the assumption that in the tubes there is water, ice and scored a capillary tube. The process is not as simple as it seems: the outdoor unit, where part of the units contained hanging at a decent height above the ground. It is appropriate to recall the masters of advice on installing the outer part splitki on the balcony. Summer to heating operation is performed, since the negative temperatures in the idle conditioner not, therefore, an ice plug can not be formed. It is clear why the climate units do not pay so much attention to the filter-drier as in refrigerators, where the evaporator temperature is well below zero. If the winter heating did not help to blame freon leak.
  • fell, measurable parameter to confirm the pressure drop in the copper tubes. Service valves are located on the external air-conditioning unit. Reinforcement is easy to see - there are screwed connecting copper tubes. No need for loosening nuts. Before opening valves, install pressure gauges. At the worst case, suitable collector. The pressure inside must be larger, so the air from the connecting pipe in the loop does not fall. Above atmospheric pressure when the compressor is running. More details about the values ​​in the data sheet or inquire at the technical support of the company. No doubt, for each individual air-conditioning value.

air conditioning service

  • Upon detection of the pressure drop necessary to conduct evacuation. The process removes moisture and air from the circuit, preparing the conditioner to refilling with fresh Freon. The left side of the collector connected to the input of the compressor, at an average pumping tube occurs, followed by filling. A number of collectors make it possible not to make docking and undocking operations. This is convenient, but experienced craftsmen get out. After vacuuming is necessary to wait. The pump is running. While freon mixture comes out through the capillary tube, it will take time. Pro recommended to wait 15 min with pump, start refueling. For this manifold valves overlap, further, instead of the pump cylinder is connected, or the piston with Freon.
  • The capacity of the refrigerant is put on the scale, then, by weight controlled filling process. Freon gradually flows into the circuit. Then, check valves and overlap copper channel system for leaks. It is a titanic task. Because tubes are made of copper. Upon contact with any metal in the presence of water, other materials are acceptors and donor destroyed. For this reason, the master is enough to check the joints and find the leak. With aluminum tubes microcracks can occur in any place. Besides copper may use stainless steel, but has a low resistant metal ductility, poorly treatable, bending, cutting. When installing the air conditioner master skewer nut on the tube, a special tool makes the bell, and demountable connection is ready.

Independent repair and maintenance of air conditioners

Likewise being repaired mobile air conditioners to cars. For advanced drivers sold kits to help fill the freon loop. It should be remembered that the leak, which was the cause of the problem should be resolved. Diagnostics and repair of household air conditioners are easier if for the outdoor unit does not need to climb on the twelfth floor.

Communications device in the air conditioner

  • Mounting the electric cable passes through a junction box of the indoor unit.

This is not always the case, especially when both are hung air conditioning in several locations. But centralized management helps the equipment to operate effectively. In this case, the supplied wire is fastened to the terminals arranged for removable flap. It is pertinent to mention that the air conditioning is better not to connect an extension cord. In addition, the engine does not like power surges. Individual craftsmen are encouraged to maintain a connection through the uninterruptible power supply of a personal computer. As far as the decision is appropriate, we do not undertake to judge. It is better to use a dedicated power outlet and do not combine the tee connection with other appliances. The compressor at start consumes current exceeding the working 3-8 times, imposing restrictions on use of communication.

  • Drain pipe is near the freon.

If the latest twist the key to preventing leaks, moisture is not so strict. Enough sanitary fum-tape (or tow plus silicone sealant). Accordingly, repair and installation of air-conditioning is carried out in this part easier. Compounds collapsible, require no special tooling.

Diagnostics and repair of air conditioners start with an assessment of the error code according to the service manual. Most models will prompt that it does not work. Hopefully, now the repair of air conditioners Daikin our readers hold without effort.

Video instruction

See the instructions to fix the received knowledge. No matter how often write reviews, find information, cunning, subtlety not found in the text.

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