Replacement of freon in the refrigerator

Leaking Freon (gas, refrigerant) is one of the most common breakdowns in refrigeration equipment. Next, we'll look at what breakdowns most often cause a leak, the most vulnerable places in the refrigerator, and the order of work when a problem is detected.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where leak occurs most often
  • 2How to detect a leak: signs of a malfunction
  • 3When you need to recharge freon
  • 4How is filling performed?

Where leak occurs most often

The most common leakage areas are:

  • Factory rations or lokringovye connections. The cause of leakage in these areas can be natural deformation or factory-wired joints.

  • Zone of the "crying" evaporator. The material from which this part is made is usually aluminum. This metal easily rusts, therefore, under the influence of a moist environment, microcracks may appear in the places of corrosion. Through these damages slowly, but confidently freon disappears.

  • Steel heating circuit, located on the perimeter of the freezer. This circuit serves to evaporate moisture formed around the perimeter of the freezer compartment during temperature fluctuations. Constant moisture leads to spoilage of the metal, because of which the circuit starts to flow gas. Especially probable is the problem with the refrigerators Atlant, Indesit or Samsung after 5 years of operation.

How to detect a leak: signs of a malfunction

To understand whether a replacement of freon in the refrigerator is necessary, you will have to accurately diagnose the cause of the breakdown. Usually, it is possible for a specialist equipped with the necessary diagnostic tools. But the technique can give a number of "signals noticing that it is possible and independently determine that the system has a leak of refrigerant:

  1. Fridgetoo weakly cools and freezes. This is typical of gas leakage in the early stages. In general, the technique is in operation, but the temperature in the chambers can be higher than the user-defined values. If the model with two compressors, the problems will be with one of the compartments, with one - it will be difficult to cool two cameras at once.
  2. Long motor-compressor cycle, almost without pauses. This behavior is due to the fact that leakage in the system reduces the pressure, and the motor tries to compensate for the high temperature in the chambers by prolonged operation.
  3. The chambers are warm, the compressor does not work. Having worked on the remains of freon, the technique stops due to the complete evaporation of the gas. If the engine does not start, the refrigerant supplies are exhausted, and refueling is required.

    Important! How much does refueling cost? In the workshops of Moscow and the region the price of such work can be from 1000 to 3000 rubles. The cost of work can vary from the type of equipment, the number of compressors and the complexity of the failure.

  4. Alarm sound or indication. Almost every model of a modern refrigerator provides for the activation of an alarm when the temperature in one of the chambers rises. On the case there is a red (less often - yellow) light bulb, which can constantly burn or blink. In addition, blinking can be accompanied by sound. Electronic models can respond to leakage silently by displaying an error code on the electronic display.
  5. External signs. If everything is all right with freezing and cooling, inspect the inner walls of the chambers - perhaps on them a "coat" of snow or ice in the area of ​​the evaporator has grown (in this case, the leakage should be sought in evaporator). On the perimeter of the door found rusty stains? Most likely, the leakage spot is a "warm" circuit. When the wall of the housing is swollen, it is even easier to detect the leakage spot - most likely, it is under the inflated area.

Wherever a leak is found,it is impossible to repair yourself. It will take special tools and professional equipment for replacement. In addition, as with any work with a "cold" circuit, you will need to replace the filter-drier - you can not do without soldering. Entrust work to a professional to avoid problems after self-intervention.

When you need to recharge freon

Refrigerant charge is necessary for each depressurization. Usually this phenomenon is caused by such factors:

  • Refrigerant leaksdue to the natural wear and tear of equipment.
  • Punching the capillary against clogging. Usually, the capillary tube is clogged due to the penetration of moisture particles and organic compounds into the system. To eliminate blockage, the master punches the plug with a special press. The second, more effective way is to replace the contour. In any case, after eliminating the clogging, it will be necessary to seal the system and refill Freon.
  • Compressor replacement. When there is decompression or breakdown of the motor due to a power surge in the network, it is replaced with a new one. After this, the necessary rations and refueling are followed.

How is filling performed?

Despite the fact that the refueling of the refrigerant in the repairman's competence, we will describe the order of work to you in order to orient in the complexity of the work. This will become for you a small cheat sheet in case you decide to save money and use the services of a private master - check with the scheme described by us so as not to be deceived.

  1. Detection of a gas leakage point. The specialist conducts a visual inspection of the refrigerating cabinet in search of visible signs of leakage - streaks, rust or swelling. Further diagnostics is carried out using a leak detector - this unit captures the maximum content of freon vapors in the air.
  2. Elimination of leakage. Specificity of the work is determined depending on the localization of the problem. If the place is easily accessible, for example - it is the rust of the steel heating circuit, then it is simply clipped and looped. If the problem is in the foamed part of the hull, the repairman informs you of the expediency of the work: an opening of the thermal insulation or a complete replacement of the evaporator can be carried out.
  3. Installation of the filter-drier. The old element is removed and replaced with a new one - this will protect the system from moisture penetration. Dismantling of the old filter is simple - it is cut off, the new one is soldered.
  4. Leak testing. By injecting nitrogen into the system and monitoring the manometer, the master determines how well the system holds pressure. If the test is successful, the gas is discharged and the work continues.
  5. Vacuuming. To eliminate excess air and moisture particles, it is necessary to ensure a complete vacuum of the system. To do this, a pump is used that connects to the Schroeder valve - it pumps the air to the required level.
  6. Actually,fueling. Being on the finish line, the repairman selects the refrigerant of the desired brand and refills the refrigerator also through the above Schroeder valve. The required Freon volume is calculated based on the manufacturer's instructions. The filling is controlled by the manometer reading or by weighing the cylinder.
  7. Checking the success of the work performed. Having finished the refueling, the master is convinced of the full working capacity of the system and issues a warranty card.

Now you know everything about the leak - why and where it appears, how its place is determined and how repairs are carried out. We advise you to apply only to the proven workshops, so that all work was carried out according to the norms, and your refrigerator worked for many more years.

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