Atlas fridge does not work, and the freezer works

Sometimes the Atlant refrigerator is surprisingly odd: the freezer works and the tropics in the main chamber. It cannot be said that the equipment has completely broken down, because the freezer is functioning normally, but in fact it is already inoperative. How to find the cause and correct the situation, read the article.

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  • 1 Why the Atlant refrigerator does not work, and the freezer works
  • 2 Causes of Atlant single-compressor models breakdown
  • 3 One-compressor Atlant does not freeze: causes the Atlant and the freezer works

    freezes when the freezer compartment is running, it is not very user-friendly and may lead to complete failure of the refrigerator. And the products will deteriorate 3 times faster, and eat some frosts - not "comme il faut".To understand why a similar situation arose, and to know what to do, you need to understand the structure and type of your refrigerator.

    To find out what happened, you need to determine what type of Atlant refrigerator is in your kitchen:

    • with one compressor;

    • with two.

    To find out this technical nuance, take a look at the user manual. You can turn on the refrigerator and see for yourself the number of compressors.

    Difficult to move heavy machinery? Our table will help to dot the “e”:

    Symptom Manifestation How many compressors does the refrigerator “ Atlas
    manage to turn off the freezer without turning off the main chamber? Yes 2
    No 1
    Mechanical model? Check the number of thermostats. One 1
    Two 2
    What type of system No Frost( if provided)? Regular 2
    Complete 1
    Is there a crying evaporator in the main compartment, and No Frost in the freezer? Yes 1
    No 2

    Causes of ATC single-compressor models breakdown

    If you have an Atlant refrigerator with one compressor and it has a freezer and the camera doesn’t, check these points:

    1. How tightly is the door covered. If something inside the chamber prevents the door from closing, correct the dishes on the shelves. If the seal is damaged, it is better to replace it. When skewing the door is to adjust the hinges or move the door to the other side. You can try to set the level of equipment. If you do not immediately notice a problem with the door, there will be frost inside and water under the drawers, so you will need to defrost.
    2. What is the temperature in the room and inside the chamber. When there is an excess of heat in the room, and the thermostat is at its maximum, it is difficult for the compressor to perform its functions. In models with a single motor, almost all engine performance is spent on the freezer, and the second chamber is cooled after the freezer has cooled. In order for the compressor to have enough power, set the dial to 2.5( about -16 degrees) for the freezer. In the second chamber, set the regulator to a division between 2 and 3.
    3. Fan status .If the part is frozen( especially with a full “Nou Frost”), the fan may freeze with ice. This will prevent air circulation and its entry into the second chamber. It’s easy to learn about a failure - listen to the work of the equipment; it will become much quieter. If the guesses were confirmed, give the Atlant refrigerator about 10 hours to defrost.

    If the recommendations gave a visible result and the technique was reanimated, use the refrigerator as usual. If everything is unchanged, de-energize the equipment and call the wizard.

    One-compressor “Atlas” does not freeze: causes

    If you have ATLANT МХМ 2808-95, ATLANT МХМ 2819-95, ATLANT МХ 2822-66 or any other model equipped with one motor, our troubleshooting table will help you:

    Symptom Problem
    The fan is not buzzing. After defrosting for 10 hours did not turn on. Blown cooler motor( only for No Frost).The reason is freezing or natural deformations. It is necessary to replace the engine cooler with a new one.
    Ice and snow along the walls, especially from the back of the freezer. The cooler is not spinning. Evaporator heater breakdown likely( for No Frost).If the heating element is burned, the evaporator is covered with ice or "fur coat."The tension prevents the rotation of the blades of the cooler, which drives the cold into the main compartment. To solve the problem, you need to replace the heater.
    Engine is not running. There is a lot of ice in the freezer compartment, or the temperature in the compartment is lower than it should be. A problem with the freezer thermostat( electrician) or the evaporator sensor( electronics).All the cold goes only to the freezer compartment, since the sensor “thinks” that it is too warm there. The solution to the issue of replacing a thermostat or sensor.
    Top in the freezer rusty drips( with the bottom of the camera). A refrigerant leak through the steel contour of the freezer has occurred. May be caused by clogging of the upper chamber drain. If the drain is blocked, water flows out and flows into the freezer.
    In this area there is a circuit that prevents the formation of condensate. In contact with water, the steel part rusts, which is why freon is gradually leaving the system. It is necessary to cut out the rotten parts of the contour and seal it. Next, you need to re-charge the refrigerant.
    Puncture chamber during defrost. A hole results in a refrigerant leak. The master is obliged to diagnose the system to find the leak and to ensure the tightness of the circuit, and at the end to recharge the system.

    Important! Defrosting the refrigerator, you can not speed up the process, chipping ice with sharp objects. Turn off the power, open the doors and allow time for the ice to melt.

    The wall was swollen, or there was a powerful frost in the main chamber. “Symptom” indicates a refrigerant leak in the foam part of the body. Parts are securely sealed, so dirty and complex work is ahead. Therefore, we recommend to take the CW to the service so that the cabinet is not opened in your kitchen. Experienced mechanics will find a leak in the workshop, replace the foam part, fill the circuit.
    Compressor for a long time "resting" between work( typical for "electronic" models). The evaporator sensor or the air sensor of the refrigeration compartment has broken. Sensors in case of breakage do not signal that the chambers are not cold enough, therefore, having completed their work, the motor permanently turns off. It is necessary to find and replace the faulty node.
    Compressor "rests" for a long time( for "electromechanics"). The main compartment thermostat has broken. The motor cools the freezer and goes off, although switching to the second chamber should work. A temperature controller replacement is required.

    The sign of breakage does not mean its 100% probability. For sure to understand why the camera in the "Atlanta" is not cooling, and the freezer functions perfectly, you need a thorough diagnosis. Special equipment is available only at the masters of service centers and private workshops, so trust this procedure to them.

    Breakdowns of models with one compressor can be many times more. Interestingly, they do not manifest themselves - this is their great danger. If you run such a problem, you can lose a working compressor, and then the repair "will result in a pretty penny."These “silent” failures include:

    • . Filter filter blockage or capillary blockage. In addition to the refrigerant, there is oil in the system that lubricates the compressor. Over time, due to regular heating, the oil forms a blockage in one of these nodes. To find a breakdown, you need a vacuum diagnostic tool. If it is a blockage, an oil and coolant change is required.

    • Decompression of the engine .Stable operating pressure in the electric motor - 4-10 atmospheres. When decompression occurs, the pressure drops below the permissible limit, so the motor only cools the freezer. Need diagnostics and replacement of the engine. Motor repair is almost impossible.

    • The defrost valve is deformed( for models with electronic control unit).If the part “sticks” on the cooling of the freezer, switching to the refrigerator compartment does not occur and heat is collected there. Need to replace the part.

    The list can be doubled, but only a specialist can handle the repair. It's not about the complexity of the work, but about finding the necessary details. Therefore, if you find out the different behavior of the “Atlant” refrigerator cells, contact the service.

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