How to connect an electric stove with his hands

In practice, connecting the electric cooker is engaged in specialist, master only supervise a course of action. No gas is allowed to conduct the work themselves. The main thing - to calculate the machine power, ground the unit.

General provisions, how to connect, what, whom to ask

Individual electric cookers may be connected without a plug. If the wiring is wound up properly and the unit breaks down, the manufacturer declines all responsibility. Examination shows: Electrical connections plate was carried out correctly, the buyer will have to pay for the restoration. The manual or on the body special circuitry is provided. Earth is not necessary to put on the zero line. The plug is not - look for an external switch, circuit breaker to turn the power off electric stove.

The manual says that the device is intended for use with an external timer. The temptation is great. Most electric stoves such exploitation will not be tolerated. Typical for the installation condition of the stall protection. Gas stove is fixed at a minimum hose-liner, in this case we see an ordinary stable 'box'.

plate preparation

Most electric stoves belongs to a class of devices with the first degree of protection, require mandatory grounding. The documentation will find the recommended wire mark for installation (H05VV F). The product is in the store to get difficult, the foreign manufacturer. The name indicates the family (3G4 - a special type of cable with three conductors section 4 sq. mm withstand temperatures up to + 700 ° C). It is operated at negative values ​​of the thermometer. Powerful wire for electric cookers not afraid harsh environment, Goes to the shield at an entrance or vestibule (the condition compliance area conductor material). Maximum AC voltage is:

  1. Single-phase connection - 330 V.
  2. Three-phase connection - 550 V.

The cable is often used to connect kitchen appliances, similar to PVA or VVG. The main theme will be power. If the instructions say that a total electric stove consumes 9.5 kW, the VVG 3x1.5 cable is not necessary. Thicker veins difficult to close up the outlet. I need a specialist for installation. Widely mounted transient terminal VAGA, risking much: the small section of the wire can not withstand the load, wiring too. The house is old, if you do not pull the line - will have to put the cable to the panel.

Installation gas cookers

How to harmonize the electrical installation plate

high power equipment may not be suitable for an apartment. If the shield is designed for 40 A, a new electric stove will not start. According to the law do not get permission:

  1. If the house is 11 storeys or more.
  2. If the house is of variable height, at least one section of 11 floors and more.
  3. In the dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, nurseries, schools, boarding schools.
  4. In the house there are shops, restaurants domestic service, catering.
  5. The exclusive right to install disabled receive a family, regardless of the number of storeys of the building.

The permit is issued in the region authorities (City Hall), provides the right to reduction of payment of tariffs for electricity. In practice, the situation is not working. Standards for homes with central heating, hot water, if these are not available, you will need to resolve misunderstandings with grids. Procedure:

  • Installation without permits, approvals are not allowed to perform. The project takes the certified organization will need the connection diagram of an electric stove.

Kitchen stove

  • When it comes to heating devices, switch off position is available for the grid workers.
  • Power matching are:
  1. up to 5 kW - local Energonadzor;
  2. 5 - 10 kW - regional management of the power company;
  3. over 10 kW - the main management of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.
  • In these organizations provided economic justification of the use of electricity (for example, no gas riser).
  • The project is a special organization. Ideally - to build a house.
  • Engineering survey performed on the wiring resistance.
  • Taking into account the peak hours, the opportunity is estimated at this time not to use appliances.
  • It is required to prove that the electric range has a higher performance efficiency gas.


  • Allowed to make other documentary sources to facilitate the solution of the problem.

When the obtained solution, builders will cabling. Typical wiring not withstand 9.5 kW. When connecting an electric cooker with their own hands is completed, it turned out that exposes utilities bills. They have an agreement with energy companies out there will say that you need to ask before connecting electric cooker yourself. The coefficient of 0.7 may not set the - unfasten the money for other purposes. In Energosbyt say need a medical certificate that gas "allergy" (any disease).

Sue almost useless. Will have to pay at a rate of 0.7, while the response action would not come. It turns out in Russia:

  • I set plate, and although an FTS discounts and has, in practice, impossible to win benefits.

On the quality of law judge any man in the street. Once the court found that the customer is entitled to the provision of tariff at a rate of 0.7, because the electric stove is installed according to the rules... but in the application of the tariff refused.

Rates exposes the Criminal Code, is required to enter into a true contract with energy.


If you connect an electric cooker according to the law, the gain in rates will not work. Worry only about security. Wiring must necessarily go through the engineering survey to not fire happened.

Devices that consume a lot of energy - jacuzzi, water heaters, saunas. Uncontrolled use obschedomovyh technique leads to accidents, traffic jams departure becomes one cause of fire. In a private house owner himself takes care of itself, above the high-rise buildings of 11 levels are designed for powerful consumers. Those who live in the Khrushchev should consider whether additional electrical stand home cooking hob with an oven?

Select the replacement Multivarki, do not use gas. The price of small household appliances is relatively low. Summary: if you decide to connect the electric stove Hansa, proceed according to the law.

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