How to wash jeans in a washing machine

Jeans are comfortable casual clothes that need proper care. If you wash it incorrectly, it will color, lose color, settle. That's why many are brewing quite a logical question, how to wash jeans in a washing machine-automatic. We will share with you a lot of useful tips, and you will learn how to properly wash your jeans for the first time, so that later there are no problems.As for the question of whether it is possible to wash jeans with other things, remember that jeans pants are best washed separately. This will prevent staining, stretching and settling. But still there are some things with which you can wash your jeans. If your pants are of dark tone, then respectively, and they need to be washed with dark things. And on the contrary, bright pants with things of a light shade.

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  • 1Do I need to wash jeans after purchase?
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  • 3How to wash jeans in a washing machine
    • 3.1Step-by-step preparation for washing
    • 3.2Choosing a program: on which to wash jeans
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  • 4Does drying affect the quality of clothes?

Do I need to wash jeans after purchase?

Surely you were wondering how to wash jeans for the first time. Often denim pants are washed after 5-10 socks. Of course, you need to take into account the state of clothing. If you carry them to work regularly, then you will need to wash after the 3rd exit.

The less often the jeans are washed, the longer it will serve and not lose its appeal.

There are easy methods of removing stains and dirt: for example, wipe dirty areas with a damp sponge. A couple of words need to be said about how to wash jeans so that they are not dyed. To do this, draw water into the pelvis, add a handful of salt, soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse out. This will help to strengthen the paint.

How to wash jeans by hand

Put warm water in the basin and soak the clothes for 30 minutes - if the trousers are stained, then you should get rid of them before washing. What you need to wash:

  • Ordinary brush with medium-hard bristles. Strongly stiff bristles will damage the fabric.
  • Laundry soap or laundry detergent. Soap is planed and added to water until completely dissolved. Also it will have to be used for soaping the brush. After choosing a powder, dilute 50 g in water, put pants down there.

How to wash jeans so that they do not sit down

Place the item in a large basin with warm soapy water so that it covers the trousers. Clean the surface of the trousers with a brush. Noticeable soaps and soak carefully.

The second way of washing:

  • Lay out the dry pants on the bottom of the tub.
  • Prepare a soap solution in advance.
  • Wet the brush in it and rub the trousers.

Then rinse. Type the water in the tub and rinse until the water is clean, and the soap detergent will cease to be felt on your hands. Do not unscrew your trousers, let the water drain.

Next, you will know at what temperature and in what mode you can wash your jeans.

Interesting! To maintain the brightness of jeans, use a solution of cold vinegar water. Soak the pants for 10 minutes and rinse!

How to wash jeans in a washing machine

Washing in the AGR is allowed, but you need to be extremely careful and accurate. Before refilling the drum, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the thing using a brush and soap solution - the instruction is described above. Carefully inspect the trousers at the bottom, since the legs are most often exposed to dirt. If before washing you do not clean the jeans, then, getting them out of the drum, you will understand that they are all the same dirty.

Wash pants should only be turned inside out.

Also, before loading into the drum, check to see if there are any jewelry or other metal parts on the pants.

Step-by-step preparation for washing

Many housewives often face such a problem, as a complete or partial loss of color of jeans. In order not to face such consequences, pre-treatment is recommended.

  1. If you have a question, in which mode to wash jeans, the answer is obvious: manual mode or delicate washing program.
  2. Do not wet the thing before sending it to the stiralk.
  3. To wash clothes, use quality products that do not contain chlorine. Gels and rinses are recommended - they soften the thing, ensuring its uniform drying. Also, they will not allow much wrinkling.
  4. If your trousers have fixed metal parts, seal them with a special tape. So the fittings will not be damaged, rusted and will not fall off.

Choosing a program: on which to wash jeans

Faced a problem and do not know at what temperature the jeans are erasing? In modern machines there are special functions for washing such things. Pants are best washed at 30-degree mode. The number of revolutions should not exceed 800 rpm. With a greater number of revolutions, the thing can tear. You know, at what temperature to wash jeans, now it is necessary to understand the cycles. Do not turn on the short cycle, as the soiling will not be able to wash properly in the shortest possible time. It is better to choose a program with a cycle of at least 60 minutes.

If your eraser does not provide a long cycle, choose the "Fast 30" mode with pre-soaking.

Does drying affect the quality of clothes?

After the washing has been completed, remove the trousers from the drum and shake it carefully so that they are equalized. Hanging jeans is recommended in the shade, best on the balcony or on the street. Do not forget to turn them upside down with their trousers - this ensures a uniform drying. Take off your jeans before they are completely dry. While the trousers are wet, turn on the iron and walk it.

Machine drying is forbidden, otherwise the trousers will strongly recoil.

Now it is not difficult for you to answer the question of how many degrees to wash jeans. Be sure that no matter what type of washing you choose, you will not have any difficulties in caring for them. Share with your friends the secrets of a successful wash!

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