What better multivarka or multivarka-cooker

Multivarka makes porridge itself. Good hardware control: Justices children. YouTube posted video: 11-year-old girl prepares a complicated recipe that get up pro - feast for the eyes at all. Knowing the composition of the ingredients, cook any dish with a single click. Of course, exaggerating slightly, the result is determined by the type of the device. So it is better, or multivarka multivarka-cooker.

Home multivarka-cooker

Avoid topics immediately report: pressure cooker separately sold rare. Often a showcase decorated with a combined device. Shalt call home multivarka-pressure cooker. Lack of good old "magic pots": always missing time business person difficult to survive. Want the benefits multivarok-pressure cookers gave people a chance to save a few minutes. If you previously had to use a timer delayed start in the morning to get fresh grilled meat, we can make the dish in a flash.

Electronic Multivarki panel

Multivarka food cook more quickly pans. Due to the pressure relief valve control. And let the primitive element - little moisture evaporates, taking heat. The high pressure will contribute to the adsorption of water vapor groats. Self-cooker multivarka enhances the effect of closing the bypass valve, the hot air pit stops. There are some devices the emergency protection. When the pressure sensor gave a contingency, we see the driving means of the system to normal properties.

Benefits multivarok fully automatic. As for a simple recipe. Mother is sure: children will be fed warm food, even if the cook went to work. Do not need to turn on the gas stove, or other appliances, the heart will be calm parents. Home multivarka-cooker, following the program, perform the appropriate action, automatic heating temperature to support the arrival of rebyatni from school. To conserve power, you can set the timer at all delayed start. Porridge at home multivarka-cooker is ready for the arrival of students. Are all devices fulfill the specified scheme ...

No! New home Multivarki-type pressure cooker Redmond budget with a simplified structure regulators. While there are no detailed reports on the Internet that the system works better than the old one. It serves to maintain the temperature constant, to vary the cooking time in the range of 1 - 90 minutes.

Disadvantages multivarok-pressure cookers clear: opening the bypass valve, no longer see the good old pot. Before the eyes of multivarka with a single handle time, the lack of opportunities to regulate temperature. It looks strange.

Multivarka that the ordinary user of the device? A set of embedded software developers to help attend to forget the result of the operation, trust automation. What is multivarka-cooker of the type mentioned. The device, resembling aerogrill, known to the public that has to visually check the result of culinary operations. Stop buyers hesitate.

Disadvantages of home multivarok-pressure cookers

Whatever Multivarki shortcomings, the unit - a completely safe appliance. Of course, you can burn, try a gas stove at home too dangerous bet. Pressure cookers are equipped with old Soviet drain valve. Forget the open, hurry - dinner slap ceiling. Then not that cleaning the capital repair will require a new one. In these times of danger factor Multivarki-cooker is hardly pleasant. If the child is a student comes, forget gently to release the steam, nothing good will happen to.


It is understandable why the home-multivarka pressure cooker Redmond RMC-PM4507 devoid of the delayed start-up timer. Worse, if the children decide to test the device without permission. You can cover the face to get burned by steam. In fact, in today's pressure cookers multivarka-lower level of danger, yield stout Soviet:

  • the valve has a pressure relief;
  • Cover mercilessly etches along the perimeter, while ignoring the sealing ring.

In light of this, we believe, these phenomena are not a flaw Redmond. On the contrary, it has done deliberately to increase the level of security home Multivarki-cooker users. Although measures have been taken at the expense of speed. Disadvantages multivarok-pressure cookers are listed! We want to fish after 10 minutes, preparing a beef 20 is not obtained, the steam is discharged. We advise the developer.

What is different from multivarka Multivarki-cooker? Right! Lack of emergency valve. Here the grass couples automatically at the end of the program. In order not to face burned home multivarka-cooker, it is necessary to lower slowly, avoiding capillary or diffuser. Home appliances such plan positioned the family, should not pose any danger even the youngest members of the social edinichki. Or provide to home multivarku-cooker protection against children.

Pressure cooker-multivarka

On the other hand buying the appliance to cook quickly. Otherwise cheaper to take aerogrill fry pleasing to the soul. Porridge can make an old home multivarka devoid of pressure cooker, used to households, including children.

Home multivarka-pressure cooker Redmond RMC-PM190

If the budget model RMC-PM4507 devoid of preinstalled programs, comprises a handle, considered multivarka-cooker suited to business class. unit cost of 10,000 rubles. List the key properties of the product:

  1. 14 pressure cookers mode programs.
  2. 9 Multivarki mode programs.
  3. Ability to turn off the heating function is started by the end of the recipe.
  4. Delayed start.

Surprising lack multipovara. Deprived of useful functions, professional cook will be in difficulty. Among the programs see the preparation of yoghurt, bread baking. Home multivarka-cooker can proofed dough, home will please delicious rolls, including Easter cakes. Disappointed that the model does not allow to set the cooking time manually, although cheap did. Rather, it comes into play corporate interests, for fear of release too cheap multivarku-cooker, able all. Knock demand other models. Perhaps the case and in the other, which prevents enter into electronics timer mechanical action, remains a mystery.

Multivarka with a convenient menu

Storing programs is not a part of action must be done manually. The creators Multivarki-cooker tried to introduce as much as possible the list of programs, including: Beans, popcorn. Trying to cook the peas without corresponding program knows how much hassle bring home multivarka before the prescription is finished. We believe in this model, the designers have laid the functions in the program, trying to cover the range of possible of culinary delights.

Take multivarku or pressure cooker

Redmond refuses to understand one simple thing: when deciding what to choose, or multivarku multivarku-cooker, the user is guided by a desire to save time. So, we need to bring online cooking time fish, beef, pork, rice. The reason for the payment of money? Pets Multivarki become familiar. Know cook faster pans, we do not seek to understand the details of when the eye catches a device that will save time, want to know everything!

Instead - zero to the official website, doling out words, quoting the manual multivarok-pressure cookers: preparing fish for 15-20 minutes, 25 plov. That is embedded in the concept. To become brown pilaf, carrots, you must first burn to saharyaschegosya state. At the same time add the onion, garlic, fry the meat. As home multivarka-cooker will help? There vvvidu when the top zasyplem rice dolem water, will count 25 minutes from that point? It remains a mystery cookbook Redmond classified. Perhaps, brown pilaf get multivarka-pressure cooker is impossible? Many did know how to make the dish according to the traditions.

How to decide which is better, or multivarka multivarka-cooker, without knowing the key features! First of all, speed. Like the site of the Swiss mixer Bamiks, lined professional video 5 recipes for 5 minutes. We see at once: useful tool.

What is a pressure cooker. The word on the screen, plus the promise of quick cooking! Krupa, scalded with boiling water, boil 15 - 20 minutes with no tricks typical multivarka. The difference is small, powerless to earn a prefix indicating speed. Note purely specific aspect: on the destruction of the bacteria, worms egg leaves the allotted time nature. Although at 100 degrees Celsius for the most part it takes place rapidly. But when frying barbecue Finns tapeworms survive by infecting consumers. Evaluate the security aspect, together with the portal VashTehnik.



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