What bowl to buy for the multicooker

Happens, they took the device in a hurry, I liked the machine: it’s great to cook, the bowl is breathing its last. I have to think about which bowl to buy for the slow cooker. As usual, let us search for useful information for readers.

How multicooker manufacturers protect

products Looking around the market, you gain confidence: the manufacturer is trying to pull a blanket. The bowl of one brand of the multicooker certainly will not have to the place of another device. Made by fighters, catching the consumer, in fact, it hurts the buyers. Try to find in the general store bowl on the multicooker Panasonic. In the corner can lie the broken Redmond, the cup of which would serve the owners.

Bowl multicooker

What to do with diversity. Between some multicookers exchange of cups is possible. Must match:

  1. Volume.
  2. Height.
  3. The diameters of the bowl and the upper rim.
  4. Bowl rounding radius.

As a result of the substitution, the bottom surface is in contact with the heating element. Redmond put up three or four liters. Multivarki divided into groups, according to the volume. Exceptions are the RMC-M4504 and

RMC-M110 models.5-liter bowl of other products will not work. Readers are puzzled: the volume is indicated by the seller site, where to get the other sizes.

Set, the bowl considered the main height, diameter, without the upper rim. According to the parameters of the sizes of bowls produced by LLC NEK, shown in the table, are graded. Dimensions are in mm, volume is measured in liters.

Volume 2.7 3 4 4 4 4 4 4.5 5 5.5 6
Height 109 116 120 131 131 136 136 141 146 151 157
Diameter 195 195 220 220 226 220 226 220 220 220 220

Be careful. Redmond disguised as a 3-liter bowl uses 2.7 liters capacity. Readers will note: the classification is incomplete. The RMC-01 is equipped with a 2 liter bowl. The information is given, according to the NEC product range, at http: //multiv.nethouse.ru/static/doc/0000/0000/0120/ 120275.894tccc4jl.pdf you will find the table of correspondence of multicooker brands and bowl sizes. The manufacturer does not hide: in the details of the product with deviations from the original, they serve regularly. Now readers know where to buy a multicooker bowl.

Studying stores, let's proceed from obvious conditions. The manufacturer is trying to sell the goods to the maximum. The table at the address above, for sure, contains all the types of multicookers to which bowls are made. If there is no need, then:

  1. Ltd. NEK can not help.
  2. Bowls available multicooker to this will not work.

There is a small probability: when making lists, some of the products were missed. The owners of the Redmond multicookers will visit http: //prikormrebenka.ru/ gde-kupit-chashu-dlya-multivarki-redmond-redmond /, there are correspondences between the models. The problem of the official site Redmond: difficult to find a complete list. Bowls are sold, a pair of suitable models from the latest innovations from the manufacturer are indicated.

Bowl cover material of the multicooker

Who decides to choose the coating for the bowl should know: PTFE, Teflon, fluoroplastic, NeoPlast synonymous words. Varieties of one coating, a lot of sensational in the United States. In the district of Teflon factories, people began to observe health problems. The brand is owned by Du Pont.

Today, three types of coatings( based on polymers):

  1. Ceramic.
  2. Marble.
  3. Teflon.

Basis one - polymer layer. Choose a filler, the share in the coating is 5-20%.

Stainless steel, aluminum cups will find no coating. The food will burn. Solving the problem, try to support the LLC NEK.Not advertising, just find out easily what types are released. Nature bore analogues? Redmond produces for each brand of multicooker 2 - 3 types of bowls, LLC NEK - half-dozen:

Bowl of multicooker

  • Eco made of aluminum, devoid of coating( food tin).
  • Classic one-sided cover( which one, you forgot to write).
  • Premium double-sided coating( without specifying material).
  • Proff G1 - aluminum, covered by stainless steel with non-stick coating.
  • Budget - two-sided PTFE coating.
  • Kerama - ceramic coating supplemented with enamel interspersed with fluoroplastic.

You see, LLC NEK tries, the secrets of the coating keeps tenaciously. Buyers have little use. The material regarding the choice of the bowl is good, the specific properties are silent. Teflon is confidently recommended by the first months of operation, a couple of years later, it wears off, after six months the food burns. Ceramics designed to withstand long-term operation. Food will burn slightly. We are faced with a choice: excellent qualities for a short period of time vs mediocre properties for a long time.

Bowl in a multicooker

Marble coating equipped with expensive models. Bowl inexpensive. The product with a teflon coating on the official site of Redmond costs 990 rubles, with ceramic 1090 rubles, marble LandLife - 1190. The difference is symbolic. I would prefer the latter option as opposed to buying a Redmond multicooker bowl on the official website. Pick up the size helped.

Find in stores bowls coated with stainless steel, food-grade aluminum. We do not get any advantages in the second case, the first type is durable. Clearly from the read, we found it necessary to emphasize.

Search for the multicooker bowl

There is no desire to wait by mail, courier bowl from an authorized dealer, the question arises, where to get the goods. First, visit the Yandex market, in the query box, type "bowl multicooker."The item is not in the options menu, but there will be plenty of offers, sorted by dealers. Finding the right, contact the dealer, specify the conditions.

On the Yandex Market, not all stores are represented; from the offers you will learn useful information for the correct formation of a request. A living example: on the Multivarki Redmond bowl, they forgot to write which model would fit, not in the product passport. By asking the query “RB-C400”, readers will find the right thing more quickly than by entering the “Multicooker Bowl RMC-M4524”, although both phrases formally refer to one subject.

Peculiarities of Multicookers

You see, even at first glance an offer that is unsuitable for geographical reasons will provide information for further search. Concerns and materials. Try to find a bowl with a marble finish in the store. By entering the "Landlife Changeable Bowl", you can quickly find what you are looking for. Of course, the first request is logical to ask the dealer, the official manufacturer. Nobody forces the multicooker to take the bowl there, to get useful information will help.

On the official website, you can buy accessories for the Redmond multicooker, see what nature has given birth to. Not everyone has heard of the lid for the cup, meanwhile the archiothobic thing, I tell you, comrades. When cooking two or more dishes, you need to protect the food so that it does not blown away, the cockroaches do not get out.

What is convenient on Yandex Market. Set a goal to buy a bowl for the Multicooker Polaris, you get the opportunity to put the appropriate daw. Leave the brand model on the screen. It is not possible to set the coating material of the bowl or displacement. The situation is not happy. We firmly decided to buy a ceramic multicooker bowl, do not mess with Teflon - you will have to stray through the pages, they are not always loaded immediately.

And if the wish fits in with an unimaginable jumble of words like “a bowl to buy Scarlet the multicooker,” we risk not finding an object on the Yandex market. Use the model matching table, the address is listed above. It will be difficult to buy a pan for a multicooker. .. Some people call it a bowl. It is difficult to find an item if you write the name incorrectly.

When is a new crock-holder for

multicooker required?

Food burns, poorly washed, scratched coating, it is time to type in Yandex “Mulinex Multicooker Bowl Buy”.We recommend not to lay out food in another dish, to buy several containers for cooking. Heated no problemo. They mentioned why they do not use a microwave oven; far from any cookware is suitable for aerogrill. For example, glass is covered with cracks. Compare the complexity, the function of automatic heating multicookers. Understand the difference. Sometimes you have to look for a new multicooker bowl when the old one is efficient.

Cook uses a soft spatula made of silicone, rubber, plastic. Avoid scratching the protective coating. The accessory is not included, buy the item separately.

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