How to wash a multivark: step by step guide

How to wash a multivark: step by step guide


Dinner is over, the whole family with a contented expression is dispersed near the TV and computer, and my mother hurries to wash up a mountain of dishes. That's what comes to multivark. Here she doubted her experience: this thing in the house is new, not fully understood, so how to wash the multivark, the hostess does not really know.

Is the picture familiar? So, we expand our knowledge in this sphere!


  • 1We choose washing-up liquids
  • 2To each detail of the multivark - an individual approach!
    • 2.1How to wash the bowl
    • 2.2How to wash the bottom of multivarkers
    • 2.3How to wash the cover of multivarkers
    • 2.4How to wash the water collector
    • 2.5How to wash the steam valve
    • 2.6How to wash the case
  • 3Between us, the girls

We choose washing-up liquids

First, no cleaning abrasive pastes and powders! Secondly, a sponge or napkin in no way should be rigid. This precaution will protect your multivark, that is, its parts, from damage. The body of the unit can not be cleaned even with the most gentle solvent, but only with warm water with the addition of a gel for dishes.

For gentle care, we recommend the hypoallergenic Top House, developed in Germany specifically for the care of multivarks. It does not contain substances that damage the details of machinery or the health of your loved ones and is easily washed off with ordinary water.

To each detail of the multivark - an individual approach!

Wait for the appliance to cool down completely. By the way, do not forget to disconnect from the network! And only then carefully remove all the removable parts that you need to wash. Each model has:

  • cover;
  • the cup;
  • steam valve;
  • water trap;
  • the heater plate.

Some parts can be removed, there are also non-removable parts. Something needs to be washed after each cooking, something can be cleaned and not so often. The general one is that all of its parts must be completely dried before use.

How to wash the bowl

This part of the multivark in all models is removable. It is covered with a special non-stick compound, which is easy to damage. Therefore, it is better to wash the bowl by hand, and not in the dishwasher.


Although some experts advise you to use the services of an electric dishwasher safely, but be careful in choosing a mode.

Be sure to check that you are not going to wash the bowl with an abrasive agent. If you decide to wash it yourself, select a neutral dishwashing detergent. Do not rub the bottom with a stiff sponge to prevent scratching. Wipe the clean cup thoroughly, especially its outer part, because it is in contact with the heating element.

How to wash the bottom of multivarkers

In the bowl for the bowl, during work, there are often particles of food collected, moisture is collected. So do not rush to put the washed and dried bowl in place. First, wipe the inside of the container with a damp cloth. Especially carefully you need to clean the bottom, where you can find crumbs, scratching the surface of the bowl. Wipe the walls with a tissue moistened with clean water, always wipe dry.

The heating element must be permanently clean and dry. And what if the food got there? To remove fat, you can use baking soda. Wet the wet rag into the soda, wipe the heating element. Clean the leftovers with a clean damp cloth, dry with a clean cloth.

How to wash the cover of multivarkers

Carefully remove the lid (if it can be done), clean it thoroughly with a soft cloth or microfiber. Wipe dry, put on back.

Do you have a model with a fixed cover? To wash such cover, especially its rubberized part, it is necessary to spend much more time and skill.

First you can clean it by applying the steam mode. At the bottom of the bowl, pour a glass of water, add a slice of lemon or squeeze juice from it. For 15 minutes, turn on the unit in "Steam cooking" mode.


Further it is necessary to wash in not so comfortable conditions. The case of the multivarka is wrapped in a dense cellophane, leave the lid on the outside. Tilt the unit slightly forward. Now you can clean the surface of the cover with grease and condensate.

Only be careful not to wet the opening knot!

Wipe the lid with a soft washcloth with a dish gel, rinse off the foam. Also, see that moisture does not appear inside the cellophane wrapper and does not get stuck in the body.

How to wash the water collector

Its purpose is to collect the moisture that appears on the lid during the operation of the multivark. The moisture collector can be removed every time after cooking is finished, to free it from water and rinse.

How to wash the steam valve

He releases excess steam. It is often not necessary to wash it. From time to time rinse it under a stream of warm water. Be sure to make sure that the holes are not clogged. Otherwise, milk and porridge will run away! How to clean the holes? Degreaser. Effectively removes greasy plaque normal gel for dishes.

How to wash the case

Wipe it with a clean damp cloth or sponge.


Did you notice that there was water in the case? Disconnect the appliance. Holding the electronic unit up, twist the multivark in different directions, shake. Dry all the available parts with a clean towel, you can use a hairdryer. Have they dried it? Do not turn it on for at least a day, so that everything is thoroughly dried up.


It is better to store a clean multivark with an open lid.


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