Tips for connecting the washing machine to the water with his own hands

No one really able to answer, is it possible to connect the washing machine to the water on a hot risers. No statistical data, there is no information about the input filter operation modes. Adds difficulty inability to find a washing machine, specifically designed for hot water uses.

Washing machines to connect to hot water

Thus, the ability to connect to the hot water is not considered an option of washing machines, according to filters Yandex-market. Popular rumor says that such a model is. disputes whether the device is dominated by overseas even are carried out or are made solely for Russia. It is noticed that often use boilers, homes in the United States occupy quarters and keep the pipeline unprofitable. Resulting feed gas or liquid fuel, a considerable saving is obtained. From the considerations described and manufactured washing machines can be connected to the hot water. Instead, excess electricity expenditure is taken already finished temperature.

Plus approach in the conditions described above is obvious, more difficult when the network supply. The chemical composition of the hot water is fundamentally different, to add salt to get rid of scale, so for other reasons to drink from a hot riser prohibited. For example, some people coffee brewed this way, this approach will end in Russia sad in Norway. When it comes to connecting the theme of the washing machine to the water, comes the turn of doubt. It all starts with the intake valve.

Seen on YouTube video, where the mixer gets out gander, then docked inlet hose washing machine. It explained as follows:

Connecting a washing machine

Connecting a washing machine

  1. No need to have warm water conditions, saving energy, reducing the likelihood of wiring combustion or departure traffic jams. It is logical: heater consumes 1.5 kW or more. It is a powerful load on the network, if the house is already working kettle and microwave, limit the electrical panel is indeed exceeded, leading to the departure of traffic jams.
  2. The second argument: "all good rinse in hot water." Stage cycle carried out at an elevated temperature that supposedly well. Deleted smell of detergent, causes allergic reactions, irritation of the upper and lower respiratory tract. According to unconfirmed reports, the connection of the washing machine to the water supply through a heat riser would be beneficial for the health of the owner and family.
  3. The third point is controversial in the opinion of the authors. It is said that it is possible to take water, for example, from the boiler, set the desired temperature, even boil.
  4. Washing machine on the riser hot, definitely not broken.

Remained in doubt. The question is why manufacturers of washing machines do not write that permitted to connect to the cold and hot riser, if there is no difference. Probable answers:

Bay hot water tank

Bay hot water tank

  • A rare type of laundry can withstand high temperatures. According to the norms of the Russian Federation in hot water riser detects a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. Warm mode is suitable not any fabric. Connection standards conducted a master, without undue self-reliance of the consumer. Plumbing constantly cause will not. It turns out, the designers simply did not suggest such a possibility.
  • Since there is no need to use in the input path of the hot water, it is possible to save on materials. Authors came across a document with the above characteristics of plastic pipes Dyka. The table shows the concentration and temperature limits of classes of substances solutions. Among the models there were water pipes. You can not make every mark for a maximum temperature of cost considerations. A plastic filter housing, the tray, the rubber tube capable of withstanding high temperatures without break immediately, but will allocate certain substances. Perhaps not permitted sanitary standards. A number of plastic begins to give off vapors that negatively affect health, even at 70 degrees Celsius.
    Connection of the washing machine in hot water

    Connection of the washing machine in hot water

  • hot water additives can have an unpredictable effect on rubber and plastic components in terms of aging. It can not be used for cleaning of scale in washing machines acids like acetic and citric acid. This causes the aging of components, which leads to the emergence of leaks. Hot water is good for the heating element, rather, it does not damage the drum, but how to react tires - remains anyone's guess. A negative result will be visible immediately, but the machine breaks down irrevocably.
  • In a kind of forum is given the curious idea that a number of the intake valves of washing machines break down more quickly when you try to connect the hot water. Detail is simply not designed for the use of barbaric. Author of experience replaces two inlet valves in a short period of time and considers that electric part suffers overheating. Indeed, the inlet valve supply voltage of 220 V, but the power accessory details could not get. The idea looks convincing, any equipment that consumes electricity, finds a limit in the temperature scale. Here, the operating conditions will be raised up to 60 degrees. Such an approach is not value customer service, which correctly understand the cause of failure of the electromagnetic intake valve of the washing machine. If any power consumption of the coil windings are made thinner in order to save. If the transformer appliance shows chances to fail at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius, in the case of a washing machine inlet solenoid valve limit significantly below.
Washing machine modern type

Washing machine modern type

Whether to keep the connection of the washing machine to hot riser

Considering the above, it is risky to carry out similar experiments. The video shows that the hose suffers a sharp bend in the region of one nut. Not the fact that the tire is designed for such a force, and a flood in the bathroom formed quickly, and does not stop when the washing machine will finish with an error code.

As a result, allergy sufferers a good idea to connect the washing machine to the water supply through the hot riser, only if the owner will be able to evaluate the coming dangers and consequences. With regard to saving energy and time, they are not so great. Think about it - washing machine runs constantly and rarely just standing and warm water. The cycle will be reduced as a result of only 2-3 min.

Are washing machines are designed to connect to hot water

Dishwashers of this type are, and find laundry complicated. scan it and e-katalog, to save time readers. As you might expect, anywhere information on choosing a washing machine to connect to the hot riser not. As if these do not exist in nature. Yandex searched for and found a link See - to connect the washing machine to the water supply through a heat riser is quite real. However, using both the riser and the desired temperature automatically dialed from the needs, according to the program. Described washing machine may connect! Additional source on

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