The refrigerator does not freeze, the compressor does not work

Does your refrigerator produce ice and snow? Do you think that the reason for the internal breakdown? The usual sealing rubber can lead to such consequences. If the elasticity of the refrigerator is broken or damaged, urgent measures must be taken. How to proceed, what to do to fix the problem, read in the article.

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  • 1Causes and symptoms of a seal
    • 1.1Self-replacement
  • 2The back wall of the refrigerator burst
    • 2.1The inner wall of the refrigerator cracked

Causes and symptoms of a seal

For the high-quality cooling of products in the cold store, warm air should not come in, so a rubber seal is provided on the door. What signs indicate a problem with it:

  • snow and ice on the walls;
  • constant work of the motor-compressor.

Check if it is snug against the door. If visible slots are not noticeable, then you need to look for small gaps. Apply the method with the probe:

  1. Take a thin sheet of paper.
  2. Press it with the door, then try to pull it out.
  3. Perform a check around the perimeter.

If the sheet is pulled out with difficulty, then the rubber normally performs its function. If the sheet falls out and is easily stretched, then there is a problem.

Sealing rubber could be littered with garbage and crumbs, then it must be cleaned. To do this, take a sponge with a drop of detergent and ammonia and wipe the seal around the perimeter.

To return the shape of the elastic, pour on it a thin trickle of boiling water. Straighten the seal while it is still hot.

If the sealant is not subject to recovery, it has cracked and lost the expiration date, it is necessary to replace it. To do this, select the exact analogue of the old rubber band. It is important that it corresponds to the model of your refrigerator: an improper seal can not stay in place or serve for long.


Do this:

  1. Remove the door from the hinges and lay them on a flat surface.
  2. Remove the old rubber by making incisions at the joints.
  3. To pull the seal from the seat, you can apply tweezers.
  4. Install a new rubber, glue it at the joints.

Now you can use the refrigerator again. Do not forget to clean the seal in time to avoid breakage.

Watch the video on the topic:


The back wall of the refrigerator burst

The normal operation of the refrigerator is to completely isolate the chambers, so the depressurization of the enclosure is a serious problem. If you notice that ice forms inside the refrigerator, the cause may be in violation of the rear wall of the refrigerator.

When the back wall bursts from the outside, ice may be built on it. This contributes to an increase in the rupture, because of which moisture penetrates inside, breaking the thermal insulation. This problem should be urgently disposed of.

The cause of such a breakdown could be a leak of refrigerant. Then on the tube you can see hoarfrost or ice.

What do we have to do:

  1. Disconnect the equipment from the network.
  2. Remove wet insulation.
  3. Replace it with new insulation or foam.
  4. Close the insulation with foil.

The repair is finished. Only the master can determine the leakage of the refrigerant, after which it will eliminate the cause of the leak and refuel the system with freon.

The inner wall of the refrigerator cracked

If the operating rules are violated, a crack may appear on the inner wall of the refrigerator. Often, users of drop-type refrigerators try to speed up defrosting by chipping with a knife or other object. Such actions lead to damage and depressurization of equipment.

If the plastic inside the wall is not too damaged, it can be restored. To do this, use a spatula or silicone sealant. Pre-wall surface is degreased, then the sealant is applied. You can start the technique after completely drying the silicone.

To avoid problems with the tightness of the refrigerator, make sure that the equipment is correctly transported after purchase. Also, do not rush to chop the ice yourself in the cell, it's better to wait for an independent defrost.

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