The refrigerator is flowing

Causes of breakdowns
Difficulty of repair

Puddles in the kitchen usually create dishwashers and washing machines, but in the "flood" other equipment, such as a refrigerator, can be to blame. If you are faced with this problem, our review will come to the rescue.

Important! Do not panic. If it flows from under the refrigerator or you find water inside, but the chambers get cold - the problem is not serious.

When a brown liquid flows from the refrigerator or a "flood" is accompanied by a lack of frost, then you need to think about the repair.

On a note! We often ask: "A puddle has formed, is it freon flowing?". Do not worry, freon is gas, and it's difficult to detect a leak, and the puddle on the floor is nothing more than melted ice or condensate formed in excessive quantities.

You can find out the reasons, causes and solutions for the problem below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Water is only under the fridge
  • 2Why the refrigerator "cries frequent causes of breakdowns

Water is only under the fridge

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We are looking for a place from which water flows. If the puddle is exclusively under the refrigerator and the inside is dry, check the integrity of the pipes and radiators. If their leakage is excluded, check further:

  • Is there water inside the chamber. Immediately you can not notice - usually it is under the fruit and vegetable boxes. Check for ice on the walls and in order of draining. When the drainage tube leaves, the condensate flows down the tub.

Important! In practice, it happens thatin case of incorrect transportationa container for collecting melt water bursts. Checking the integrity of the tank can be done without the help of a master: move the refrigerator and see what to do - you need to fix the tube or replace the tub.

  • Working capacity of the freezer. When the model with No Frost has a little ice or a snow "coat it indicates a breakdown of the evaporator's TEN. In this case, the function "Know Frost" does not work, and the ice grows, as in a conventional drop cooler. When the door is opened, it melts, the water goes into the drain. The container of these models is not designed for such a mass of water, so the bowl quickly overflows.

Why the refrigerator "cries frequent causes of breakdowns

When Samsung's refrigerator, Atlant, Indesit, or another one flows very strongly, the culprit of this can be a serious malfunction. The reasons and methods for solving the problem are listed in a convenient table.

Sign of breakage What provoked the failure What to do
In the model with a full No Frost, a freezer flows. There is a lot of ice in the cell and there is water. Blockage drain hole does not allow excess moisture to leave the camera. Water is collected in the compartment, partially freezing. The rest of the moisture does not have time to freeze, so it goes to the floor through the sealing rubber of the door. Cleaning of the drain is required. In the freezer it is located far in the bowels of the hull, therefore it is difficult to clean it on its own. Address to the master - such repair costs no more than 1500-2000 rubles.
In a model with a "crying" type of evaporator, the leakage comes from the main chamber, going down the outer wall. Part of the water is retained under fruit and vegetable containers. Blockage of the main chamber drainage path. The drain is located at the bottom of the compartment - crumbs and small debris fall into it. When a blockage occurs, water does not leave the chamber.

Need to clean the sink.

Important! To break the blockage, you can not call a specialist. The work is simple: you need to equip yourself with a small syringe-pear and, filling it with slightly warmed water, clean the drainage. If you do not have a syringe at your fingertips, find an ear stick or wire with a suitable cross-section. Operate gently so that the object does not fall into the drain.

The products freeze, mostly from the bottom of the main chamber. Puddles can be a chamber or from outside the hull. The reason for the damage or wear of the sealing rubber. In the formation of gaps or damages, air enters the chamber from the environment, because of which the wall constantly freezes. Warm air flows easily stoke the ice, and a lot of moisture forms, which goes into the sink. Neither a tube nor a container for such a volume is calculated, so part of the water freezes in the chamber, and some drain away.

The gasket should be replaced. You can do it yourself.

You need to buy a new rubber band, dismantle the old one and install an analog, using a waterproof adhesive (or insert into the groove, depending on the model).

Breakdown after rearrangement or transportation of machinery. Symptoms: a puddle under the cupboard, frozen foods, flooding of the compartments. The installation was not carried out according to the rules. If the cabinet is crooked, the door does not fit securely, and warm air is plying in the compartment. Then the process is the same as when the rubber door is damaged. Reinstall the refrigerator using the technical level.

There are other causes of leakage of refrigeration equipment:

  • Incorrect placement of dishes or food on the shelves. If you add products close to the wall, the condensate, draining over it, captures small particles of food, which causes the drainage path to clog.
  • Loading of warm products. The warmer the dish you put on the shelf, the more condensate forms. Watch out for the temperature of the food.
  • There was no electricity in your absence. Ask your public service provider or neighbors if the light was turned off while you were away. If this was confirmed, the leakage did not occur because of a breakdown.

If the situation is left to chance, it will end badly: the parts under the action of moisture will begin to rust, and major repairs until the replacement of the refrigerator can not be avoided. It is important not to hesitate if you have a model with a bottom location of the freezer. If there is water in the chamber for a long time, the steel case rusts, and Freon evaporates from the system. Do not wait until the technician completely refuses to work - take measures or call a mechanic.

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