Selecting heater

Choosing a heater for giving is not a wide scope for creativity. But there are several options. Heater satisfies human needs of multi-criteria. Firstly, it's weight and size, and second, functionality - dry stuff, mushrooms, warm bed to provide heat in the chilly day, expel dampness. In third place is the type of fuel heater: it is clear that the fisherman is more suitable gas burner than infrared panels. Mushroomer warm rug will quickly dry the collected wealth of forests. In the evening, an infrared heater - panels will serve the service, giving the owner a warm bed. We see that a lot of situations in life and based on the criteria amount. Selecting the heater will be the decision on the basis of the parameters of the evaluation team.

Cottage, forest, mushrooms, infrared heaters

For vegetables and fruits invented special dryers, large size and low mobility. But the device can not take to the cottage. Especially if the device does not want to leave the house, which is often visited by thieves. Here in handy infrared heaters. Wall panels are known to many people, beautiful, make life more pleasant, give warmth. If we take the invention of Siberian scientists, it called the film a ceiling infrared heater, cut off from him a piece of the desired size, create the correct wiring, ground, insulate, put a fork, turn Useful thing.

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a small heater

Such infrared heaters is hard to find on sale, fans to dry (and warm bed in the evening) is recommended to assemble the unit yourself:

  1. You will need a piece of self-regulating cable. Power infrared heater choose at their own discretion, but keep in mind that a home guard pulls a predetermined number of kilowatts. The exact number can contact electricians. The segment cable length of 1 meter has a heat input capacity (ask at the store). Take as much as you need to shield withstood infrared heater.
  2. As the basis of the infrared heater is not bad polyethylene, suitable and cheap Penofol modification. Attach zigzag cable, steel brackets, adhesive, other variations will also work. The resistive cable is laid from the infrared heater dual zigzag, that both ends come together in one point (with self this complexity is absent). In the latter case one edge of the insulating sealant (for example, titanium glue), the second is used to power infrared heater.
  3. Top pave a thin layer of material - a piece of fabric is soft polyethylene. Will serve as the front side. The heat insulator of penofol move the energy in one direction. From above, you can dry the mushrooms, heat the bed, hung on the wall carpet will give warmth. It turns easy and cheap thing, rolled up, climbs into a backpack, placed in the trunk.

Gas heater IR

Fans of travel said variant is not necessary. In this case the burner is ideal for a cylinder or collet of another species with blue fuel containers. The device weighs about two kilograms, breaks rucksack is provided with working bars and the reflector, easily adapts for cooking food.

Recommended taking portable burners with protection against flame extinction. Ignition is not so important. Such an infrared heater will warm in any weather. On the burner and hands will warm, and the food are roasted. The correct choice of the infrared heater is vitally important. See that it was possible to produce ignition without removing the gloves, the container is installed in the bay, it turned out possible freezing of fuel. Then the operation would be relatively simple. Finally, do not relight the device under a spreading fir trees, strewn with snow... But the spirit lamp in the cold show themselves not too good.

IR heater for tents

But longer suitable in enclosed areas, but not in tents. Note by the combustion gas harmful compounds are formed, they are harmful to breathe need to ventilate to not poisoned by fumes. Carbon monoxide second valence odorless. "Ugar", observed by witnesses called aromas related substances in natural gas odorant added special. Sensing the unpleasant smell people realized that there was a leak.

Instead penofol and wire cloth piece will warm the floor. To understand what type of cable is used, will be enough to look at the cut. Resistive is not very different from a typical single-core and self-regulating - double. Intermediate breaks together, the joints are insulated. Infrared heater film type is extremely dangerous. It is recommended to include the device through differential protection device.

Infrared heater in the apartment

Heater for the apartment

Choosing a heater for the apartment being on a different principle. First, it takes into account the presence of children. If there are children in the house units, the device is placed on the ceiling, it should not be easily breakable models. For instance, infrared heaters Peony then ideal. Animals do not touch hot equipment, but an accidental fall is not excluded. Therefore, quartz lamps do not work, and other devices must be protected from falling. Manufacturers of infrared heaters a lot of effort spent on the protection of such situations:

  • Micatermic plates are placed in a robust housing made of steel lattice;
  • quartz lamps are protected by a fine mesh;
  • Teploplit plates hang on the brackets.

It is interesting! Grounding invented by an engineer, a cat whose owner Housewives overturned on the operating unit. Female served path for passage of electric discharge. Animal mankind owes to safety.

The second argument that you need to consider before selecting a heater - consumption. The apartments are rarely used gas appliances, takes into consideration the local network - socket with strict limitations on the load-bearing capacity. For Khrushchev is 5 kW, which is not too high figure. Remember, do not discount the television and other appliances. It is also necessary harmonization instrument. Heating high power devices necessarily get good power engineers.

Finally, the aesthetic side. Already discussed, that the chimney of the fireplace real zagvodzka. Infrared heater in the form of fire - well, and sometimes better than imitation. Instead flame vapor generator is quartz, heat gives Nichrome spiral forced blow fan.

Choose a good heater is easy if you know the features of the device.

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