How to choose an infrared heater

Uralkali has recently carried out a campaign to conserve funds. A set of measures aimed at saving money globally in every sphere. This also affected the pipeline and ancillary areas. infrared heaters were introduced with thermostats for industrial premises. As a result of the event to win 160 million. rubles, 13 of them were distributed in the form of bonuses. 900 people received awards and were satisfied. Why could save a lot of? Where the mind is seeking ways, can be achieved relatively positive results. How to choose an infrared heater, and not to miscalculate. Let's try to answer this question.

Features of infrared heaters

Infrared heater to testify

We heard that infrared heaters to give give 97% efficiency and good heat pleasing. It does not always happen. It is a question of quartz lamps, which is possible to obtain favorable results. This does not mean that other industries do not develop. Instantaneous water heaters give efficiency of 96.5%. They use ceramic spiral like standing in vetroduvkah. Title happened with a special coating on top of nichrome, increasing the inertia of the heating element. It relates to the use in water and in air. In vetroduvki source efficiency will lower, because of the resources spent on the rotation of the blades.

Feature infrared heaters in the absence of overhead costs, and begin to act immediately. The second characteristic feature is considered the lack of energy transfer air. Other types of heaters are through convection. If the process is forced, it is faster. Not all infrared heaters inherent in these traits. It is called infrared heaters devices that distribute the heat radiation. We know from physics:

If the body temperature is above ambient temperature, it serves as an energy source. More precisely, it is necessary to take into account flows. For example, if the balloon cover in vacuo, the body heats up, though temperatures above and environment.

Thus, the subject of more than the temperature surrounding objects, gives off heat. So appears the main law of nature that seeks to balance the universe. With respect to radiation, even the human body temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius appear source of infrared energy. But the power flux density is low. heat transfer rate depends on the temperature difference. For example, at a temperature of minus 10 ° C person intensively radiates, and on the sun will begin accumulation of energy, which leads to thermal shock. You see how different one object reveals itself in arbitrary conditions.

Thus, for example, in a kindergarten in Siberia installed ceiling heating film with a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. With 100% coverage of missing children do not feel cold, even the floor has become slightly warmer. In this case, the battery or carry an auxiliary function, or do not need. The first rule of selecting an infrared heater:

  • The device provides the computing capacity to take from the building codes and other documents. The parameter depends on the performance of load-bearing structures, such as insulation, the size and number of windows, the climatic zone. Infest parameters into account, so I take the second recommendation, how to choose the infrared heater.

Infrared heater

  • a given amount of power taken from the online calculator (SNIP cost money). On request, for example, the "calculation of power gas boiler", there are several sites. Some of them hit the simplicity on the other will have to suffer, but the parameters of the mass to be introduced. Make the most of the program. Do not be lazy to take it to try and compare the numbers. Received the same order. In the formulas often appears parameter headroom. In our case, the index is not necessary. This estimation of the boiler losses, but in the infrared heaters are available. The result did not forget to share in the efficiency of the device. For correct calculation will give advice about the choice of the third infrared heater.
  • Mentioned high efficiency infrared heaters, but this applies to those where there is a surface forming a directional radiation. For example, the device Teploplit give sufficient heat convection, the air jet is directed upwards. It is not always helpful - we do not live on the ceiling. On the other hand coated film infrared heaters sector. This does not include coatings Underfloor heating, which are inclined to consider convection: no place to radiate other than at the ceiling. A distinguished feature of the ceiling - cover selected sectors. This is convenient, because it allows to split the house into zones and warm only the desired areas. The system Antiled on other areas will not vymerznut home. This gives considerable savings if properly distribute power. If necessary, heating the selected sectors take infrared devices with directional properties. This model, with reflectors, film simulation fluorescent lamps. It is clear that the technical characteristics of infrared heaters are different, but it is also exploited to obtain larger or smaller areas of illumination. How to choose a power already told.

Jobs infrared heater

  • Fourth advice applies to placement of thermostats. Do not put devices rays of infrared heaters. Remember sunny morning: the earth has warmed up, the air is still cold. The room is usually just warm atmosphere. Otherwise rays quickly shut off the thermostat. The advantages of infrared heaters in the inertia-free, but in this case, plus contact hindrance. Finally, when placing the thermostat mounted in the key locations. One device controls the galaxy of lights, if necessary. You need to make sure that the total wattage does not exceed the electric strength of the thermostat.
  • About the curious qualities of infrared heaters with low surface temperatures would like to note panels and boards. First a little different from the carpets and aesthetic value, the second - like radiators. The house is now built under license, and the procedure for the issue (given the specificity of the country) is not always is to assess the knowledge of architects. It may happen that the corner of the house is frozen. Lost calculate the dew point, for example. Help panels, hinged in the corner. And beautiful, and warm, and part of the energy goes into the wall, pushing the unpleasant incident. Building materials are in hardiness limit - the number of cycles of temperature transition through zero and back. Hence, if the point lies in the supporting structures, building materials will age. Studies done on aerated concrete, abundantly confirmed this fact.

Panel Heater IR type

  • Plus MDF infrared heaters such as the lack of need to pull the water supply system. Electricity carry lighter. The lack of solutions to the need for an energy project at home, providing for the stresses arising. If 10 square meters have 1 kW of heat, at the area 2 weave is obtained a considerable total load on the mains. Not the fact that the guard pulls. Recall all homeowners put a quota for its excess will have to pay. Lights fact the need to harmonize the heating power with power. Comes to senility, in the case described above will have to go to Moscow. The disadvantages of infrared heaters of the need for reserve capacity (electricity price - the issue tenth). In the case of a gas boiler of the difficulty does not arise. But there is other: the right to arrange a chimney to observe safety precautions. Against this backdrop, look favorably gas fireplaces, but it is necessary for each hit a hole in the wall. In a word - it is useful and convenient, until now not thought of such heaters. The owners of private apartments look at it through my fingers. The fact that the central heating system already provides thermal capacity remains supplement in the right places, and it does not require significant energy costs. For heating, exclusively, Sleeps selected Ceiling infrared heater dark type. And if you like the dim orange light, fit and quartz lamps.

The principle of operation of the infrared heater provides for the transfer by radiation energy. But the intensity is not the same.

Consider this point: it is not necessary to hang up the lamp on the desk, take better outdoor option and put under the chair.

Wall-mounted infrared heaters will delight in the living room and dining room. They are easier to wipe at cleaning than the ceiling. A pleasant surprise is a faint glow in the darkness will not fall, will be the guiding light on the way to the fridge.

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