How to check the pressure switch (level switch) of the washing machine

In the event of malfunctioning with the pressure switch (level switch), the machine can stop in the middle of the cycle, refusing to continue working. In this article we will consider the device of the device, its value in the work of the washing machine. You will learn how to check and adjust the pressure switch by yourself.

Content of the material:

  • 1Value and device of the pressure switch
  • 2Typical malfunctions
  • 3Step-by-step execution of works before checking the pressure switch
  • 4Self-adjustment of the pressure switch
  • 5Replacing the pressure switch

Value and device of the pressure switch

Since the main module controls the work of the parts in the machine, it needs to give a signal to stop the set of water, and also close the inlet valve. But how does the module know that the volume is enough? Let's figure out what the purpose is, and how the pressostat works in the washing machine. This element controls the amount of water collected in the AGR. Each separate mode - washing or rinsing - requires a different amount of water.

Consider the principle of the pressostat in the washing machine. This is a rounded part, which has a plastic casing, there are connected to it: a pressure hose, and wiring. Inside the relay housing there is a thin membrane and switch. The pressure in the tank depends on the amount of water collected. Air under pressure passes through the hose, it has an effect on the membrane, and it, arched, closes the switch. With the help of wiring, the module receives a signal to stop the water intake. This is the device and action of the pressure switch.

Many users do not know where the pressostat is in the washing machine. Some people think that it should be located inside the tank. In fact, the device is located at the top of the SM casing, near the side wall.

Typical malfunctions

How can the user understand the failure of the level switch without disassembling the stylus? Main features:

  • CM with a self-diagnosis system, detecting a problem, immediately output the error code on the display. The user reads and decodes the code, which makes it possible to understand which part is out of order.
  • The washing process starts, but you see that there is no water in the drum. At the same time, the machine turns on the heater, which can lead to a fire and a malfunction of the heater.
  • The amount of water collected exceeds the permissible level. Uninterrupted water recruitment is possible. There are situations when the level does not reach the minimum value.
  • Poorly pressed linen. If the pressure switch is malfunctioning, it is possible that the water does not completely leave the tank, so the spinning process is poor.

Similar problems can also indicate the failure of other elements, for example, a control module or an input valve. Perhaps even the wrong connection of the system to the sewer. Therefore, to be sure, it is important to know how to check the relay (pressure switch) in the washing machine.

Step-by-step execution of works before checking the pressure switch

Even a beginner can cope with such work, so do the following:

  • Stick to safety. Disconnect your AGR from the mains by pulling the plug from the socket.
  • Tighten the inlet valve, which is responsible for the supply of water.
  • To test the water level sensor, remove the top panel in the washing machine.
  • After unscrewing the screws, slide the cover forward. Be careful, since its edges can be sharp.
  • Leaving the panel aside, find the device.

Prepare a tube with a diameter equal to the pressure gauge connector. Remove the pressure hose by unfastening the clamp. At the fitting, install the tube and blow gently. If the sensor is working, then the contacts will work, and you will hear one or three clicks.

Check the unit for damage. Check its hose for blockage. If it is clogged, clean the hole under the tap water pressure.

When you are sure that everything is okay, the last way to check is the multimeter. Set the tester to resistance mode and connect the tester probes to the relay contacts. When the contacts are activated, the values ​​must be changed. If they stayed at the same level, then the sensor is defective. In order to know exactly which contacts to connect the tester, you will need an electrical diagram of the device.

Self-adjustment of the pressure switch

Sometimes, instead of replacing a part, you can adjust, or adjust the pressure switch in your washing machine. How to proceed:

  1. It is important to know how much water is required for a given washing machine model to run each program. Based on their number, the sensor is equipped with one to three screws.
  2. In accordance with the required amount of water in the mode, it is necessary to tighten the screws.

Knowing how to adjust and adjust the pressure switch, you can not buy a new part. But it is not easy to calculate the correct adjustment coordinates, since such work is carried out by specialists at the plant. If you decide to replace the relay, read the next paragraph.

Replacing the pressure switch

First, buy a new device. You can take your sensor and go with it to the store, but usually you just need to name the model of the machine to the seller to buy the right part. If you did not completely remove the relay while checking - do this:

  • Disconnect all wires (take pictures or mark the connections).

  • Remove the bolts that secure the device to the body.

How to connect the pressure switch? Repeat all steps in reverse order:

  • Screw it into place using bolts.
  • Then connect the hose, securing the clamp.
  • Connect the wiring according to the marking.

Excellent! The work was successful - you can start your SM and check its work. Related videos will help you:

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