How to clean your home air conditioner yourself

How to clean your home air conditioner yourself


Since the clogged air conditioner not only works poorly, but also becomes a source of mold and bacteria, it must be regularly cleaned of dirt. But how to clean the air conditioner yourself? Is it difficult to call specialists, or can you manage on your own?

Cleaning the air conditioner by yourself - the procedure is simple. Even if you do not particularly understand the technique and prefer not to interfere with its work, cleaning the indoor unit filters will not be a big deal for you. It is recommended to do this at least once a month, and if the air is very dirty or at home there is an allergic, then 1-2 times a week. Agree - so often you will not be able to call specialists.


  • 1What happens if you do not clean the filters.
  • 2How to clean filters.
  • 3How to clean the heat exchanger.
  • 4How to clean the outdoor unit.

What happens if you do not clean the filters

If you can not clean the air conditioner yourself and do not want to use the services of special centers, be prepared for the consequences:

  • the air will cease to cool properly;
  • the radiator of the indoor unit will be badly blown;
  • The refrigeration system will not work properly;
  • the drainage system will become dirty;
  • Cleaning the appliance will be difficult, since too many dirt will settle on the filters.

As a result of all this inside the conditioner there is a favorable environment for ticks and mildew, and the corresponding odor will appear from the system. Who wants to endure it all at home? It is much easier to clean the air conditioner in time.

How to clean filters

Cleaning the air conditioner filters is the most simple procedure, which you can do with your own hands. Of course, different models have their own characteristics, but most devices have a similar device. Clean the filters better as described in the instructions, but if not, use our tips:

  • gently open the top cover of the indoor unit;
  • remove the air filter;
  • if there is little dust, you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner;
  • If the mud turns into a crust and does not leave, you can gently wash the filter under the stream of water. Just do not rub it too hard and do not use household chemicals for the house;
  • Dry the filter;
  • turn the air conditioner into fan mode and spray a special cleaning and disinfecting agent in the suction area;
  • Wipe the blinds with a damp cloth or wash them under running water;
  • collect the appliance.

Important: disposable air purifying filters against odors and harmful microorganisms can not be washed - they must be periodically changed.


How to clean the heat exchanger

In order to clean the air conditioner heat exchanger, it is also possible to use a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes dirt accumulates so much that cleaning is possible only with the help of a special steam cleaner. Doing this yourself is not recommended, since there is a risk of damage to internal parts. The heat exchanger is usually located either directly under the lid or behind the filter (in the case of a dual air purification system).

How to clean an external unit

External block is the hardest to clean. Fortunately, you need to do this once a year. If the air-conditioning is not too high and you can easily get to it yourself, then you can do without specialists:

  • carefully unscrew the air conditioner grille;
  • vacuum the grill itself and the inside of the unit;
  • collect the appliance.

If you live on the upper floors, then self-cleaning the external unit is not recommended: do not risk your own health and call the masters.

Also, the help of specialists will not be superfluous if the system has stopped working normally (knocking, flowing, etc.).

Timely cleaning will help you avoid many troubles. If you do not want to spend money once again on the call of specialists, you can do it yourself.

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