What is an air-bubble washing machine

Air-bubble washing machine is recognized by experts and designers as the pinnacle of evolution in this industry of home appliances. How everything really is - you will learn in the publication. We consider the principle of operation, the pros and cons of such machines.

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  • 1How an air bubble type machine works
    • 1.1Machines with activator and air-bubble technology
  • 2Advantages of air-bubble machines
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How an air bubble type machine works

The air-bubble machine is worthy of competition with the usual SMA with a drum. The novelty entered the market 15 years ago and spread in the countries of Asia and the United States. In the domestic market, this segment of household appliances is represented by several dozen models.

The principle is based on air bubbles, which have an active effect on the pollution in the laundry. There are holes in the drum, through which air flows during washing. Passing through them, the air is divided into thousands of bubbles, which are usually mechanically fighting stains: they get into the fabric and "knock out" the dirt.

Active air helps the powder to dissolve, which affects the quality of washing.

Air-bubble washing is like a Jacuzzi, only for laundry. There are no other secrets in the construction of the AGR - only the air distinguishes them from the drum analogues.

Machines with activator and air-bubble technology

Automatic machines or semiautomatic activator type have been developed and produced long ago, but not too common, since the quality of washing is lower than in conventional SMA. In addition to the activator, air bubble technology is also introduced in them. How are such stilalki arranged?

They have almost all the functions, as in a conventional automatic machine: spinning, cuvette for washing, regimes, etc. there is models that are connected directly to the hot and cold pipe, so they do not have water heating, which means economy and durability.

Thanks to the air-bubble technology, the quality of washing increases - an activator machine with a vertical load can wash clothes no worse than automatic.

Advantages of air-bubble machines

You already know what an air bubble machine is. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the advantages of such wastes to decide whether to make a purchase or not:

  • Economical consumption of energy resources due to the lack of a heater. Water in the typewriter is not heated, but enters the system already from the water supply, therefore it is not necessary to spend money on the means of scale - this is an additional saving.
  • Low consumption of washing means. Powder in water with air bubbles dissolves better, which means it needs less.
  • In these models of machines, foam is formed poorly, so you can use ordinary powders - even for manual washing.
  • Reduced noise level - you can wash clothes even at night.
  • Short wash time. On average, one cycle takes less than an hour - this is 2-3 times less than the current SMA requires.
  • No need to connect to water supply. Pour water directly into the tank and use the car at the cottage, in a country house and other "field" conditions.


Like any technique, such machines are not devoid of negative sides. Here are some of the disadvantages:

  • Requirements for water hardness. The harder the water, the worse the formation of bubbles.
  • Cheap models are not always equipped with spinning.

You can choose a model for your taste and a purse - domestic or imported. But especially well, users respond about washing machines Daewoo (Daewoo), which are an order of magnitude higher in price and quality than conventional activator stilalki.

The operating instructions and our review of Daewoo washing machines will help you to use.

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