How to remove the transport bolts from the washing machine

Each new washing machine has transport bolts. If for some reason they are not removed before the first machine is switched on, they can not only affect the quality of washing, but also cause a breakdown of the equipment. Therefore, knowing how to remove these bolts will be helpful.

Separately, we welcome readers interested in where the transport bolts are. Perhaps you could not find their location, about this - below.

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  • 2How to remove fasteners

Purpose of transport fasteners

The task of the transport bolts on the washing machine is to fix the tank. The manufacturer went to such precautions to protect expensive equipment during transportation and when climbing to the floor. The fasteners are screwed in such a way that the parts of the machine do not touch each other and do not fight against the walls. As a result, the tank and all the parts inside the hull remain intact even after difficult transportation.

It is interesting! If you are buying a used washing machine, do not forget to ask the seller about the availability of transport fixtures. If you do not fix the tank, you can bring the equipment in a faulty condition.

If you move and the mounts are lost, contact the store or the service center. You can find attachments on the "dismantling" - the masters, dismantling and repairing household appliances.

How to remove fasteners

Proper connection to the sewage system, water supply system and electricity supply network is the key to the smooth operation of the AGR. But the forgotten bolts can prevent this. Therefore, allocate time for studying a brief instruction on how to remove transport bolts from your machine.

Important! If, due to the fact that you have not removed the fasteners, the machine will break, this is not considered a warranty case. In the service center free of charge will not eliminate the consequences of negligence.

To remove the bolts, you do not have to disassemble the styralka. Turn the machine to your back - there, on the panel you will see 3 or 4 mounts. In rare cases, instead of bolts, the manufacturer uses small metal pins (for Gorenye, Mile stamps).

The specific location of the fastenings is rare. But in the workshops there were situations when fasteners were found under the top cover.

Important! In almost 100% of cases, suppliers provide information on the location of the fasteners in the user's manual. Look there.

Before you remove the bolts for transportation, arm yourself with tools. You will need a wrench (see what you need - 10 or 14 mm).

If you do not have the right key, take the pliers - they can both twist the bolts, and remove the pins. When removing, take them with pliers and turn in either direction a ¼ turn. After that you will easily get them.

Important! Do not throw away the fasteners, but put them in a safe place. They will need you if you plan to move.

Are there any holes left? Look in the box from the machine, in it you will find a small bag with plugs of plastic. They perform a purely aesthetic function, but the machine with them works a little quieter.

In order for the washing machine to successfully move again, you need to know how to put on the bolts. To do this, use a thin screwdriver or a knife to remove the plugs, insert the bolts into the holes and screw them in.

In addition, watch a video on how to remove transport attachments:

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