How to reset the program on the washing machine

Each program in the washing machine is automatic for a certain time. But there are situations when the user needs to immediately stop the washing process. Most often, after loading, a thing is found that also needs to be washed. Or do you understand that you have not cleared your pockets of trifles, keys and other items. The small part stuck in the drum is capable of completely stopping the work of the AGR.

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  • 1How to save the situation
    • 1.1Abrupt power outages
    • 1.2Individual approach
    • 1.3AGR is suspended

How to save the situation

If you need to get some thing out of the drum or you mistakenly set the wrong mode, you need to know how to cancel the program on the washing machine. Adhere to general recommendations.

First option.In many CM models, the "Start" key also performs the "Pause" function. Press the button once to stop the operation. After waiting a little while the door lock unlocks, you can report the underwear or pull out the forgotten object.

When opening the door, make sure that the stilalka has not yet gained water, otherwise it will pour out onto the floor. If the water has reached a significant level, then it must be drained using a drain filter.

The second option.A complete reset of the washing machine program is also performed by pressing the "Start" or "Pause" key. In this case, you need to hold the button for 5 seconds. So you can reset the error on the Bosch washing machine. Depending on the settings of the styralka, you will get the following result:

  • The water merged, the door unlocked.
  • The water did not merge, but the lock was still unlocked.

If there is a lot of water in the tank - drain it through the filter. To do this, open the small hatch at the bottom of the front panel. There is a filter behind it. Place the container and unscrew the filter.

Abrupt power outages

It happens that during the operation of the washing machine, electricity is cut off. Either the users themselves solved the question of how to reset errors and stop the machine, by disconnecting from the network. This approach is inadmissible, as well as switching off the supply voltage in principle. Modern models are equipped with memory, which after the electricity supply allows you to resume the settings. But in earlier erasures, there is no such function - if you do not want to get problems with the electronic module, use other ways of stopping the AGR.

Individual approach

There are certain models of machines in which the manufacturer has provided special methods for an urgent stop. Consider how to reset the program on the washing machine Indesit. Depending on the chosen model, the pause button or the program stop button may be indicated by a rhombus. Therefore, hold the key for a few seconds.

  • Another option is to turn the mode dial to its original position. If the water is still in the drum, turn on the spin or drain mode.

When carrying out the indicated actions, please note: the LEDs on the control unit are lit. If nothing happened, probably there was a mistake.

How to reset the settings of programs on the washing machine LG, Samsung, Ariston? Earlier models were equipped with a mode switch and the "Start" and "Stop" buttons were absent. To start the zeroing of the washing machine program, return the toggle switch to its home position.

Then perform the following actions:

  • Hold the On / Off key for five seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, start the washing machine again, turning on the desired program.

If you need to open the door, after the program has stopped, drain the tank, otherwise the door will not be unlocked.

Basically, the recommendations concern washing machines of earlier years of release. In modern models of CM, when you press the "Reset program" button, the water merges itself.

AGR is suspended

How to reset the program, when the system "hung and the keys do not respond to pressing? Reboot will help. To do this, unplug the machine for 15-20 minutes. Now connect and try to start the program again.Now you know how to reset the machine. If you need to return the washing machine to the factory settings, you may need to help the wizard, because work is ahead of the electronics. But such situations occur infrequently, so try to start reset the Stiralk to begin to cope with the critical situation yourself.

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