Tips on buying a steam cleaner

Talk what is best to buy a steam cleaner - a paradox, but the product is not always so, than its trying to present.

modern steam cleaners

Usually breaking a counter loaded with goods, it is difficult to decide, for whatever reason, to take the steam cleaner Arietta, but do not paint the shelf above. How to evaluate the reliability of the brand, have said, however, each time starts at a specified position. If it is decided, for example, to buy a steam cleaner Kromaks, evaluate options.

steam purifier

steam purifier

Features steam cleaners

I must say, the class of instruments reminiscent of great steamers. In fact, the difference conditional. This advantageously hull design, features, plus a specific set of nozzles. In short, the steam ironed clothes and soft furnishings, to the role of steam cleaners have to dirty cleaning: cleaning of tables, floors, plumbing, garden paths, curbs and tiles. Remember: steam cleaner moisturizes, cleans and dissolves dirt, but for a complete cleaning of the device is needed, collecting dirt.

For example, a vacuum cleaner with water filter. Some manufacturers produce devices combined. The device costs more than two copies of home appliances for different purposes separately. A vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner shall suffice for the price of 5 thousand. rubles, hybrids cost surpasses 30,000. Really tell the difference is not obvious. Expensive hybrid models have features:

  1. In addition the combination of the vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner provide fully possible steamer and steam. Last characterized in that the ironing board is in the horizontal position. Steamers are upholstered furniture is treated with clothes hanging on hangers. even the body are often equipped with special comfortable bar.
    Packaging and packing steam cleaner

    Packaging and packing steam cleaner

  2. In accordance with a feature hybrid steam cleaners equipped with a set of nozzles, there are some accessories for all occasions. For example, a brush with a flashlight for cleaning under furniture. If you see something important, you get, bypassing the need to take out of the bag.
  3. Speaking of the bag. In hybrid type steam cleaners dust bag changes. Bag easily falls into place aquafiltering. It provides a comparative universality. Aquafiltering filled with water. It takes time, not all producers of user-friendly design. As a result, using the bag, the owner saves nervous energy.
  4. Because of the exorbitant cost of hybrid steam cleaners try to make reliable: durable housing, sturdy wheels. Vacuums with aquafiltering in the process of cleaning can not overturn or set to one side. This leads to a temporary or ultimate yield of the art system. Expensive hybrid steam cleaners is no exception. With proper use, however, will last longer.

The foregoing illustrate Quasar commercial steam cleaner (How to get rid of the wool via steam cleaner Quasar), look on YouTube. It is shown how to use a steam mop for cleaning pet hair. It is seen as wool spool going to be immediately removed. It is recommended to do it with a vacuum cleaner. Our opinion: a hybrid device will cope better and Quasar - steam cleaner without frills. Would you like to find an advanced?

modern steam cleaner

modern steam cleaner

Have a look on Yandex-market, and there:

  • Go to the section Appliances Home Appliances.
  • Link Vacuum, press.
  • Put type Dry Cleaning, Steam or Dry-Wet-Steam.
  • Press to pick up.

If the first time does not result issuing like, begin to touch embodiments of parameter sets. In contrast to the starting page defined once two ticks Dry-cleaning type steam and wet-dry-steam simultaneously. It is not necessary to go into the menu and cleaners Steamers not find similar to the suction function. Possible to easily find a steam cleaner for the manual at home.

parameters steam cleaner

Numb depends on the vapor pressure. The indicator is responsible for the effective money-dirt. Instead we see on Yandex-market bunch of secondary parameters, the translation of which the right simply impossible. In the segment of Hoover, where the hybrid devices, there is no information, what is vapor pressure. Perhaps, in the window and in the advertising device looks good, but in practice, the trickle will be so weak that the cleaning process does not accelerate.

professional steam cleaner

professional steam cleaner

When the candidates - on price or other grounds - selected download. Look for the technical data of which will be able to directly or indirectly, to gather the necessary information:

  1. It is better if given vapor pressure. Self-respecting model drawn to 3 bars. Higher - even better. The specified limit and equals.
  2. If the pressure is not specified, it is bad, but it is fixable. You first need to estimate the amount of the detergent drawer. Brochures steam cleaners often focus on the said figure. Longer considered better.

There guided on the production to determine the pressure. For example, the specified cleaning time or capacity of the device. Divide the amount to obtain a second and speed. The vapor pressure depends on the flow cross section of the hose and the total area of ​​nozzle holes. Both parameters are estimated through an advertising video or photo. Worth calling for technical support.

Try to buy a steam cleaner with professional evaluation parameters through support. Maybe out of respect to the value of the goods will not hide the numbers lost in the manual.

The rate of steam production influence on the pressure indirectly rather characterizes the rate of cleaning in general. events quality depends entirely on the pressure. For example, complete with brush plentiful number of holes. When a pair of equal performance it will provide greater coating a surface with a lower pressure. So, if the dirt a chronic, severe, cleaning can not go. However, steam cleaner with a similar rate of production of the reservoir but more powerful jet cope with the problem. Keep this in mind when choosing the device.

The pressure should be higher than 3 bar, in this case, the device is approaching (but has not become) a professional. If under vacuum cleaners can not determine an important parameter in your own domain steam cleaners already in the first step will be offered to set pressure. From the above it is clear that today, with a steam cleaner vacuum cleaners function to find extremely difficult. At the same time look for devices without a combined functions.

Take the way, adopted the methodology. Method: one firm attachment generally the same for different techniques. Make:

  1. Find function steam cleaner vacuum cleaner, as above.
  2. Find similar in performance steam cleaner in another section.
  3. Compare types of nozzles, the rate of steam generation, the volume of the water tank.

In vacuum vapor goes through the small tube, which causes relatively low pressure level.

We hope that explain to the reader what is best to buy a steam cleaner.

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