Which steamer is better

A steamer is a device for steaming soft tissue surfaces. Due to the effect of the jet operator strokes, disinfects, destroys mites, bacteria and other animals. The steam temperature at the outlet is above 100 ºС.Such treatment is much more effective than cleaning products. The latter can be added to the device tank, if the instruction allows. The steamer contains up to three flow heating stages. Spirals will quickly overgrow scum if the water is unclean. A detergent willingly form a sediment, if you add excess.

Types of steamers

Steamers are designed to work with a fabric: clothes, furniture, curtains, carpets. It is not customary to treat the floor, in particular, for parquet and linoleum, they are replaced with a great benefit by a steam mop, a washing vacuum cleaner, and in severe cases a steam cleaner. Difficult to find manual models. Often the steamer is made stationary to emphasize the lack of the need to run around the room. But the body is decorated with a stable coat hanger. The technical characteristics of the steamers are set accordingly:

  1. The set of nozzles of the steamer includes fleecy brushes for furniture, smooth irons for clothes and curtains. Often there are brackets for skipping sleeves, pants, the device makes life easier for the hostess. Steam ironing is mainly vertical. It is appropriate to remind that it is not allowed to use products on a chipboard board; during steam treatment, the substrate will begin to emit formaldehydes and other substances harmful to health.
  2. We often find in steam generators a characteristic of steam generation power. In the case of a steamer, this is partly true. The brush is made of a specific size, the holes are distributed in different ways, or there is a central outlet for the jet. Depending on the sectional plane, the vapor pressure is different, which means that the effect is different. For example, for steam cleaners parameter is considered the main. Vapor pressure, not power generation, plays a key role in removing contaminants. In the case of the steamer, the effect on the ironing efficiency is affected. You can handle a large brush faster, the action will take a little longer.
  3. The steam pressure of powerful steam cleaners reaches 5 bar. For comparison, inside a car tire is 3.5 bar, the battery has about 5.
  4. The steam generation capacity of the steamer is at least 120 grams per minute. Otherwise, the device barely makes it to a good iron that presses the fabric on top. Some steamers have a steam strike. In this mode, the power rises one and a half to two times.
  5. Steamers are not designed to remove heavy contaminants. Before cleaning, vacuum furniture, clothes are ironed after washing. There are exceptions to the rule. For example, it is possible to refresh a shirt with a simple steam jet. Fats break down and light contaminants evaporate. The process should not be abused, the clothes are periodically washed. In this case, the steam disinfects, removes ticks. Carpet brushes are used when cleaning carpets, but remember that suction does not occur. Dust clog inside the sofa, which will not benefit the product. By the way, steam neutralizes allergens. We repeat that before cleaning you need to vacuum furniture.
  6. The steamer has a record light brush when the appliance is designed for clothing. There are models aimed at cleaning, for example, Grand Master Q7 Multi. In this case, there is a reinforced insulated hose. In the nozzle for cleaning is an additional heater, not giving a couple to settle on the steel ironing. This is a good solution, steel is hygienic, but makes the structure heavier. We believe that the model has excellent pressure. This is a great vertical steamer, not for nothing is called through the dash steam cleaner.

Key features identified. If you take a steamer exclusively for clothing, two criteria are important:

  • Lack of leaks on clothing.
  • Light iron( brush).

The furniture is rougher, high temperatures are needed, manufacturers go to the detriment of the voiced characteristics. Philips even produces fixed otparivateli - the case is rigidly on the floor.

If you are interested in which clothes steamer is better, often called Philips, optimized for the needs of ironing.

Tank capacity is important only for professional device models. Here you have to iron for hours, it is clear that it is inconvenient to run to fill the tank. The tank is removable, check before purchase. The main parameter in terms of providing water is the possibility of filtration. For example, a special rod. Without such tricks in areas with hard water will be tight. Residents of regions where the parameter is less than 2 do not have to take care of such subtleties, there is a cost advantage.

For operation of such devices, distilled water is recommended, or filter the volume through a kitchen filter, then boil it in a kettle. The two simplest operations will remove the proportion of salts. Remaining dirt in the tank can be moved to clothing next time it is turned on. The steamer is cleaned with citric or acetic acid, although special products will be found on sale. How to perform the operation is written in the instructions. After cleaning, the steamer is rinsed.

The principle of operation of the steamer

More principle of operation of the steamer resembles a coffee maker. From the tank, water is pumped into the boiler, where the steam pressure rises significantly. For example, the Grand Master Q7 Multi has additional steps:

  1. Internal flow heater.
  2. Heating element in the brush.

Water does not condense on the ironing device, but gets onto clothes in the form of steam. The attribute is not inherent in any model. Much more often the steam through the hose just gets on the clothes. We believe that the flow process is controlled by a bypass valve or additional heating, as in Grand Master Multi. Steam must have constant pressure for best results. It is simpler when a coffee maker model is implemented, where water is supplied to a boiler under pressure, evaporating through a valve. Endever Odyssey works with a pressure of 8 bar. It is clear that these characteristics in the open air will not get.

The process of selecting the steamer

We recommend that you start the process of choosing the steamer from the Yandex Market. Look at the parameters, models and, most importantly, ask the price. Manufacturers of steamers are in no hurry to reduce prices, but it is possible to take an acceptable model for 3000 rubles, it is really inexpensive. Choose the best steamer is not easy. Unlike other products, the Yandex Market does not provide an abundance of characteristics regarding the devices in question. There is confusion in terminology. In the mentioned section models of steam generators and steam cleaners are found.

The steamer has a body standing on the floor - legs or wheels, the brush resembles a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes a nozzle lint-free( clothing version), but the meaning is the same. If conditions are not met, we have a different device.

If possible for a house, take a steamer with water treatment products. It is recommended to filter even in areas with soft water. Rust, scale, lime are not needed inside the device, working with clothes and furnishing of rooms. Which steamer is better depends on the destination. For clothes, you can look at Philips, for cleaning the Grand Master looks much more attractive. In the latter case, there is a steam mop.

What matters is not the company, but the functionality of the device. The combined functions of a steam cleaner will be useful to individual consumers in order to remove a broken egg in the kitchen, others dream of a luxurious wardrobe. It is clear that the choice of steamer in this case is different.

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