Table of error codes for the refrigerator Electrolux: values, repairs

Electronic control system greatly facilitated the use of technology. The set temperature and modes are displayed on the display in the same way as the errors of the "Electrolux" refrigerator. Any problem is displayed on the scoreboard in the form of a code, the meaning of which can be found in the instruction. Having learned the transcript, you will quickly find out the cause of the breakdown and the ways of its elimination.

Electrolux error codes: table

A fault code may appear on the display accidentally due to a system failure. In order not to be engaged in search of causes, reboot the equipment. Pull the plug out of the socket and plug in only after 15 minutes. If the characters are still displayed on the screen, it's time to begin decoding.

Error code What does How to eliminate yourself
F1, F2 Thermostat does not work. Carry out the diagnosis of the part. Inspect the wiring: the contacts may have moved. Replace defective items.
F3, F4 or F5 The NTC temperature sensor is defective. Pull the contacts from the sensor to the control module. Replace the sensor in the event of a breakdown.
Blinking on the display The temperature in the cold room is below 0 degrees. There were problems with the evaporator. Probably, the sensor gives incorrect readings, so the compressor does not stop the cooling. For an accurate diagnosis it is better to consult a specialist.
The value is constantly lit The temperature is above this value: more than 9 degrees. Follow the same procedure for the previous problem. And:
  • Inspect the door seal - is there any deformation.
  • Set the thermostat in the correct position.
The b indicator lights up The evaporator sensor has failed, or a gas leak has occurred. Your actions:
  • Checking the sensor, its wiring.
  • Replacement.
  • Search for a leak, liquidation, refueling of the system with refrigerant.
LED with Malfunction of the sensor. Repair, installation of a new element.
The bulb d The elements of the thermistor failed. Installation of serviceable parts.
Indicator o (as half of figure 8) The sensor of the freezer evaporator does not work.

Diagnosis and replacement.

Also users of refrigerators "Electrolux" face such problems:

  • Noise while working.
  • The formation of condensate, the accumulation of water under the boxes.
  • Ice and snow on the walls.
  • Hot walls during operation.
  • Breakage of electrical components.

Do not let the drainage hole get clogged, do not hold the camera door long in the open position - then you will avoid many breakages.

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