Chimney extractor hood for the kitchen

Traditional hood (chimney) for the fireplace is made of refractory bricks, furnace part is accepted obkladyvat red terracotta. The material has low thermal conductivity, it will be hot burned difficult. Funny, brick, terracotta, clinker - grade clay, technology nuances prices... Just composition, production conditions are different. Try to find a method of getting the red tiles, understand how business here is in the subtleties. Nowhere is it written: to create products with the air pores, very strong, the special red clay mixed with wood chips. It turns out heat-resistant terracotta. Wood for kitchen hood (as opposed to a traditional flat) designed to mimic a true view costly the construction of which everyone dreams, but not everyone is able to build on the money earned by honest by.

Chimney cooker hoods: design

Fireplace - construction cult, expensive and complicated. It's a shame, lost technology. Every detail of the object has a name. Frustrating when you have to come up with names for a long time these elements. Like a "shell", denoting a smoke box. The decorative cover may be, made for aesthetic purposes, to the brick does not apply. Predtopochnaya marketplace refractory material stretches before the portal size is selected, guided by considerations of power, traction.

extractor hood

Details reconciled dimensions are consistent with each other. Compiled a detailed calculation of benefits on the stone fireplace. Why do I need a smoke tooth. Cold air flows down, bypassing the flue. A tooth is like dissecting a stream breakwater, making it difficult to make the soot back into the room. Speed ​​is extinguished, the threat disappears. Damped true for smoldering coal. Smoke tooth improves traction. Architectural element protrudes from the back wall of the envelope flow of hot air from three sides.

Fireplace full infrared device. The heat of air entrained in full up the chimney. The heat emitted mainly portal wall of the furnace, smoke box give to know. Inclined surfaces forming a chimney intended to improve the heat transfer by radiation in the infrared range. Without them, the efficiency of the device is much lower. Horizontal arches do not accepted, worsens the conditions of outflow of products of combustion through the chimney.

Shelf is considered a decorative element, can be seen in some chimney extractor hood. the experience of generations is adopted by designers, is used to the fullest. Tooth is located at the level of the shelf, the bottom flat shape, the top is horizontal. It allows gas to leave the firebox prevents the penetration of cold air down. Predtopochnaya portion is often called the fire deck, stressing the appointment. Pictures protrude clinker, ceramic refractory tile.


Let's not talk about specific accessories, related ancient buildings, gave the reader to understand the meaning of the chimney hood.

Types of kitchen chimney hood

Elikor company offers its customers a chimney hoods Country, implying that the people (peasants) like draws at home. We conducted a classification of kitchen equipment in two ways:

  • The form:
  1. Umbrella.
  2. Dome.
  3. Flat (T-shaped).
  • Location.
  1. Wall.
  2. Corner.
  3. Island.

Other parameters do not appear to be so important, yielding said.

To explain the new person: Umbrella cooker hoods are equipped with an umbrella, like the Egyptian pyramids, only the truncated top. Straight edge, straight edge. Pure Solid Geometry (spatial geometry).

As for the dome, the top designs reminiscent of oriental pagodas, minarets at the same time. This refers to the upper extremity of the structures of civilizations of the East. Church dome, divided into three rounded faces with pronounced ribs and concave bottom edge. It looks like trim (wall) option. The most common and cheapest.

About flat kitchen hoods let him explain who ranked subclass to the fireplace. Introduces some confusion, fire box shape (extractor) improper.

Having studied the appearance of the wall and umbrella dome hood, one can easily imagine the island and angle options. The last is very expensive. Basically, due to unique design. The order price is over a 45000 rubles, hit the pockets of ordinary citizens.

Prices differ, especially chimney cooker hoods

It became clear that a chimney hood, the reader eager to know more, who produces, how much it costs. Cheaper models cost 1500 rubles, the functionality is so modest, consider a kitchen decoration. No wonder the second book Hoods worth 1250 rubles. Find overseas edition is on Yandex Market. For simplicity, the search limit the scope of 1,400 rubles, fiction there surely. Author Ronald Cohn, ISBN: 5-509-76331-0 978-5-509-76331-1, Publishing Onyx.

Chimney extractor hood

Once the reader bothered to read the review, there was a chance to find an attentive eyes mountain of useful information in print or electronic piracy. We doubt that there will find the answer to the question, what is the chimney hood, because terminology is not well established, popular name. The cheapest on the market extractor hood, Hansa OSC 511 WH, not a fireplace. The manufacturer boasts low prices, quality, veiled guise, is difficult to describe. Yandex search string cache is full of requests.

The performance of the device is 320 cubic meters, the best value for money, functional. Model is too narrow (50 cm), a decent motor, 135 watts - not least visible in the market. Extractor hood Hansa OSC WH 511 operates on recycling, ejects air out. Option for installation without air ducts, if there were 800 rubles every six months to buy more charcoal filter. Fat comes from time to time to wash enough.

Magnificent flat model. Sure, it is required pristennaja chimney hood? Today, you can find cheap telescopic model Elikor, the company gives 5 years warranty on the motor. Is worth a lot, people are confident in the quality of products. Sold by the manufacturer for kitchen exhaust chimney (not kitchen chimney - hood).

Extractor hood for the kitchen chimney

For example, the umbrella model 2800 rubles a capacity of 650 cubic meters (White Storm 60 antique gold) can be styled as desired under the dome, guided articles, laid out on portal. We do not promise easy and simple, on the contrary, is a complex creative process, but within the survey painted a human guide, how to apply varnish. One of the few in runet.

Installing kitchen fireplace hood

READ instruction. Which describes how to install a chimney hood. Suitable manufacturer lays out the electronic version of the document on the website and leads within the required mounting dimensions. Sometimes, buying equipment, you know: the house will not work, you can not install the product correctly. Reinvent - the last thing. Instructions need official. Real-life example:

  • LC958WA60 sloping hood is suspended at a height of 55 (65) cm when measured from the middle of the portal whichever electric or gas stove;
  • the aforementioned White Storm 60 antique gold, according to the instruction, is suspended above 10 cm in each case, a horizontal portal.

The nuances of a dime a dozen. Suspension chimney cooker hoods of low - will burn, high suspension - did not catch fat air be blown around the room, the walls are soot zamazhet ceiling. Depth is important. The portal should completely cover the area of ​​the hob. Installing a chimney hoods conducted strictly according to the instructions. Require fire safety, hygiene standards.

The installation kit is considered art is not as sophisticated as the embedded washing machine, there are interesting details. Chimney hoods have outputs for corrugation supplied adapter, giving the opportunity to connect to the next size. Total obtained, for example, 125 mm and 150 mm. Standard duct connected hard. 125 mm exists.

Installation of the fireplace hood being fired pins, screws, complete hlipkovat concrete. The riser is often extends the width of the plate brushing on dowel-nails planted first board, attached with screws on top shaky extractor. Awful spoils the picture better not to think. Do call your gas supplier: hob moved.

With electric models incidents arise. Considered the best (just kidding). Today leading sales convection cabinets with forced blow. Often used something like a halogen lamp aerogrill. The design is considered to be optimal, giving cooking unimaginable field of creative activity. Appreciate the family!

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