Best Dishwashers - Ranking 2017

Users need only the best dishwashers that will meet all the requirements. But which dishwasher is better? What to look for when choosing?

In the article we will consider, by what criteria it is necessary to choose PMM, which manufacturer to give preference. We will become acquainted with the most popular models of 2017.

Content of the material:

  • 1Which dishwasher is best to buy
    • 1.1Best company
  • 2Types of dishwashers
  • 3What to look for when choosing
    • 3.1Additional functions
  • 4Review of Dishwashers of 2017
    • 4.1Gorenje GS53314W
    • 4.2Bosch SPS 53E06
    • 4.3Bosch SKS 62E22
    • 4.4Siemens SC 76M522
    • 4.5Siemens SR66T090
    • 4.6Asko D5536 XL

Which dishwasher is best to buy

Is there a best dishwashing machine? Specifically, one model does not exist, because for each important different parameters, dimensions and functions. If you are convinced that one of the dishwashers is "the best" - do not believe it. It's just a marketing move.

It is necessary to understand what the technique gives us and what disadvantages there are in it.


  • Convenience. You can give yourself free time to wash important dishes. It is enough to load the instruments into the camera and select the desired program. The machine is able to disinfect the devices under high temperature, which is impossible with hand washing.
  • Saving. Few people pay attention to meters, spending water for washing. Thanks to the recirculation system, much less water is used.

Unfortunately, not all the dishes can be washed in PMM. This is the main drawback. Tin, wooden, aluminum utensils are not recommended to be loaded into the camera, so you have to wash your hands.

Among the user reviews, you can find complaints about the stains and stains on the surface of the instruments. Why does this happen:

  • an unsuitable detergent is chosen, not enough rinse aid;
  • the wrong mode is set;
  • wrong installation of the basket in the camera.

Best company

The leader among users is the German brand Bosch (Bosch). A wide variety of options, among which you can find both budget cars and premium equipment.

Siemens (Siemens), the same manufacturer as Bosch, and the Scandinavian Asko plant are strong. In the premium segment TM Miele takes an honorable place.

Good quality PMMs from "Combustion "Electrolux" and "Virpul" are in the middle segment. Their technology and functionality is not inferior to expensive options.

Budget technology is also popular and no less qualitative. They are Candy and Hansa.

In dishwashers of all brands there are pros and cons. It is better to consider the individual characteristics of each model.

Types of dishwashers

Before choosing a technique, determine the location of its installation and connectivity. You can choose among these types:

  • Stand-alone. The standard height and width of the body is 60x60 cm. Full-size PMM can accommodate 10 to 15 sets.

  • Built-in. A narrow body with a width of 45 cm will perfectly fit into the kitchen set, and if necessary, it will hide behind the external facade. The cycle will wash from 8 to 10 sets.

  • Compact. These are desktop models that can also fit under the sink or in any pedestal. 4 to 6 sets.

Which one is better for washing dishes? Let us consider the criteria for choosing a technique in more detail

What to look for when choosing

To determine which machine is right for you, it is important to understand what you expect of it. What should be the load, type of installation, functions, cost? Find the answers to the questions, and then go to the store. About the types of installation we wrote above.

  1. Price.Not always high cost means excellent quality. Screwing often goes for the brand. Therefore, study the technical characteristics of PMM and compare them with other models.
  2. Number of programs. Choose for yourself the basic modes, which are indispensable. Most users install Quick Wash, Eco-program, Pre-soaking, Half Loading.
  3. Washing class, type of drying. On the body of technology there are stickers, which contain information about the classes. For example, A is the best quality of washing, drying. B - a little worse.
    Drying can be natural, not consuming electricity. But the dishes dries a long time. Turbosushka uses an additional heater, but the result is ready in a few minutes.
  4. Economy. The most effective is a machine with class A +++, then A ++, A.
  5. Protection. PMM should receive mandatory protection against leaks (full or partial) of "Aquastop". Also, the door and the panel can be blocked from accidental pressing / opening.

Additional functions

Manufacturers are constantly developing new technologies to provide the user with ease of use:

  • Vario Speed. Intensive water supply under high temperature allows washing devices for a shorter cycle. Saving water and electricity.
  • GlassProtec. Provides careful treatment of delicate dishes (glass, crystal, porcelain).
  • Self-cleaning. Convenient development. The user does not need to constantly clean the drain filter, the system does this automatically.
  • ExtraDry. Delicate washing of appliances from plastic.
  • Delayed start. Load the plates and set a convenient time to start the cycle.
  • Half load. If the dishes do not accumulate for a full cycle, then set the load to 1/2. So the machine will spend 30% less resources.

Below is a rating in which we reviewed the best options for PMMs from reviews of specialists and buyers.

Review of Dishwashers of 2017

If you take into account the reviews and statistics of Yandex Market, you can make up the top dishwashers, which claim to be the best models.

Gorenje GS53314W

Inexpensive, narrow freestanding PMM with dimensions of 45x60x85 cm. Sufficiently compact, despite the type of installation. At the same time the capacity of the bunker allows placing 10 sets of dishes.

During the cycle, the GS53314W consumes 9 liters of water and, 3 kW of energy. Included are 8 main programs. This is a good choice, since in other models the number of modes does not exceed 5-6. There is a possibility of half loading and delay of start up to 24 hours. The main basket is adjustable in height.

The cost of 25 000 rubles. Accessible technology with a good set of functions.

Customer opinions agree that the model is economical and budgetary. The machine runs quietly, the quality of the sink is at the level. True, the main modes are too long.

Bosch SPS 53E06

Technique in elegant black design. Narrow body 45x60x85 cm allows you to place PMM in any part of the kitchen. The capacity is 9 sets, SPS 53E06 works quietly, only 48 dB. The cycle uses 9 liters of water, 8 kW of electricity.

You can choose from 5 programs. And:

  • VarioSpeed ​​technology is better for washing appliances and consumes resources more economically.
  • IntensiveZone. The water supply is distributed depending on the contamination. In the upper basket, the usual pressure is applied, while the lower one with pots is washed with strong jets.
  • The RackMatic-3 basket full of dishes can move from top to bottom.
  • VarioFlex boxes with foldable holders allow to accommodate more devices.
  • Delay start for 1-24 hours.
  • Full protection against leaks "Akvastop".

The cost of 32 000 rubles.

Users mark the stylish design of technology, the display, which displays the time until the end of the cycle. The control is simple, the water flow is lower than with manual washing. Placement of heavily soiled utensils in the lower basket makes it possible to effectively wash the dried up food residues.

Bosch SKS 62E22

Table PMM from the German manufacturer. If you change your place of residence often, or you do not have the space to install a full-length model - the SKS 62E22 is perfect. The dimensions of the body are 5, x50x45 cm. The inner hopper is made of stainless steel.

At once you can wash 6 sets. This consumes 8 liters of water. VarioSpeed ​​technology helps to save, further reducing the mode time. There are 6 modes to choose from, the delay of starting up to 24 hours, the sensor of the purity of water.

Protection from leaks is partial. The price is from 26 000 rubles.

According to reviews, the SKS 62E22 is good for long-term programs, it has compact dimensions. The display shows the time and allows you to set the desired mode. Good functionality at an average price.

Siemens SC 76M522

A compact version of a partially built-in dishwasher. The width of the case is 60 cm, the depth is 50 cm, and the height is 5 cm. Impressive capacity of the camera - 8 sets of dishes. You can place it in the closet, niche or on the table surface.

The case of the SC 76M522 has received full protection against leaks. The door is locked from accidental opening after the start of the cycle. There are 6 modes, there is a fast, delicate, economical mode. Condensation drying dries the devices naturally. You can delay the start of the cycle up to 24 hours.

With compact dimensions, PMM is not inferior to others in functionality.

The instantaneous heater quickly brings the water to the desired temperature. The consumption per cycle is 9 liters. Electricity consumption 3 kW per hour.

The price is from 55 000 rubles.

An excellent option, according to consumers. Good capacity, the dishes are cleaned qualitatively. Silent work (only 45 dB), so it is convenient to run at night. However, the upper basket does not extend to the end, so loading is inconvenient.

Siemens SR66T090

Built-in model for 10 sets. The hull is completely hidden behind the facade. Dimensions 4, x55x8, cm allow you to fit 10 sets. The cycle will spend 9 liters of water and 1 kW of electricity. Silent work (44 dB) will not disturb you if you set the mode for the night, delaying the start from 1 to 24 hours.

You can choose from 5 modes. Express-washing is suitable for lightly soiled utensils and only takes 30 minutes. Vario Speed ​​for a shortened cycle will effectively wash the plates, the function "Hygiene" will process them at high temperature. The turbidity sensor detects contamination of water, and the system continues to rinse until the water is clear.

At the end, a beam will be displayed on the floor or a signal will sound. The price is from 64 000 rubles.

Users have noticed that the SR66T090 is a compact but roomy model. Modern exterior panel design, useful additional functions. Convenient tray for cutlery. At the same time, the technology is not very different from the cheaper options.

Asko D5536 XL

The full-sized car is 60x55x82 cm for complete embedding. The impressive capacity of the camera is 13 sets. Super-economical Asko D5536 XL class A +++ (, 2 kW per hour). Water consumption 1, liter. Convenient control with display.

There are 12 programs for every taste:

  • casual;
  • intensive;
  • express;
  • delicate;
  • economical;

And also additional functionality:

  • PowerZone. In this zone, the jets are fed under a strong pressure to remove complex contaminants.
  • Self-cleaning. Now you can clean the filter two times less often.
  • Hygiene. Handling dishes at high temperature, allows you to get rid of germs and bacteria.
  • Turbosushka. An additional heater warms up the air, and the fan accelerates it through the chamber.

Provides protection from children and leaks. The cost of 56 000 rubles.

The cost of PMM justifies the quality. Many modes for all occasions. Quick drying of dishes, which attracts buyers. A self-cleaning filter, according to users, facilitates everyday care.

Having studied the features and opinions of consumers, you can draw a conclusion about some models. It is important that the dishwasher is installed correctly in order to comply with the operating conditions. For example:

  • Proper loading. Place it according to the instructions, then all the devices will be well washed.
  • Choose a good detergent and rinse aid.
  • Care and cleaning of the filters after each washing.
  • Correctly installed program.

Now you can decide which dishwasher to take: built-in, separate or compact. It depends on the tasks that are put before the technique. What to look for when buying, look in our video:

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