What is Integrated dishwasher buy

Which dishwasher embedded choose - with good or bad information support? Strange formulation of the question - would produce Hans took a positive response. Let's see what Integrated dishwasher purchase of diversity present on the market.

Dishwashers Hans

Properly be covered by the AmicaWronki, as the facade for a dishwasher Hans created by the German company. Curiously, the production base of the brand has worked on the segment of the USSR. The engineers and workers have enough time to study our tastes. AmicaWronki began in 1957 with the release of coal and gas stoves, small dishwashers appeared later. But about the specified plant Wikipedia unknown.

dishwasher Hans

dishwasher Hans

In particular, it is mentioned that the word Amica originates from an extinct Latin. And in translation reads like a girlfriend. Does this mean that bought Integrated dishwasher Hans will be native, not exactly say, will continue to analyze the brand. Mark mentions exclusively a Russian domain and Wikipedia article in Russian. Therefore, as in Soviet times AmicaWronki working on Russia.

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But the full video of the Polish team. State of affairs suggests that the brand sharpened by Russia. Integrated dishwasher Hans easy to choose, thanks to the clever design of the site. The only flaw in the directory search complexity. This is a mistake Developer conceptual design model.

Tell us what to do. The site Hans need:

  1. Press Select product.
  2. Under the book appeared with the inscription catalog, press the Select button.

In fact, this simple movement, but when you see the sign just to the right find the model that is lost. There is an idea that the search for the embedded dishwasher need to score a title, and interest is lost. If you do, as mentioned, you get into a comfortable cozy home directory Hansa technology. Of the merits of note:

Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwasher

  • Clear structure of model lines.
  • Strategically located parameters and other information for each model.
  • Possibility to download.

But most importantly - a dedicated section devoted to Integrated dishwasher. Search difficulties are minimized. There is not enough information on the recommended price of the product.

Selection of Integrated dishwasher Hans

Thanks to the clever design becomes easy to choose a good dishwasher. Let's start by stating the key advantages. We discuss the order.

Additional basket for cutlery

Additional third basket for cutlery. We believe that the readers know that the table set according to European standards includes 12 items. Among them, about three small and large plates. Hans says that embedded dishwashers plant equipped with extra cutlery basket: knives, forks and spoons. In this way it is able to supposedly free in another place. A publicity stunt? But in all embedded dishwashers include enough sets. For standard width - 14, for narrow models - 10. It is beneficial if a lot of dishes.

Compartment under the cutlery

Compartment under the cutlery

What about those who are of the day picking up a couple of table sets for washing. Hansa offers a half-load mode. In this case, with savings otmoet exactly half. We can not allow a long stay in the dishwashing machine. Despite Soaking program softening inveterate dirt inside growing and growing bacteria colony. We do not see indications of the presence of thoughtful ways to combat this scourge, such as an ultraviolet lamp. As a result, bad smell settle in the operating section, as is the case with refrigerators. And it does not help cover the walls and inside the dishwasher special bioemalyu.

The result is that the counting needs in the right way. Suppose much stink fish, liver, a number of other products. If this left inside for a long time, it will be difficult to bring the smell. It does not feature built-in dishwashers, Hans, but most common problem of all brands. We believe that the dishwasher should be slightly longer at the first stage to process Received dishes. But this contradicts the principles of saving resources, as manufacturers claim that model save twice and three times the water. And about the time the dishwasher and can not speak.

The result is that a dishwasher Hans considered suitable choice for vegetarians or families to quickly collect the dirty dishes. By the way, sacrificing the savings may run a half-empty car with no negative consequences. When seen an unpleasant odor, the time to start the execution of the cycle. I think this is largely obviate the difficulties.

Let us add that it is unlikely many families, in principle, to buy 14 sets of home cookware. It's only 42 saucers, not counting the cups and saucers.

Aqua Stop protection embedded dishwashers Hans

I want to feel safe, but Hans did not jump over your head. Yes, AquaStop good, less related to the described dishwasher, because many brands produced more vulnerable to flood. According to the manufacturer (voluntary statement): "The inlet hose is protected against leaks, as the body of the dishwasher. If you shut off the electricity, the water supply is blocked. "

In simple terms, the inlet hose designed for construction with leak protection. This is either the solenoid valve on the side of the riser, or particulate filler in mezhdustenke. Here there are small nuances. For example, if the powder supply is cut off, the flow will rush into the apartment, and nothing could save owners dishwashers from payment of the neighbors round sum. Option advanced solenoid valve, power failure the valve closes. Given a phrase thrown specialists Hans, we see a chance that it is used (either discussed the inlet valve dishwasher - and no other structures).

Dishwasher with AQUASTOP system

Dishwasher with option Aquastop

As for housing, at the bottom, apparently, is the float switch does not flood the apartment gives the breakdown of the tank or internal communications. It's good. And now, let's drain hose fell out of the sewer drain, gnawed through the mouse or cat is bitten off. The washing machine will continue: will the fence, hose lies below the level of the tank, and the water will flood the floor. The inlet valve is closed, as the level in the tank reaches the pressure switch position. The result is a flood. But in dishwashers more difficult. For example, typed water in a separate coil for heating, then pumped into the working chamber. If the hose to the dishwasher is below the level of the settling tank, pour out the contents onto the floor, and the protection will not help.

Quiet operation dishwashing machines Hansa

Buy a narrow dishwasher is advantageous from the standpoint of noise. 47 dB - below the average for this class of devices. At inhabitants refrigerator is louder than compact dishwashers Hans. Why small-sized? Look at the width of 45 cm is already narrow class, it turns out, the parameters smallest dishwasher Hans online.

It remains to add that the manufacturer's models are available 3 in 1 program. So, rinse the dishwasher is not separately required. If the time is short, use 3 in 1 tablet (4 in 1, etc.). Finish dishwasher sold in any store Detergent. I am glad that the presence indicators embedded softening salt and rinse aid. Let's say, we note that the latter came to an end, and the cycle start is necessary. Turn the program 3 to 1, and the trick is done.

Good washing machine mini-Hans. Take, here no options. And do not forget to read the instructions, it shows how to build the dishwasher. To reduce the acoustic effects using shumoizolyatory. The shop sells rubber feet under the washing machine, you will find these and dishwasher. As a result, quieter neighbors and pets will find a chance to do business without interference. Family well-being is priceless.

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